The Global Counter IED Market 2012-2022 - Competitive Landscape and Strategic Insights: Market Profile

Strategic Defence Intelligence
Published Date » 2013-02-11
No. Of Pages » 44
 This report shows the leading Counter IED market segments in various regions across the world. Details of top companies active across the global Counter IED market are provided, together with market size and forecast 2012-2022 for the main players across those areas. 
 The report provides a detailed analysis of the competitive landscape of the Counter IED market. It provides an overview of key Counter IED companies catering to the Counter IED sector, together with insights such as key alliances, strategic initiatives and a brief financial analysis. 
 The global counter IED systems industry is highly competitive due to the large number of global suppliers. The US and various European countries are among the...
Table of Content

1 Introduction

1.1 What is this Report About?
1.2 Definitions
1.3 Summary Methodology
1.4 About Strategic Defence Intelligence

2 Competitive Landscape and Strategic Insights
2.1 Competitive Landscape overview
2.1.1 Lockheed Martin: Overview
2.1.2 Lockheed Martin: Products and Services
2.1.3 Lockheed Martin: Recent Contract Wins
2.1.1 Lockheed Martin: Financial Analysis
2.1.2 Chemring Group: Overview
2.1.3 Chemring Group: Products and Services
2.1.4 Chemring Group: Alliances
2.1.5 Chemring Group: Recent Contract Wins
2.1.6 Chemring Group: Financial Analysis
2.1.7 NIITEK: Overview
2.1.8 NIITEK: Products and Services
2.1.9 NIITEK: Alliances
2.1.10 NIITEK: Recent Contract Wins
2.1.11 Iveco SpA: Overview
2.1.12 Iveco SpA: Products and Services
2.1.13 Iveco SpA: Alliances
2.1.14 Iveco SpA: Recent Contract Wins
2.1.15 Allen Vanguard: Overview
2.1.16 Allen Vanguard: Products and Services
2.1.17 Allen Vanguard: Alliances
2.1.18 Allen Vanguard: Recent Contract Wins
2.1.19 Northrop Grumman: Overview
2.1.20 Northrop Grumman: Products and Services
2.1.21 Northrop Grumman: Alliances
2.1.22 Northrop Grumman: Recent Contract Wins
2.1.1 Northrop Grumman: Financial Analysis
2.1.2 iRobot Corporation: Overview
2.1.3 iRobot Corporation: Products and Services
2.1.4 iRobot Corporation: Alliances
2.1.5 iRobot Corporation: Recent Contract Wins
2.1.6 iRobot Corporation: Financial Analysis
2.1.7 General Dynamics Land Systems: overview
2.1.8 General Dynamics Land Systems: products and services
2.1.9 General Dynamics Land Systems: Alliances
2.1.10 General Dynamics Land Systems: Recent Contract Wins
2.1.11 General Dynamics Land Systems Inc.: Financial Analysis
2.1.12 BAE Systems: Overview
2.1.13 BAE Systems: Products and Services
2.1.14 BAE Systems: Alliances
2.1.15 BAE Systems: Recent Contract Wins
2.1.16 BAE Systems: Financial Analysis
2.1.17 L3 CyTerra: Overview
2.1.18 L3 Cyterra: Products and Services
2.1.19 L3 Cyterra: Recent Contract Wins
2.1.20 Navistar Defense: Overview
2.1.21 Navistar Defense: Products and Services
2.1.22 Navistar Defense: Recent Contract Wins
2.1.23 Force Protection: Overview
2.1.24 Force Protection: Products and Services
2.1.25 Force Protection: Alliances
2.1.26 Force Protection: Recent Contract Wins
2.1.27 Thales: Overview
2.1.28 Thales: Products and Services
2.1.29 Thales: Recent Contract Wins
2.1.30 Thales: Financial Analysis
2.1.31 Qinetiq: Overview
2.1.32 Qinetiq: Products and Services
2.1.33 Qinetiq: Alliances
2.1.34 Qinetiq: Recent Contract Wins
2.1.35 Qinetiq: Financial Analysis

3 Appendix
3.1 Methodology
3.2 About SDI
3.3 Disclaimer

List of Tables

Table 1: Key Global Counter IED Manufacturers and Capabilities
Table 2: Lockheed Martin - Recent Contract Wins
Table 3: Chemring Group - Alliances
Table 4: Chemring Group - Recent Contract Wins
Table 5: NIITEK - Alliances
Table 6: NIITEK - Recent Contract Wins
Table 7: Iveco SpA - Alliances
Table 8: IVECO SpA: Recent Contract Wins
Table 9: Chemring Group - Alliances
Table 10: Allen Vanguard - Recent Contract Wins
Table 11: Northrop Grumman - Alliances
Table 12: Northrop Grumman - Recent Contract Wins
Table 13: iRobot Corporation - Alliances
Table 14: iRobot Corporation - Recent Contract Wins
Table 15: General Dynamics Land Systems: Alliances
Table 16: General Dynamics Land Systems: Recent Contract Wins
Table 17: BAE Systems - Alliances
Table 18: BAE Systems - Recent Contract Wins
Table 19: L3 Cyterra - Recent Contract Wins
Table 20: Navistar Defense: Recent Contract Wins
Table 21: Force Protection: Alliances
Table 22: Force Protection: Recent Contract Wins
Table 23: Thales - Recent Contract Wins
Table 24: Qinetiq - Alliances
Table 25: Qinetiq - Recent Contract Wins

List of Figures

Figure 1: Lockheed Martin- Revenue Trend Analysis (US$ Billion), 2007-2011
Figure 2: Lockheed Martin - Operating Profit (US$ Million), 2007-2011
Figure 3: Lockheed Martin - Net Profit Trend Analysis (US$ Million), 2007-2011
Figure 4: Chemring Group - Revenue Trend Analysis (US$ Million), 2007-2011
Figure 5: Chemring Group - Operating Profit (US$ Million), 2009-2011
Figure 6: Chemring Group - Net Profit Trend Analysis (US$ Million), 2009-2011
Figure 7: Northrop Grumman - Revenue Trend Analysis (US$ Billion), 2007-2011
Figure 8: Northrop Grumman - Operating Profit (US$ Million), 2009-2011
Figure 9: Northrop Grumman - Net Profit Trend Analysis (US$ Million), 2009-2011
Figure 10: iRobot Corporation - Revenue Trend Analysis (US$ Million), 2007-2011
Figure 11: iRobot Corporation - Operating Profit (US$ Million), 2009-2011
Figure 12: iRobot Corporation - Net Profit Trend Analysis (US$ Million), 2009-2011
Figure 13: General Dynamics - Revenue Trend Analysis (US$ Billion), 2007-2011
Figure 14: General Dynamics - Operating Profit (US$ Million), 2009-2011
Figure 15: General Dynamics - Net Profit Trend Analysis (US$ Million), 2009-2011
Figure 16: BAE Systems - Revenue Trend Analysis (GBP Billion), 2007-2011
Figure 17: BAE Systems - Operating Profit (GBP Million), 2007-2011
Figure 18: BAE Systems - Net Profit Trend Analysis (GBP Million), 200-2011
Figure 19: Thales - Revenue Trend Analysis (EUR Billion), 2007-2011
Figure 20: Thales - Operating Profit (EUR Million), 2007-2011
Figure 21: Thales - Net Profit Trend Analysis (EUR Million), 2007-2011
Figure 22: Qinetiq- Revenue Trend Analysis (US$ Million), 2007-2011
Figure 23: Qinetiq - Operating Profit (US$ Million), 2009-2011
Figure 24: Qinetiq - Net Profit Trend Analysis (US$ Million), 2009-2011

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