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Private Banking Market

  • 2020 Foresight Report: No Safe Havens - Changes in Offshore Private Banking

    Jun 2013

    By Timetric


    78 Pages

    Synopsis The report provides analysis, information and insights on regulations for curbing offshore tax evasion implemented by various governments across key markets and their impact on wealth management companies: Intensive analysis of the measures being taken by some of the developed nations and emerging economies to mitigate offshore tax evasion by their taxpayers...

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  • Offshore Centres : 2012 Private Banking Handbook

    Oct 2012

    By WealthInsight

    Wealth Management

    214 Pages

    Synopsis This report is the result of WealthInsight’s extensive research covering the global wealth management market. Summary This report reviews major offshore financial centers and assesses each of their wealth management capabilities.  “Wealth management” is defined as the provision of banking services to wealthy individuals and...

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  • Evaluation of Financial Products in Private Banking

    Oct 2012

    By Timetric


    59 Pages

    Synopsis Financial institutions need to design new financial products to cater to the emerging new segment of wealthy individuals, particularly within the Asia-Pacific region. Retail banks need to identify new products and services to improve the revenues, assess needs and offer convenient, effective service to targeted, high yield accounts This report assesses the emerging...

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  • Research Report on China's Private Banking, 2011-2012

    Nov 2011

    By China Research and Intelligence Co., Ltd. (CRI)


    65 Pages

    Private banking business has a long history of development in foreign countries. In developed countries, the private banking business with large capital capacity, wide range of business and stable operating income is favored by many commercial banks and develops rapidly .  In the past few years, the average profit margin of United States private banking business was over 35%,...

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