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Strategic analysis of the market of the confectionery industry till 2020: a segment of cakes and pies

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Euroresearch & Consulting

Published Date : Aug 2013

Category :

Bakery Products

No. of Pages : 50 Pages

The aim of this research report is the analysis of the market of confectionery industry: segment cakes and pies.

The study is unique because it is the only product that describes segments of cakes and pies. In one report, you will receive: understanding the current state of the market, market trends, analysis of competition and regional breakdown of the market of the confectionery industry

Please pay attention:

Benefits of buying the report:

  • The report provides information that gives you a very good idea of the trends and dynamics of the market of confectionery industry of Russia.
  • The report includes unique description of main market participants. 
  • The report provides competitor analysis. 
  • The report forms a view with respect to development of the market. This view and forecast can be used in running scenario analysis to build financial models, investment analysis and strategy formulation.
  • This report saves lots of time. 

According to our estimates the report saves more than a month in analyst time of search and analysis of industry information and data.

This time can be used more efficiently.

  • If you need to get quick understanding of the market ecology monitoring in Russia than this product is a very good tool to get it done efficiently from the quality/price point of view. 
  • The report will provide you with all relevant information to get prepared for important meeting, presentation. The information is presented in a convenient way, which makes the preparation efficient.
  • The report can be used to prepare a company’s strategy, in investment analysis and in preparation of consulting materials.
Table of Content

1. √ź¬°onfectionery industry

2. Market cakes

3. Market leaders: Malika, Brand Palych, Confectionery factory Circle
The Factory Of «Sweet World», Fili-Baker, Trade and production company OJSC «HLEBPROM», Confectionary enterprise «Stolichnik», Moscow confectionery factory OOO «Mercury-best»

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