Radiation Detection Markets: 2014-2021

Published Date » 2014-06-19
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 This report follows on from NanoMarkets’ successful reports on radiation detection equipment and radiation detection materials in 2013.  It identifies the new opportunities that continue to emerge from the sales of equipment designed to detect ionization radiation.  In many ways the medical detection equipment market is quite mature.  But its customers can often be found in areas that change with shifting socioeconomic conditions.  For example, a major market for radiation detection is in the nuclear power industry; a sector that rises and falls according to the energy policies of the day.  Another major purchaser of radiation detection gear is healthcare, a demand that is boosted by the aging population in developed countries 

Executive Summary
E.1 Changes Since Our 2013 Report
E.2 New Opportunities for Radiation Detection Equipment
E.2.1 Domestic Security and Military Applications
E 2.2 Industrial/Occupational Safety – Including the Nuclear Power Industry
E 2.3 X-Ray and Nuclear Medicine
E.3 Companies to Watch in the Radiation Detection Business
E.4 Summary of Eight-Year Forecast for Radiation Detection Equipment
Chapter One Introduction
1.1 Background to the Report
1.2 Objective and Scope of this Report
1.3 Methodology of this Report
1.3.1 Market Forecasting Methodology
1.4 Plan of this Report
Chapter Two: Markets for Radiation Detection in Military Operations and Domestic Security
2.1 Domestic Security
2.1.1 Detectors in Civilian Areas
2.1.2 Passenger Checking at Airports
2.1.3 First Responders:  Police, Fire and Ambulance
2.1.4 Types of Radiation Detectors Used for Domestic Security
2.1.5 Eight-Year Forecasts of Radiation Detection Equipment Used in Domestic Security
2.2 Radiation in the Military  
2.2.1 Types of Radiation Detectors Used by the Military
2.2.3 Eight-Year Forecasts of Radiation Detection Equipment Used by the Military
2.3 Main Suppliers of Detectors Used by the Military and Domestic Security
2.4 Key Points from this Chapter
Chapter Three: Markets for Radiation Detection Equipment in General Industrial and Scientific Applications
3.1 General Industrial Applications
3.1.1 Oil and Mining Industry
3.1.2 Scrap Metal Recycling
3.1.3 Food Irradiation
3.1.4 Emerging Industrial Users of Radiation Detection Equipment
3.1.4 Types of Radiation Detectors Used in General Industrial Applications
3.1.5 Eight-Year Forecasts of Radiation Detection Equipment Used in General Industrial Applications
3.2 Pharmaceutical Industry
3.2.1 Kinetic Modeling of Drugs
3.2.2 Drug Formulation Designing: Radiopharmaceuticals
3.2.3 Types of Radiation Detectors Used in Pharma
3.3 Nuclear Energy Industry
3.3.1 Permanent Detectors at Nuclear Reactor Sites
3.3.2 Radiation Detection in Vicinity of Nuclear Sites
3.3.3 Types of Radiation Detectors Used in the Nuclear Power Industry
3.3.4 Eight-Year Forecasts of Radiation Detection Equipment Used in Nuclear Power
3.4 Radiation in Scientific Laboratories
3.4.1 High Energy Physics and Astrophysics
3.4.2 Medical Laboratories
3.4.3 Types of Radiation Detectors Used in Laboratories
3.4.4 Customized Detection Equipment for Laboratories
3.4.5 Eight-Year Forecasts of Radiation Detection Equipment Used in Laboratories
3.5 Radioactive Waste Management
3.6 Main Suppliers of Industrial Radiation Detectors Used
3.8 Key Points from this Chapter
Chapter Four Market for Medical X-Ray Detection  
4.1 Radiography
4.2 Densitometry
4.3 Computed Tomography (CT)
4.3.1 Radiation Dose Drivers in CT
4.3.2 Opportunities in Volumetric CT
4.4 Medical X-Ray Radiology
4.4.1 Digital Mammography
4.5 Types of Radiation Detectors Used in Medical X-Ray Detection
4.6 Main Suppliers of Detectors Used in Medical X-Ray Detection
4.7 Eight-Year Forecasts of Radiation Detection Equipment Used in Medical X-Ray Detection
4.8 Key Points from this Chapter
Chapter Five Market for Medical Gamma Radiation Detection 
5.1 Nuclear Medicine
5.1.1 Image-Guided Radiation Therapy (IGRT)
5.1.2 Radiotherapy, Phytotherapy Opportunities
5.2 Gamma Cameras
5.3 Combined SPECT Techniques
5.3.1 SPECT/CT
5.4 PET Detectors
5.4.1 PET/CT
5.4.2 PET/MRI
5.5 Main Suppliers of Detectors Used in Medical Gamma Radiation Detection
5.6 Eight-Year Forecasts of Radiation Detection Equipment Used in Gamma Radiation Detection
5.7 Key Points from this Chapter
Chapter Six Summary of Eight-Year Market Forecasts for Radiation Detection Equipment
6.1 Forecast of Radiation Detection Equipment Markets by Type of Detector
6.2 Forecast of Radiation Detection Equipment Markets by End User Sector
6.3 Forecast of Radiation Detection Equipment Markets by Region/Country       

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