The U.S. Parental App Market 2015

Published Date » 2013-06-18
No. Of Pages » 99

The U.S. Parental App Market 2015 is the only available report which focuses on the American market for mobile applications that support parents in successfully raising their children. The aim of the report is to provide a current overview of the market and forecasts concerning its future development, offering valuable insights to publishers, VCs and other funding organizations and healthcare companies.

Mobile apps that accompany parents during the first years of their children’s life are a niche market in the app-economy. Nevertheless, they represent an app category which has one of the highest relevancies for their users. 

Parental apps can become a permanent companion during the first years of the life of a baby. Monetization chances are high because of daily multi-time usage, high brand awareness, high relevance and the intrinsic sharing need of parents. Because of that parental apps should on average be better suited to charge higher app download prices, generate in-app advertisement and purchase revenues compared to apps of other categories. 

The total number of parental apps will exceed 9,500 by 2015, which illustrates the intensifying competition in this niche market. At the same time, the high competition is matched by the high demand from parents, as demonstrated by the 124 million downloads for parental apps by 2015 and a multimillion USD market. 

The report offers a detailed analysis of the parental app market current status, while also showing the dynamics of this niche segment over a period of 5 years (2010-2015). It estimates the addressable market for parental apps and identifies market opportunities, evaluates market trends, gives best practice examples and provides market projections until 2015.

The report also thoroughly analyzes the profiles of the most successful parental apps, to illustrate the present state of the art, and provides information on the competitive landscape by including more than 30 profiles of key market players. 

The report contains details on:

  • Facts about target group sizes, app downloads, app revenue, in-app purchase revenue, app numbers and much more
  • Categorization and description of parental app market by app types
  • More than 30 profiles of key market players
  • 10 best-practice examples of parental apps
  • Detailed analyses per operating system, device type, app category and business model
  • Development of the supply and demand until 2015
  • Market size until 2015, with details on the most successful operating system, app category and revenue source

1. Preface and scope of the report 

2. Management summary

3. The addressable market for parental apps in the U.S. until 2015 
3.1. Development of minimum and maximum target group
3.2. Capable device penetration within the target group

4. The four categories of parental apps and best practice app profiles that illustrate the 
current state of the art

5. The supply side until 2015
5.1. The strong increase in the number of parental apps in the market
5.2. Development of the platform preference of app publishers
5.3. Development of the app category preference of app publishers
5.4. Development of the business model preference of app publishers

6. The demand side until 2015
6.1. The strong increase of total demand for parental apps
6.2. Development of the platform preference of parents
6.3. Development of the app category preference of parents
6.4. Development of the business model (paid, freemium) preference of parents

7. The value of the market until 2015
7.1. The total market size
7.2. Market size per platform
7.3. Market size per app category
7.4. Market size per business model

8. Appendix
8.1. List of charts and tables
8.2. Key market player profiles 

List of Tables

Table 1 – Categories of parental apps -18- 
Table 2 – Categories of parental apps (cont.) -19- 
Table 3 – AAWE Development Inc. -63-
Table 4 – BHI Technologies Inc. -64- 
Table 5 - ANDESigned -65- 
Table 6 – Seacloud Software -66- 
Table 7 - BabyCenter -67- -
Table 8 – Med ART Studios -68- 
Table 9 – Everyday Health Inc. -69- 
Table 10 – Kiwi Objects -70- 
Table 11 – Smallnest Inc. -71- 
Table 12 – Sevenlogics Inc. -72-
Table 13 - WebMD -73- 
Table 14 – Yangwoo Park -74- 
Table 15 – Fehners Software LLP -75- 
Table 16 - Creaplay -76- 
Table 17 - TappyTaps -77- 
Table 18 - WiThings -78-
Table 19 – Domus Technica -79-
Table 20 - Pertusoft -80-
Table 21 – The Knot Inc. -81-
Table 22 – Breet.Jia -82-
Table 23 – WhisperArts Books -83-
Table 24 – Penguin Apps -84-
Table 25 – St. Rose Dominican Hospitals -85
Table 26 – D2 Invest -86-
Table 27 – 23 Snaps Ltd. -87-
Table 28 – Earlybird Software LLC -88-
Table 29 – JaguArt -89-
Table 30 – Mead Johnson & Company LLC -90-
Table 31 - eVerbum -91-
Table 32 – dooblou -92-
Table 33 – BAWidgets -93-
Table 34 – Ibrahim Kurce -94-
Table 35 – PREIR -95-

List of Figures

Chart 1 – Distribution of the target group population 2010-2015 (in millions) -13-
Chart 2 – No. of smartphone and tablet users 2010-2015 (in millions) -14-
Chart 3 – No. and penetration of smartphone users 2010-2015 within target group (in millions) -15-
Chart 4 – No. and penetration of tablet users 2010-2015 within target group (in millions) -16-
Chart 5 – Total no. of parental apps 2010-2015 -31-
Chart 6 – Share of parental apps no. per platform -32-
Chart 7 – Total no. of parental apps by category -33-
Chart 8 – Parental paid apps category share -34-
Chart 9 – Parental free apps category share -35-
Chart 10 – No. of downloads for parental apps per platform and share of paid apps 2010-2015 (in millions) -37-
Chart 11 – No. of downloads for free and paid parental apps 2010-2015 (in millions) -38-
Chart 12 – No. of cumulated downloads for free and paid parental apps until May 2013 (in millions) -39-
Chart 13 – No. of downloads for free parental apps 2010-2015 (in millions) -40-
Chart 14 – No. of downloads for paid parental apps 2010-2015 (in millions) -41-
Chart 15 – No. of downloads by app category 2010-2015 (in millions) -42-
Chart 16 – No. of downloads for iOS by app category 2010-2015 (in millions) -43-
Chart 17 – Cumulated no. of downloads of free iOS parental apps until May 2013 (in millions) -44-© research2guidance 2013 12
Chart 18 – Cumulated no. of downloads of paid iOS parental apps until May 2013 (in millions) -45-
Chart 19 – No. of downloads for Android by app category 2010-2015 (in millions) -46-
Chart 20 – Cumulated no. of downloads of free Android parental apps until May 2013 (in millions) -47-
Chart 21 – Cumulated no. of downloads of paid Android parental apps until May 2013 (in millions) -48-
Chart 22 – No. of downloads for Windows Phone by app category 2010-2015 (in millions) -49-
Chart 23 – Share of parental apps downloads of total downloads per platform in Q1 2013 -50-
Chart 24 – Average number of monthly downloads per app and per platform -51-
Chart 25 – Average prices per download and for in-app purchases (in USD) -52-
Chart 26 – Parental apps market revenue per platform 2010-2015 (in millions USD) -54-
Chart 27 – Parental apps market revenue 2010-2015 (in millions USD) -55-
Chart 28 – Parental apps market revenue by app category 2010-2015 (in millions USD) -56-

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