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Published on : May 26, 2016

ALBANY, New York, May 26, 2016: ResearchMoz.us is a leading provider of research report collections on a wide array of industry verticals. The latest report collected under the category of diseases and conditions is titled “Global Parkinson’s Disease Market Report: 2016 Edition.” This report will provide its users a clear perspective on the global situation of Parkinson’s disease and the currently medical options that are being offered, along with the future of this market in terms of its drivers, restraints, and opportunities.

Parkinson’s disease is a neurological degenerative disease which is progressive and chronic in nature. It causes movement disorders through the malfunction of the core brain areas and their neurons. The prime location of the brain that Parkinson’s disease affects is known as the substantia nigra, where the disease causes the most damage to neurons. Modern medicine has yet to deduce the exact cause of Parkinson’s disease as well as an appropriate cure, but currently there are several methods and treatments that can be used to treat the disease as much as possible.

Among the many reasons for the growth of the global Parkinson’s disease market, the primary factor is the growing life expectancy of people. The high percentage of the geriatric that is present in the world today is the biggest demographic that is affected by this disease, and therefore, an increase in their population will create a higher demand for treatment options.

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Other reasons for the growth of the global Parkinson’s disease market are the rising toxin exposure levels across the world, the rising population of males, and a growing consumption of pesticides in food. Another major driver of the global Parkinson’s disease market is the increasing expenditure on healthcare by patients, which is opening up new avenues in research and development for novel treatment methods.

However, the global Parkinson’s disease market is currently being hampered by generic erosions, which have been a problem in this market for quite some time. Other limitations include the small current list of treatment options and the high risk of the patient contracting melanoma during the treatment.

The report also examines the overall unmet needs in the global Parkinson’s disease market as there are, to date, no viable treatment options to cure the disease. Doctors are not yet able to restore the physical functions of patients after treatment of the disease itself. This has to do with the current inability to fully repair the damaged neurons and their function of dopamine regulation.

The report analyzes the market movements of four key players in the global Parkinson’s disease market: Novartis, Lundbeck, Adamas Pharmaceutical, Inc., and Biotie Therapies Corp. For each key player, the report provides details in the form of their current major business strategies, financial overview, and business overview.

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