Telemedicine Monitoring Market Shares, Strategies, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2012 to 2018

Winter Green Research
Published Date » 2012-05-02
No. Of Pages » 590
 WinterGreen Research announces that it has published a new study Telemedicine. Market Shares, Strategy, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2012 to 2018. The 2012 study has 590 pages, 206 tables and figures. Worldwide markets are poised to achieve significant growth as the telemedicine systems provide a way to improve clinical care delivery to patients with chronic disease, decreasing hospitalizations and visits to the emergency room. 
 Chronic disease conditions are best treated early on when there is a change in patient condition and an early intervention can make a difference. It is even better to treat them in a wellness treatment environment before there are indications of chronic disease, before symptoms develop, by addressing lifestyle issues early on. 
 Left to their own...
Table Of Content

Telemedicine Executive Summary

The study is designed to give a comprehensive overview of the telemedicine equipment market segment.  Research represents a selection from the mountains of data available of the most relevant and cogent market materials, with selections made by the most senior analysts.  Commentary on every aspect of the market from independent analysts creates an independent perspective in the evaluation of the market.  In this manner the study presents a comprehensive overview of what is going on in this market, assisting managers with designing market strategies likely to succeed.

Telemedicine Executive Summary

Telemedicine Market Driving Forces
Telemedicine IBM Watson, Honeywell, Vitarian, and Bosch
Diagnostic Support Expert Systems
Telemonitoring Market Driving Forces
Measures of Tele Monitoring Effectiveness
Home Patient Monitoring Supports Patient Education
Wireless Telemonitoring Devices
Real-Time Monitoring Of Physiological Data
Telemedicine Market Shares
Telemedicine Market Forecasts

Telemedicine Market Description and Market Dynamics

1.    Telemedicine Market Description and
2.    Market Dynamics
1.1   Remote Monitoring as Standard of Care
1.1.1    Telemonitoring Systems Premise
1.1.2    Sedentary Get Exercise And Heart Failure Patients Pay Attention To Swelling In Their Feet, Ankles Or Legs
1.1.3    Telemonitoring Systems Improve Home Health Care
1.1.4    Vital Signs And Health Status Are Measured Daily
1.1.5    Telemonitoring at Home
1.2   Telemedicine
1.2.1    Nursing Stations
1.2.2    Telemedicine Services
1.2.3    Service Provider Adoption of Tele-Monitoring
1.2.4    Telemedicine Delivery Mechanisms
1.2.5    Telemedicine Point-To-Point Connections
1.2.6    High Definition Video Communication
1.3   Telemonitors Customized To Meet Individual Needs
1.4   US Makes Telemedicine Priority
1.4.1    Federal Funding for Telemedicine
1.4.2    US Telemedicine Medicare –
1.4.3    US Veterans Health Administration (VA) Use of Telemonitoring
1.4.4    Telemonitoring Demonstrates Positive Results In Improving Health Care And Reducing Costs Of Veterans
1.4.5    US VA Tele-monitoring Targeted Innovation:
1.5   Tele-Monitor Devices
1.5.1    Customizing Tele-Monitors
1.5.2    Intel® Health Care Management Security
1.6   Telemonitoring Research
1.6.1    New England Journal of Medicine Research
1.6.2    NEJM Has Published Several Letters That Critique The Study
1.6.3    25 Studies of Remote Monitoring Of Patients With Chronic Heart Disease
1.6.4    Bosch Health Buddy Desktop Research
1.7   Physician Notification on CHF
1.8   US Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act
1.9   Federal, State, Local, And Foreign Laws Compliance
1.9.1    Government Regulation of Medical Devices
1.9.2    Before And After A Medical Device Is Commercially Distributed, Ongoing Responsibilities Under FDA Regulations
1.9.3    Tele-monitoring Third-Party Reimbursement
1.10     Health Information Privacy HIPAA Requirements
1.10.1  HIPAA Enforcement
1.10.2  OCR Responsible For Enforcing HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules
1.11     Postacute Care Co-ordination: Healthcare Reform Readmission Penalties
1.11.1  Federal Crimes Under The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act HIPAA
1.12     Partners Mass General Cardiologist Program for High Risk Heart Failure Patients

Telemedicine Market Shares and Market Forecasts

This section selectively describes market shares, forecasts, segments, and regional revenue.  Numbers are the result of primary research in all cases.  Selected companies are described from an independent analyst perspective with a thumbnail sketch or analysis of their market numbers or commentary on their strengths and weaknesses.  Some of the analysis is focused on looking at the topic segment by segment, including company descriptive analyses by segment and subsegment.

2. Telemedicine Market Shares and Market Forecasts
2.1   Telemedicine Market Driving Forces
2.1.1    Telemedicine IBM Watson, Honeywell, Vitarian, and Bosch Diagnostic Support Expert Systems
2.1.2    Telemonitoring Market Driving Forces
2.1.3    Measures of Tele Monitoring Effectiveness
2.1.4    Home Patient Monitoring Supports Patient Education
2.1.5    Wireless Telemonitoring Devices
2.1.6    Real-Time Monitoring Of Physiological Data
2.2   Telemedicine Market Shares
2.2.1    Bosch Healthcare Telehealth Custom Messaging Feature
2.2.2    Bosch Healthcare telehealth Wireless Modem Option
2.2.3    Bosch ViTelCare T400 Home Health Monitor
2.2.4    Bosch Installed Base
2.2.5    Bosch Telehealth Solutions
2.2.6    Bosch Telemedicine
2.2.7    Bosch Telehealth Systems Certification in Disease Management From NCQA
2.2.8    Bayer / Viterion
2.2.9    Bayer / Viterion TeleHealthcare
2.2.10  Philips
2.2.11  Intel / GE Care Innovations
2.2.12  Honeywell HomeMed
2.2.13  Honeywell HomMed Genesis Touch™Telehealth
2.2.14  Samsung
2.2.15  Samsung Medical Business
2.2.16  MedApps HealthPAL MA105to Extend the Home Selects VRI
2.2.17  Nonin
2.2.18  VRI
2.2.19  VRI Healthcare Services
2.2.20  Gemalto / Cinterion
2.2.21  Gemalto CINTERION Wireless Module Functions
2.3   Telemedicine Market Forecasts
2.3.1    Congestive Heart Failure
2.3.1    Diabetes Chronic Illness Numbers
2.3.1    Incidence of Chronic Disease
2.3.2    Chronic Diseases Account For Two-Thirds Of Worldwide Healthcare Spending
2.3.3    Clinical Staff / Patient Ratios:  Physician Shortages
2.3.4    Viterion Home Health Outcomes in a CHF Population:
2.4   Telemonitoring Prices and Reimbursement
2.4.1    Cost of Honeywell Homemed Home Health Monitoring & MedPartner
2.4.2    TouchPointCare
2.5   Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
2.5.1    Healthcare Providers Use Technology To Improve Effectiveness Of Care Providers
2.5.2    HHSC
2.6   Tele-Monitoring Alarm Devices
2.7   Tele-Monitor Regional Markets
2.7.1    Remote Patient Monitoring Market In The US
2.7.2    Remote Patient Monitoring Market In Europe
2.7.3    Bosch Remote Patient Monitoring Regional Market Participation

Telemedicine Product Description

This section describes selected companies and selected products.  Products for this market segment are described with attention to the most significant aspect of features and functions in this category of product.  The juxtaposition of a range of different product descriptions from a single market category provides a really good way to access market directions and achieve market competitive analysis.  This section is arranged products.  Company products are described in the appropriate sections, meaning a company is mentioned several times in the chapter in different places.

3. Telemedicine Product Description
3.1   Bosch Healthcare Telehealth Solutions
3.1.1    Bosch Healthcare, Bosch Telehealth and Care Solutions
3.1.2    Bosch Healthcare Supports Independent Living At Home
3.1.3    Bosch Telehealth Solutions
3.1.4    Bosch Telemedicine Provides Daily Care for Patients with Chronic Conditions
3.1.5    Bosch Devices for Patients with Diabetes
3.1.6    Bosch Health Buddy Decision Support Tools
3.1.7    Bosch Patient’s Support System
3.1.8    Bosch Telehealth Results
3.1.9    Bosch Healthcare telehealth Wireless Modem Option
3.1.10  Bosch Heath Buddy
3.1.11  Bosch Healthcare Telehealth Custom Messaging Feature
3.1.12  Bosch Healthcare Telehealth T400 Home Health Monitor
3.1.13  Bosch Healthcare Advancing Telehealth Solutions Through Dialogue
3.1.14  Bosch Healthcare Telehealth Growth
3.1.15  Bosch Health Buddy system  / VRI
3.1.16  McKesson Telehealth Advisor
3.1.17  McKesson Channel Partner - The Bosch Group
3.2   Bayer / Viterion TeleHealthcare
3.2.1    Bayer / Viterion 200 TeleHealth Monitor
3.2.2    Viterion Telehealthcare, A Business Of Bayer Healthcare
3.2.3    Viterion 100 TeleHeath Monitor
3.2.4    ViterionNET Simple Internet Connection
3.2.5    ViterionNET Capabilities
3.2.6    ViterionNET Data-Encryption
3.2.7    Viterion® 200 Telehealth Monitor For Diabetes Care
3.2.8    Alegent Health Homecare Viterion 100 Home Care Tele-monitoring Survey
3.2.9    Viterion Telemonitoring Equipment:
3.3   Honeywell
3.3.1    Honeywell Tablet Telehealth App
3.3.2    Honeywell Telehealth Devices
3.3.3    Samsung Galaxy Tab to Run Honeywell Cloud Telehealth App
3.3.4    Honeywell Genesis Touch allows the Galaxy tablet
3.3.5    Honeywell Genesis LifeStream Dashboard
3.3.6    Honeywell HomMed Genesis Touch™Telehealth
3.3.7    Honeywell HomMed Redefining Telehealth with Tablet Technology
3.3.8    Honeywell LifeStream, Genesis Fuze Meeting Cloud-Based Platform
3.3.9    Honeywell HomMed
3.3.10  Honeywell HomeMed Health Monitoring System: Visiting Nurses Association (VNA)
3.3.11  Honeywell HomeMed Health Monitoring System
3.3.12  Honeywell HomMed MedPartner
3.3.13  Honeywell Homemed Health Monitoring System Criteria for Monitoring
3.3.14  Cost of Honeywell HomeMed Home Health Monitoring & MedPartner
3.3.15  Honeywell HomeMed Health Monitoring System FDA Class II, Hospital Grade, Medical Device Honeywell HomMed Med Partner
3.4   Cardiocom Commander
3.4.1    Cardiocom Commander Modular And Flexible Design
3.4.2    Cardiocom System
3.4.3    Cardiocom Vital Sign Telemonitoring for CHF, COPD, Asthma, Diabetes, Hypertension, and Obesity
3.4.4    Cardiocom® Multi-Disease Management
3.5   Philips Steady Scale
3.6   MedApps
3.7   Biotronik Cardiac Telemonitoring Devices
3.7.1    Biotronik Home Monitoring Lumax 540 Series State-Of-The-Art Features
3.8   Care Innovations
3.8.1    Care Innovations Patient Reports
3.8.2    Care Innovations™ Connect Can Help Seniors In Independent Living Facilities
3.9   Nursing Stations
3.10     Honeywell Web-Based LifeStream Management Suite
3.11     GE Healthcare / Intel Telemedicine
3.11.1  Intel Health Sessions
3.11.2  Intel Video Calls
3.12     LG Telemonitoring Smartcare System
3.13     Honeywell HomeMed’s Genesis Touch Telehealth App Sends The Data To Honeywell’s Web-Based LifeStream Management Suite
3.13.1  Honeywell HomMed Genesis Touch include the Fuze Meeting visual collaboration
3.13.2  Honeywell HomMed LifeStream™ Platform
3.13.3  Honeywell HomMed LifeStream Connect
3.14     STMicroelectronics
3.15     Viterion® TeleHealthcare Network is:
3.15.1  Viterion TeleHealthcare Nursing Station
3.16     Cardiocom Integrated Systems
3.16.1  Cardiocom Tiered Platforms
3.17     Pulse Oximetry
3.18     Nonin Pulse Oximetry Sensor Accuracy
3.18.1  Nonin PureSAT® Pulse Oximetry Technology
3.18.2  Nonin True Pulse Detection
3.18.3  Nonin Low Signal Filter
3.18.4  Nonin Smart Averaging
3.19     Portable Heart Monitoring Devices
3.20     Kiwok mHealth
3.20.1  Kiwok Equipment For Long-Term ECG
3.21     Thermograph
3.22     JSC CEM TEC Telemedicine
3.23     Home Medical Stations
3.24     A&D Medical
3.24.1  A&D Medical Scale
3.24.2  A&D Medical Activity Monitor
3.24.3  A&D Medical DataSend Personal Blood Pressure Monitor
3.25     Authentidate Holding
3.25.1  Authentidate Holding ExpressMD™ Solutions
3.26     Telemedicine Services
3.27     Bosch Telemedicine Services
3.27.1  Bosch / VRI
3.27.2  VRI Extends The Reach Of Bosch Healthcare Telehealth Solutions
3.28     Consult A Doctor
3.29     Honeywell Web-based LifeStream Management Suite
3.30     Philips® Telemonitoring Services
3.31     Alcatel-Lucent
3.32     American Well collaboration with Harvard Medical School's Joslin Diabetes Center
3.33     Cardiocom Telehealth Nurse
3.33.1  Cardiocom’s Clinical Services:
3.34     TouchPointCare
3.34.1  TouchPointCare Telehealth Program
3.34.2  TouchPointCare Telemedicine Positioning
3.34.3  TouchPointCare Application
3.34.4  TouchPointCare Monitoring Functions
3.34.5  TouchPointCare Flexibility TouchPointCare Disease Management Programs
3.34.6  TouchPointCare Opinion Surveys – Patients, Physicians, And Employees
3.35 Hospital Telemedicine Systems
3.36 Philips HeartStart Telemedicine System 
3.36.1 Philips Heart Start
3.36.2 Philips IntelliVue Application Server
3.36.3 Phiips Application Server Positioning
3.37 Systems Hospitals Are Purchasing For Remote Patient Monitoring
3.37.1 Hospital Telehealth Solutions As A Collaborative Care Model
3.38 Logitech LifeSize® Telehealth: Better Care To More Patients For Less Money
3.38.1 Lifesize Telepresence Intelligently Optimized for the Network Telemedicine Technology

4. Tele-Monitor Technology
4.1 Patient-Centered /-Participatory Congestive Heart Failure Telemonitoring4-
4.1.1 Heart Failure Congress 2011
4.1.2 TIM-HF Study CHF
4.1.3 TheTEHAF study
4.1.4 Johns Hopkins Home-Based Telemonitoring
4.2 Diabetes Remote Monitoring
4.2.1 Diabetes Remote Monitoring Drivers
4.2.2 Partners HealthCare Diabetes Remote Monitoring Program Overview
4.2.3 Partners HealthCare Diabetes Monitoring Member
4.3 Partners Healthcare Blood Pressure Home Monitoring Health Initiative
4.3.1 Partners Healthcare Blood Pressure Connect
4.4 Medtronic
4.5 Health Monitoring
4.5.1 Patient-Centered Home Tele Health Monitoring
4.6 Chronic Heart Failure Clinical Studies
4.7 Texas Pilot Program
4.7.1 Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) A Major Chronic Condition
4.7.2 Hypertension Intervention Nurse Telemedicine (HINTS) Study
4.8 Ingestible Event Marker
4.8.1 Home healthcare Technologies
4.8.2 Telemonitoring Research Studies
4.9 Continua
4.9.1 Continua Health Alliance Provides Integration Technology
4.9.2 Continua Health Alliance
4.10 Telehealth Value Categories
4.11 Telemedicine Accessibility
4.12 Communities and Collaboration
4.13 Telemedicine Value Chain Sustainability
4.14 Telemedicine Sustaining Finance Model
4.14.1 NHS
4.15 Real-Time Remote Medical Diagnosis System (RTRMDS)
4.15.1 Tele-pharmacy
4.15.2 Electronic Medical Records Detail Drug Information Effectiveness
4.15.3 Consumers Increasingly Involved In Treatment Decision-Making
4.16 Health Care Monitoring Solutions Technology
4.16.1 Health Information Exchange Services
4.17 Home-Based Care
4.18 ‘Mobile Health Clinics’
4.18.1 Self-Service Kiosks
4.18.2 Mobile Health Care
4.18.3 Mobile Office a Set Of Commonly Used Mobile Communication Tools
4.18.4 Telemedicine Allows Medical Professionals To Consult And Diagnose Patients Remotely
4.19 DICOM Index Tracker NDS Surgical Imaging, LLC
4.20 Population Of The Developed World Is Growing Older, Medical Costs Are Rising, Not Enough Doctors To Heal The Elderly Sick
4.20.1 Remote Monitoring Device
4.21 US Government Tele-Health Subcommittees
4.21.1 Telehealth Product Medical Device Regulation In The United States

Telemedicine Company Profiles

This section selectively describes company strategies, partners, acquisitions, and revenue by segment and regional revenue when available. Companies are described by looking at what is most interesting about that company. The descriptions collectively give a sense of market directions within the industry segment. The alphabetical listing of company thumbnail sketches provides an accessible way to find out what is going on in any particular company.

5.1 A&D Engineering / A&D Medical
5.1.1 A&D Medical Wellness Connected
5.1.2 A&D Wellness Connected Online Service
5.2 Aerotel Medical Systems
5.3 American Heart Association (AHA)
5.3.1 American Hospital Association Awards the University of Rochester Medical Center’s Pediatric Telemedicine Program Health-e-Access Recognition
5.4 American TeleCare
5.5 American Telemedicine Association
5.6 Apple
5.6.1 Apple Business Strategy
5.6.2 Apple Products
5.6.3 Apple iPhone
5.6.4 Apple iPad
5.6.5 Apple Mac Hardware Products
5.6.6 Apple iPod
5.6.7 Apple iTunes®
5.6.8 Apple Mac App Store
5.6.9 Apple iCloud
5.6.10 Apple Software Products and Computer Technologies
5.6.11 Apple Operating System Software iOS
5.6.12 Apple Mac OS X
5.6.13 Apple TV
5.6.14 Apple Net Sales
5.7 AT&T
5.7.1 AT&T Revenue
5.7.2 AT&T Wireless
5.7.3 AT&T Services and Products
5.7.4 AT&T Voice Service –
5.7.5 AT&T Innovative Data Services
5.7.6 AT&T Business Customers
5.7.7 AT&T Data/Broadband
5.7.8 AT&T Business Secure Mobile Threats
5.7.9 AT&T Mobile Security
5.8 Athens Regional Home Health In-Home Telemonitoring Services
5.9 Authentidate Holding
5.9.1 Authentidate Holding ExpressMD™ Solutions Joint Venture
5.9.2 Authentidate Regional Service Offerings
5.9.3 Authentidate Holding Revenues
5.9.4 Authentidate Holding Remote Patient Monitoring Solutions
5.9.5 Authentidate Holding VA Plan
5.9.6 Authentidate Holding Revenue
5.9.7 Authentidate Holding / EncounterCare Solutions Joint Venture
5.10 Axon
5.11 Bayer AG / Bayer HealthCare
5.11.1 Bayer / Viterion TeleHealthcare
5.11.2 Bayer Diabetes Care
5.11.3 Bayer Nexavar in Combination with Chemotherapy Improves Progression-Free Survival in Patients with Advanced Breast Cancer in Phase II Study
5.11.4 Bayer 2011 Revenue
5.12 Biotronik
5.12.1 Biotronik Electrotherapy
5.12.2 Biotronik Vascular Intervention
5.12.3 Biotronik CHF Study
5.13 Bosch Group
5.13.1 Bosch Group
5.13.2 Bosch Healthcare Supports Independent Living At Home
5.13.3 Bosch Security Systems Division
5.13.4 Robert Bosch Healthcare
5.13.5 Robert Bosch Remote Patient Monitoring
5.13.6 Bosch Healthcare Telehealth Systems
5.13.7 Bosch Healthcare Health Buddy System
5.13.8 Bosch Addresses Role of Compliance in Telehealth Adoption
5.13.9 Bosch North America Veterans Health Administration
5.13.10 Bosch / VRI
5.13.11 Robert Bosch Healthcare, Inc. has been selected by Connections365
5.13.12 Bosch Group and Health Hero Network
5.14 Cardiocom
5.15 Care Innovations: Intel and GE
5.16 Columbia University’s Informatics for Diabetes Education and Telemedicine
5.17 Connections365
5.18 Continua
5.19 Debiotech
5.20 Evident Health Services
5.20.1 Evident Health Services (EHS)
5.21 FuzeBox
5.22 Gemalto / Cinterion
5.22.1 Cinterion
5.22.2 Gemalto / Cinterion
5.22.3 Gemalto / CINTERION Active Member Of The Continua Alliance
5.22.4 Gemalto / Cinterion Mobile Health - M2M Telemonitoring
5.23 Home Healthcare Hospice and Community Services (HCS)
5.23.1 Home Healthcare Partners (HHP)
5.24 Honeywell
5.24.1 Honeywell HomMed:
5.24.2 Honeywell Genesis Telehealth Monitors and LifeStream™ Management Suite
5.24.3 Honeywell HomeMed Health Monitoring System
5.24.4 Honeywell HomeMed Health Monitoring System: Health Visiting Nurses Association (VNA)
5.24.5 Honeywell Reports Second Quarter 2011 Sales Up 15% to $9.1 Billion
5.25 Infopia
5.25.1 Infopia of Korea
5.26 Johns Hopkins Launch Home Telemonitoring Education Initiative
5.27 JSC CEM Technology
5.28 Kiwok
5.29 LG
5.29.1 LG Telemonitoring Smartcare System
5.30 LifeMasters
5.31 Logitech
5.31.1 LifeSize Telepresence
5.31.2 Logitech Revenue Net Sales By Operating Segment
5.31.3 Logitech Sales of PC Peripherals In Mature Markets Expected to Decline
5.31.4 Logitech LifeSize
5.31.5 Logitech Digital Home Category
5.31.6 Logitech Sales of OEM Mice And Keyboards
5.31.7 Logitech Net Sales by Channel
5.31.8 Logitech Segment Revenue
5.31.9 Logitech LifeSize
5.31.10 Logitech LifeSize UVC Video Conferencing Infrastructure Platform
5.32 McKesson
5.32.1 McKesson Telehospice Technology
5.32.2 McKesson / Caris Healthcare
5.33 MedApps
5.33.1 MedApps Healthpal
5.33.2 VRI Selects MedApps HealthPAL MA105to Extend the Home
5.33.3 MedApps Comprehensive Health Information Management Platform
5.33.4 MedApps' Value Proposition
5.34 Medtronic
5.35 Montefiore / CMO, the Care Management Company
5.35.1 CMO, The Care Management Company
5.36 National Committee for Quality Assurance
5.37 Nonin Medical, Inc.
5.37.1 Nonin Medical AB
5.38 Partners Healthcare
5.38.1 Partners HealthCare Focus Areas:
5.38.2 Partners Healthcare Digital Care Delivery
5.38.3 Partners Healthcare Patient Segmentation
5.38.4 Partners Healthcare Research and Evaluation Team
5.38.5 Partners Healthcare Sample Recent Telemonitoring Projects
5.38.6 Programs In Heart Failure, Hypertension, Diabetes And Other Chronic Conditions
5.38.7 Partners Healthcare Center for Connected Health
5.39 Philips
5.39.1 Phiips Visicu
5.39.2 Philips Addresses Healthcare Landscape
5.39.3 Philips/Respironics Monitoring Solution Powered By Cinterion TC65i:
5.39.4 Philips Sales
5.39.5 Philips Healthcare
5.39.6 Royal Philips Revenue
5.39.7 Royal Philips Electronics / Respironics
5.39.8 Philips Respironics
5.39.9 Philips Respironics
5.40 ProConnections, Inc.
5.41 REACH Health, Inc.
5.41.1 REACH HealthInc Comprehensive Telemedicine Solution
5.41.2 REACH Comprehensive Solutions
5.41.3 REACH Health Telemedicine
5.41.4 Reach Customers
5.42 RS TechMedic BV
5.43 Samsung
5.43.1 2012 Samsung Predicts Global Economic Slowdown
5.43.2 Samsung Medical Business
5.44 Sandata Technologies, Inc.
5.45 STMicroelectronics
5.45.1 Debiotech and STMicroelectronics
5.46 TeleAtrics™
5.47 Trifecta Technologies
5.48 TouchPointCare
5.48.1 TouchPointCare Strategic Position
5.48.2 Touch Point Care / Visiting Angels
5.48.3 Loyola Medical Center
5.48.4 LHC Group
5.48.5 Lexington Health Care
5.48.6 KSB Home Health
5.48.7 Home Care Health Services
5.48.8 Health Contact Partners - Wheeling, IL
5.48.9 Glaxo Smith Kline
5.48.10 Family Home Care
5.48.11 Aurora Health Care
5.48.12 Anderson Hospital Home Health Care
5.48.13 Almost Family/Caretenders
5.48.14 Advocate Home Health
5.49 Tunstall Healthcare Group
5.49.1 AMAC American Medical Alert Corp.
5.49.2 American Medical Alert Call Center Centric Solutions
5.49.3 AMAC Health and Safety Monitoring Systems (HSMS)
5.49.4 AMAC Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS)
5.49.5 AMAC / Lifecomm
5.49.6 Visiting Nurse Service of New York and AMAC Contract for Provision of Home Monitoring Emergency Response System
5.49.7 AMAC Telehealth Systems
5.49.8 AMAC Call Centers
5.49.9 AMAC Revenue
5.49.10 AMAC Telehealth systems
5.49.11 AMAC After Hours Answering Services
5.49.12 AMAC / Intel® Health Guide
5.50 University of Houston
5.51 Verizon Technologies
5.51.1 Verizon In The Wireless Market
5.51.2 Verizon Operates Advanced Broadband Backbone Networks
5.51.3 Verizon Owns And Operates Much Of The Infrastructure That Comprises The Internet
5.52 Veteran’s Administration (VA)
5.54 Virtual Health
5.55 Vodafone
5.1.1 Vodafone Cloud Features:
5.56 VRI
5.56.1 VRI Digi Pal
5.56.2 VRI partnership with Robert Bosch Healthcare
5.56.3 VRI Digi Pal
5.56.4 VRI
5.57 Windstream
5.58 Selected Providers for Emergency Medical Care Monitoring

List of Tables

List of Tables and Figures

Telemedicine Executive Summary
Table ES-1
Factors Likely To Create Shift To Telemedicine
Table ES-2
Telemedicine Adoption Rate Issues And Concerns
Figure ES-3
Telemedicine Market Factors
Figure ES-4
Aging of the Population, 600 Million Elderly Individuals World Wide
Figure ES-5
Telemedicine Challenge: One Billion Adults Over
Weight, 86 Million Individuals with Chronic Conditions
Figure ES-6
Telemedicine Goal: Improve Lifestyle Choices
Table ES-7
Telemonitoring Market Driving Forces
Table ES-8
Tele-Monitoring Critical Issues Addressed
Table ES-9
Tele-Monitoring Clinical Results
Table ES-10
Tele Health Monitoring Problem Solution Aspects
Table ES-11
Telemedicine Market Shares, Dollars, Worldwide, 2011
Figure ES-12
TeleMonitor Software Market Forecasts, Dollars, Worldwide, 2012-2018
Telemedicine Market Description and Market Dynamics
Figure 1-1
Remote Monitoring as Standard of Care
Table 1-2
Telemedicine Nursing Stations Typical Telemonitoring Questions
Table 1-3
Remote Patient Monitoring Device Uses
Table 1-4
Clinical Assessment and Response to Alert Provided by Telemonitor
TABLE 1-4 (Continued)
Clinical Assessment And Response To Alert Provided By
Clinical Assessment And Actions Taken To Alert Provided By
Table 1-6
Telehealth Solutions Benefits
Table 1-7
Monitoring Used To Take Measurements In Homecare Settings
Table 1-8
Monitoring Measurement Functions In Homecare Settings
Table 1-9
Bosch Recommendations for Innovation Funded By The VA
Table 1-10
Intel Health Guide Functions
Table 1-11
Intel® Health Care Management Suite of Software Tools
Table 1-11
NEJM Letters That Critique The Telemonitoring Study
Table 1-12
Physician Notification on CHF Using “SBAR”
Table 1-13
US Healthcare Coverage Legislation Functions
Table 1-14
FDA Enforcement Actions And Remedies
Table 1-15
HIPAA Information Covered entities
Table 1-16
HIPAA Information That Needs to Be Private
Table 1-17
HIPAA Information Sharing by Health Care Providers
Table 1-18
HIPAA Information Sharing Prohibitions
Table 1-19
HIPAA Information Managed via Court Order
Figure 1-20
HIPAA Privacy and Security Rule and Compliant Process
Telemedicine Market Shares and Market Forecasts
Table 2-1
Factors Likely To Create Shift To Telemedicine
Table 2-2
Telemedicine Adoption Rate Issues And Concerns
Figure 2-3
Telemedicine Market Factors
Figure 2-4
Aging of the Population, 600 Million Elderly Individuals
World Wide
Figure 2-5
Telemedicine Challenge: One Billion Adults Over Weight, 86
Million Individuals with Chronic Conditions
Figure 2-6
Telemedicine Goal: Improve Lifestyle Choices
Table 2-7
Telemonitoring Market Driving Forces
Table 2-8
Tele-Monitoring Critical Issues Addressed
Table 2-9
Tele-Monitoring Clinical Results
Table 2-10
Tele Health Monitoring Problem Solution Aspects
Table 2-11
Telemedicine Market Shares, Dollars, Worldwide, 2011
Table 2-12
Telemedicine Market Shares, Dollars, Worldwide, 2011
Table 2-13
Gemalto CINTERION Wireless Module Functions
Figure 2-14
TeleMonitor Software Market Forecasts, Dollars,
Worldwide, 2012-2018
Table 2-15
Telemedicine Device and Software Market Forecasts,
Units and Dollars, Worldwide, 2012-2018
Figure 2-16
Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) Patients Worldwide,
Forecasts, Number, 2012-2018
Figure 2-17
Diabetes Patients Worldwide, Forecasts, Number, 2012-2018
Table 2-18
Number of Patients with Disease Conditions Requiring
Wheelchairs, By Diagnosis, Number, Worldwide, 2012-2018
Figure 2-19
Follow Up Link Increases Exponentially In Europe
Table 2-20
Tele-Monitoring Program Benefits
Table 2-21
Tele-Monitoring Alarm Devices
Figure 2-22
Tele-Monitor Regional Market Segments, 2011
Table 2-23
Telemedicine Regional Market Segments, 2011
Telemedicine Product Description
Figure 3-1
Bosch Health Buddy System
Table 3-2
Bosch Health Buddy system Components
Figure 3-3
Bosch Health Buddy Decision Support Dashboard and Heat Map
Table 3-4
Bosch Healthcare Telehealth Solution
Figure 3-5
Bosch Health Buddy System
Table 3-6
Bosch Health Buddy System Patient Uses for Custom Messaging
Figure 3-7
Bosch VitelCare™ T400 Home Health Monitor
Figure 3-8
Bosch Decision Support
Table 3-9
Bosch ViTelCare Functions
Table 3-10
McKesson / Bosch Telehealth Advisor Benefits
Table 3-11
McKesson / Bosch Telehealth Advisor Features
Table 3-12
Bayer / Viterion TeleHealthcare UK Department of
Health (DOH) Initial Findings from Whole System
Demonstrator (WSD) Program
Figure 3-13
Viterion 200
Table 3-14
Viterion TeleHealth Monitor Measurement Of Vital Signs:
Figure 3-15
Viterion 100
Table 3-16
ViterionNET Administrator Features:
Figure 3-17
Viterion Monitor
Table 3-18
ViterionNET Healthcare Provider Features:
Table 3-19
Viterion Telemonitoring Study Parameters:
Table 3-20
Viterion Telemonitoring Study Statistics:
Table 3-21
Honeywell HomMed Genesis Touch Key features
Table 3-22
Honeywell Homemed Health Monitoring System Vital Signs Features
Table 3-23
Honeywell Homemed Health Monitoring System Features
Table 3-24
Honeywell Homemed Health Monitoring Med Partner
System Features
Table 3-25
Honeywell Homemed Health Monitoring System
Criteria for Monitoring
Table 3-26
Honeywell HomeMed Health Monitoring System Functions
Table 3-27
Honeywell HomMed Recommended Criteria for Monitoring
Figure 3-28
Cardiocom Commander
Table 3-29
Cardiocom Commander Features
Table 3-30
Cardiocom Commander Modular Functions
Table 3-31
Cardiocom Commander Home Telehealth Management of
Complex Conditions
Table 3-32
Cardiocom System Vital Signs Disease Conditions Telemonitoring
Table 3-33
Cardiocom Commander Features
Figure 3-34
Cardiocom Comprehensive Monitoring Solution
Table 3-35
Cardiocom System Vital Signs Telemonitoring Solutions Functions
Table 3-36
Cardiocom System Modules
Table 3-37
Cardiocom System Modules
Table 3-38
Value of Philips Home Telemonitoring
Figure 3-39
Philips Decision Support for Home Telemonitoring
Figure 3-40
MedApps HealthPAL
Figure 3-41
Care Innovations Telemedicine Tablet Device
Figure 3-42
Care Innovations Telemedicine Devices
Figure 3-43
Care Innovations Telemedicine Monitoring Blood Pressure
Figure 3-44
Care Innovations Telemedicine Monitor Screen
Figure 3-45
Care Innovations Telemedicine Video Conferencing
Figure 3-46
Care Innovations Telemedicine Monitor
Table 3-47
Nurse Call Center Manages Information Typical AMCC
Telemonitoring Questions For Patients
Figure 3-48
Intel® Health Guide: Healthcare Technology
Table 3-49
Intel-Based Computers Positioning for Rural Areas Worldwide
Figure 3-50
Intel Telemedicine Device
Figure 3-51
Viterion TeleHealthcare Nursing Station
Figure 3-52
Cardiocom Integrated Systems
Figure 3-53
Cardiocom Device Platforms
Table 3-54
Kiwok BodyKom ECG Features
Figure 3-55
A&D Medical Scale
Table 3-56
A&D Medical XL-18 Activity Monitor Product Features
Figure 3-57
A&D Medical XL-18 Tri-Axial Activity Monitor
Figure 3-58
A&D Medical DataSend Personal Blood Pressure Monitor
Figure 3-59
Wellness Connected Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor
UA-851THX Product Features
Table 3-60
Types of Patients Referred For Philips AseraCare
Telemonitoring Services At Hospital Discharge
Table 3-61
TouchPointCare Telehealth Target Markets
Table 3-62
TouchPointCare Telemedicine Positioning
Table 3-63
TouchPoint Monitoring Functions
Table 3-64
TouchPointCare Target Functions
Table 3-65
TouchPointCare Target Markets
Table 3-66
TouchPointCare Features
Table 3-67
TouchPointCare Technology Deployment Features
Table 3-68
TouchPointCare Monitoring Key benefits
Table 3-69
Philips HeartStart Telemedicine Benefits for Receiving Hospitals
Table 3-70
Philips HeartStart Telemedicine Benefits for EMS
Table 3-71
Application Server: Systems Integration Features
Table 3-72
Philips IntelliVue Application Server Functions
Table 3-73
Hospital Telehealth Solutions
Figure 3-74
Logitech Lifesize Product Matrix
Telemedicine Technology
Table 4-1
New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) Sarwat I.
Chaudhry, M.D Telemonitoring Research and Letters
That Critique The Study
Table 4-2
Evident Health Services Target Patient Metrics,
Best Practice Targets Blood Pressure, Blood Lipids
Table 4-2 (Continued)
Evident Health Services Target Patient Metrics,
Best Practice Targets Blood Pressure, Blood Lipids
Table 4-3
Evident Health Services Target Patient Metrics,
Best Practice Obesity and Insulin Targets
Table 4-4
Partners Healthcare Tele-Monitoring Benefits
Figure 4-5
Medtronic CareLink Disease Management
Figure 4-6
Medtronic Device Monitoring and Disease Management
Figure 4-7
Device Follow-up and Disease Management
Figure 4-8
Medtronic Cardiac Implantable Device Monitoring
Heart Failure Guidelines
Figure 4-9
Viterion Device for Tele-Health Monitoring
Figure 4-10
Continua Interfaces and Standards for Telemedicine
Figure 4-11
Continua Telemedicine Ecosystem Development
Figure 4-12
Continua Personal Connected Healthcare Solution
Figure 4-13
Payer Impact on Telemedicine
Figure 4-14
PPACA Telemedicine Quality Improvement
Figure 4-15
Philips Telemedicine Operating Model
Table 4- 16
Healthcare Education: Value Categories and KPIs
Table 4-17
Telemedicine Accessibility Functions
Table 4-18
Healthcare Delivery In A Community Context
Table 4-19
Health Information Exchange services Example Solutions
Table 4-20
Health Information Exchange Services Benefits
Table 4-21
Home-Based Care Telemedicine Benefits
Table 4-22
Mobile Health Care Solution
Table 4-23
Mobile Office Solutions
Table 4-24
Telehealth Readiness Assessment System Functions
Telemedicine Company Profiles
Table 5-1
A&D Positioning:
Figure 5-2
A&D Wellness Connected Solutions
Figure 5-3
A&D Wellness Connected Wireless Precision Scale
Figure 5-4
A&D Wellness Connected Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor
Table 5-5
AT&T Mobile Security Benefit

List of Figures


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