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Published on : Apr 26, 2016

ALBANY, New York, April 26, 2016: The report is an all-important tool for gaining detailed market analysis, insights, and information about mega airport construction projects across five major regions across the world. Based on the GDP value of more than 550 construction intelligence centers (CIC) worldwide, the report provides investment details about large-scale airport construction projects across the five regions and their value. 

The analysis given in the report is worthwhile for its multipronged offering. From the announcement of the project to the developmental stage to completion, the report examines at length mega airport construction projects in the major countries in each region. It is of paramount importance for understanding the main activity drivers and key trends and for gaining crucial insights into the key project participants by value and by sector. This helps clients target services and products based on their capabilities and what is needed for each product type and service offering. Other than this, data pertaining to the location, stage, value, and start date of top airport construction projects is also included herein.

The introductory part of the report briefs readers about the architects, contractors, and major project owners that are involved in key operations of these construction projects across the five regions. This is followed by a general outlook and country-wise project analysis of airport construction projects across Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Africa, South and Central America, Europe, and North America. 

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The report provides accurate metrics on airport construction projects in each region, which are further split by project type and project value by start date. As per the CIC project analysis, airport construction projects in 121 countries across these five geographical segments are worth US$638.7 bn. Of this, 61% of projects in the 121 countries listed are at pre-construction stages and are worth US$389.4 bn. Of all, Asia Pacific holds the highest value of projects, with projects in the region being valued at US$224.1 bn. 

Accurate metrics on airport construction projects in each region, which are further split based on project type and start date of project by value, are given in the report. According to the report’s findings, the U.S. is the leading country for mega airport construction projects, with the country’s projects valued at US$60.9 bn. This is followed by the U.K., with airport construction projects valued at US$58.4 bn. Nevertheless, the report states that Istanbul New Airport in Turkey is expected to have the highest value, worth US$36.2 bn. 

This report has been prepared following an extensive research phase, wherein analysts reached out to accredited government agencies, transportation and urban planning departments, and airport authorities of several countries for their take on these projects. Analysts carried out extensive interviews with industry experts for their viewpoint about the economic benefits of large-scale airport construction undertakings. The detailed data given in the report will be of help to all market players, regardless of their current standing in the market.

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