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Published on : Jan 31, 2017

ALBANY, New York, January 31, 2017: The report provides key intelligence in regard to market challenges, growth opportunities, drivers, market size, and segmentation. Cloud data centers are expected to thrive at a remarkable pace since they are more efficient than enterprise web server farms with cloud 2.0 automated process computing and cloud computing.

The report discusses topics such as fiber high bandwidth data centers, evolution of data center strategy, data center metrics, Internet traffic trends, data center switching, and public cloud infrastructure. The major factors contributing toward the growth of the market are analyzed in depth. All the major players discussed in the report are studied in terms of several parameters. 

Hyperscale data centers involve cloud-based computing with foolproof security and shared resource systems to protect corporate data. Hyperscale data center web services allow companies to apply algorithms to the models that are able to classify, recognize, and analyze relationships in the given data. This enables them to tag photos, recommend content, and deliver relevant advertising. 

The need for data consolidation, cost efficiency, increasing colocation services, and cloud have been the major catalysts of the  hyperscale data center market. Changing customer needs and their inclination toward the usage of private, hybrid, and public cloud options, along with customer ability are also driving the adoption of cloud computing.

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Microsoft, Facebook, Google, and Amazon (AWS) are some of the prominent data centers that function independently, are self-corrective, and are networked to operate at fiber optic speed in order to produce a fabric that can have access to any node in any data center, as there are several pathways to each node. In this way, they automate applications integration for any specific data available in the mega data center. 

Increasing scope in application is to be found in the Internet banking and telecommunications sectors. Start-ups have been using cloud services increasingly and large enterprises also need them on account of chief information officers (CIOs) who are leveraging public cloud for the increasing workload. These developments are sure to expand the market for  hyperscale data centers.

Based on geography, North America appears to be the foremost country in the hyperscale data center market because of the lower costs required for operation and technological progress. Asia Pacific is projected to become the fastest growing market owing to an augmenting demand for numerous IT applications. China, Latin America, the Middle East, North Africa, Eastern Europe, and Japan are some of the countries that display considerable potential.

Some of the key market players analyzed in the report include Microsoft, Google, Equinix, Amazon, Wells Fargo, Tencent, IBM, Goldman Sachs, Azure, eBay, Rackspace, Twitter Red Hat Ansible, Hewlett Packard, Facebook, Alibaba, Baidu, Apple, QTS, Fidelity and Yahoo.

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