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In the technological parlance, patent or patenting is a text that carries a typical structure with a specific objective. The patent is all about protecting an actual physical invention, not just an idea. Hence, when technological companies, industries, or governments declare an invention or innovation for something in specific, they back it up with detailed mechanical drawings and evidence along with a written document. 
However, on the contrary, knowing patents and availing them through sources like Internet/Companies is defined as patent analysis. These patents are enforced in the market before determining any new development, product, or service through important investments that could easily block an existing patent. There are many patent organizations that allow free downloading of the complete text and abstracts of their respective patent profiles. 
Patent analysis is an extremely effective and a versatile tool equipped with many implications of businesses, mergers, acquisitions, strategic planning, human resources (HR), licensing opportunities, business intelligence, competitive intelligence, R&D management, and more. It is a unique management tool designed for unraveling the strategic management, product, or services of a particular firm in the industry. The process of translating patent data of the company into a well-structured competitive intelligence data for technical competitiveness, potential competition, and future trends comprises the definition of patent analysis. 
In other words, Patent Analysis is to exploit the protective company information to help a firm or another company in strategic planning, evaluating technological forecasts, evaluating competitors’ data, and assessing its competitiveness in specific technologies and industrial areas. 
Patent analysis as a subject carries significant value when configuring the business strategy of global technological companies and wishing them to be at the forefront of the technology. In this case, analysts play a key role because they work on a variety of patent projects all over the world and help to summarize the content to produce it in a clear and in the most precise abstract. 
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