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Taiwanese Mobile Payments: Consumer Preference and Behavior Analysis

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Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute

Published Date : Mar 2016

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No. of Pages : 24 Pages

Driven by passion and efforts made by many global companies to use mobile payments, there are an increasing number of Taiwanese companies rushing into the arena and launching corresponding services. This report provides an overview of statistical outcomes of a survey conducted by MIC (Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute) to find out preferences and attitudes of Taiwanese mobile payment users and non-users towards mobile payments; examines the satisfaction levels of mobile payment users in an attempt to provide a demand-side analysis of mobile payments in Taiwan.

Table of Contents

1.Development of the Taiwanese Mobile Payment Market 

1.1 Research Methods and Participants 
1.2 Analysis of Taiwan Consumer Mobile Payment Preferences 
1.2.1 Preferred Payment Method by Transaction Type 
1.2.2 Mobile Payment Distribution by Age Group 
1.2.3 Intention and Preferred Payment Methods 
1.2.4 Consumer Preferences by Security Identification Method 
1.2.5 Influence Factors of Mobile Payments 

2.User Experience Analysis 
2.1 Purchase Times and Amounts of Mobile Payments 

Finding #1: Consumers' Perceptions of Mobile Payments Growing Strong 
Finding #2: Millennial Consumers to Change the World of Mobile Payments in Taiwan 
Finding #3: Security Remains a Key Concern for Mobile Payment Users and Non-users 
Finding #4: Core Users Contribute Nearly 50% of Taiwan's Mobile Payment Market 

Glossary of Terms 
List of Companies 

List of Table

Table 1: Taiwanese Mobile Payment User Distribution by Age, 2014-2015 
Table 2: Taiwanese Mobile Payment User Distribution by Living Area, 2014-2015 
Table 3: Taiwanese Mobile Payment Users' and Non-users' Intention to Use Mobile Payments as the Main Form of Payment 
Table 4: Taiwan Consumer Intention to Use Mobile Payments Instead of Cash or Credit/Debit Cards 
Table 5: Taiwan Consumer Preferred Mobile Payment Method by Transaction Type 
Table 6: Taiwan Consumer Preferred Mobile Payment Method by Security Identification Type 
Table 7: Taiwan Consumer Willingness to Start or Continue Using Mobile Payments in the Future 
Table 8: Possible Influence Factors of Consumers' Mobile Payment Adoption 
Table 9: Consumer Preference of In-Store Mobile Payments 

List of Chart

Figure 1: Purchase Times and Amounts of Taiwanese Mobile Payment Users 
Figure 2: Maximum Single Mobile Payment Amounts, 2014 vs. 2015 
Figure 3: Most Recent Mobile Payment Time Periods 

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