The Global Military Satellites Market 2012-2022 - Market Size and Drivers: Market Profile

Strategic Defence Intelligence
Published Date » 2013-03-11
No. Of Pages » 37
 This report provides readers with a comprehensive analysis of the Military Satellites Market  through 2012-2022, including highlights of the demand drivers and growth stimulators for Military Satellites Market. It also provides an insight on the spending pattern and modernization pattern in different regions around the world. 
 The global military satellite market valued US$11.8 billion in 2012, and will increase at a CAGR of 3.9% during the forecast period, to reach US$17.3 billion by 2022. The market consists of three categories: communications, ISR and navigation. The communications segment is expected to account for 52.8% of the global military satellite market, followed by the ISR segment with a share of 28.4%,...
Table of Content

1 Introduction
1.1 What is this Report About?
1.2 Definitions
1.3 Summary Methodology
1.4 About Strategic Defence Intelligence

2 Global Military Satellite Size and Drivers
2.1 Military Satellite Market Size and Forecast 2012-2022
2.1.1 Global military satellite market to show positive growth during the forecast period
2.2 Global Military Satellite Market - Regional Analysis
2.2.1 North America dominates the global military satellite market
2.2.2 Demand for communication satellite in the US to support the global military satellite market
2.2.3 Military satellite market in Europe expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.5%
2.2.4 Military satellite market expected to grow at a CAGR of 3.4% in the Asia-Pacific region
2.2.5 Expenditure on ISR segment expected to lead the military satellites market in the Middle East
2.2.6 Brazil expected to be the highest spender in the military satellite sector in Latin America
2.2.7 Markets in Africa expected to increase over the forecast period
2.3 Military Satellite Sub-Sector Market Size Composition
2.3.1 Communication satellite market to record strong CAGR growth
2.3.2 ISR to account for the second largest segment in this sector
2.3.3 Market for navigation satellites to grow at a CAGR of 5.8%
2.4 Demand Drivers and Growth Stimulators
2.4.1 Increasing reliance on military satellites as capability enhancers
2.4.2 Need for additional bandwidth for communication
2.5 Defense Budget Spending Review
2.5.1 European capital expenditure expected to increase during the forecast period
2.5.2 Asian defense budgets expected to increase at a robust pace
2.5.3 North American defense expenditure projected to decline marginally during the forecast period
2.5.4 Modernization programs likely to drive defense expenditure in South American countries
2.5.5 Military budgets of African countries expected to increase during the forecast period
2.5.6 Defense budgets of Middle Eastern countries likely to increase during the forecast period
2.6 Defense Modernization Review
2.6.1 Financial constraints causing delays in European defense modernization programs
2.6.2 Defense budgets of Asian countries likely to be driven by competitive arms acquisitions
2.6.3 Global economic slowdown leading to defense budget cuts in the North American region
2.6.4 Need to replace aging equipment driving South American defense expenditure
2.6.5 Security threats increasing the defense budget of African countries
2.6.6 Demand for air defense systems is likely to increase in the Middle East

3 Appendix
3.1 Methodology
3.2 About SDI
3.3 Disclaimer

List of Tables

Table 1: Global Military Satellite Market Overview
Table 2: Global Military Satellite Market Overview

List of Figures

Figure 1: Global Military Satellite Market (US$ Billion), 2012-2022
Figure 2: Military Satellite Market Breakdown by Region (%), 2012-2022
Figure 3: North American Military Satellites Market (US$ Billion), 2012-2022
Figure 4: European Military Satellite Market (US$ Billion), 2012-2022
Figure 5: Asia-Pacific Military Satellite Market (US$ Million), 2012-2022
Figure 6: Middle East Military Satellite Market (US$ Million), 2012-2022
Figure 7: Latin American Military Satellite Market (US$ Million), 2012-2022
Figure 8: African Military Satellite Market (US$ Million), 2012-2022
Figure 9: Military Satellite Market Breakdown by Segment (%), 2012-2022
Figure 10: Communications Market Size (US$ Billion), 2012-2022
Figure 11: ISR Market Size (US$ Billion), 2012-2022
Figure 12: Navigation Market Size (US$ Billion), 2012-2022
Figure 13: Defense Capital Expenditure of Top Three European Defense Spenders (US$ Billion), 2012-2022
Figure 14: Defense Capital Expenditure of Top Three Asian Defense Spenders (US$ Billion), 2012-2022
Figure 15: Defense Capital Expenditure of Top North American Defense Spenders (US$ Billion), 2012-2022
Figure 16: Defense Capital Expenditure of Top Three South American Defense Spenders (US$ Billion), 2012-2022
Figure 17: Defense Capital Expenditure of Top Three African Countries (US$ Billion), 2012-2022
Figure 18: Defense Capital Expenditure of Top Three Middle Eastern Defense Spenders (US$ Billion), 2012-2022

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