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Energy markets are the highest form of commodities that specifically consists of trade and supply of energy. They are often referred to the electricity market, but can also be cited to other forms and sources of energy. One of the fastest growing markets within the energy sector is the Photovoltaic sector. 


Solar photovoltaic’s deployment as PV devices is globally seen across many countries. Despite the threat of international trade wars, waning government supports, and high-profile bankruptcies; the expansion of Solar Photovoltaic (PV) market continues to grow leaps and bounds in the competitive energy industry.  


As various industries and technologies mature, the energy market evolves and expands in copious ways. Photovoltaic is amongst the fastest growing markets across the globe. On an average, the approximate installations of photovoltaic devices have increased by more than 48% per annum in the period from 2000 to 2012. This expansion and growth forecasts are witnessed in several countries such as China, Taiwan, Germany, Europe, Asia, and many other local markets across the world. 

Photovoltaic, like most of the other energy sources, is profoundly intertwined with traditional, political, and ambitious international relations matters in terms of economics, independence, and security. Today, in most of the cases, Solar PV has become cost-competitive and a significant portion of the world. 


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