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Overflowing Opportunities in Purified Water Market in India

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Published Date : Feb 2014

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The overall bottled water industry in India is expected to reach USD 2,980 million by 2018. The global bottled water market has seen an overwhelming increase of 40-45 percent in the last five years. The domestic market is segmented into three kinds of players, namely the national brands with a presence all over India, local brands manufactured by registered plants and unorganised local brands. The entry of new competitors at regular intervals has expanded the horizon of bottled water to include packaged drinking water, bottled mineral water, natural spring water and fortified water. 

The inconsistent and poor quality of water supplied by civic authorities has given the water purifier market a huge opportunity for constant growth. It is expected to reach USD 2,134 million by 2018. The water purifier segment in India is growing at a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of about 26 percent, largely driven by rising sales of low-cost variants generated by extreme shortage of drinking-water and diminishing water table. This has created a huge gap in the demand-supply of clean water, endangering normal life
Table of Content

1. Global Overview Global Water Reserves

2. The Indian Scenario 2.1 Indian Bottled Water Industry
2.1.1 Market Size
2.1.2 Market Segmentation
2.1.3.Price Analysis
2.1.4 Growth Drivers
2.1.5 Key Players
2.2 Indian Water Purifier Industry
2.2.1 Market Size
2.2.2 Market Segmentation
a. RO Purifiers
b. UV Purifier
c. Offline Purifier 2.2.3 Growth Drivers

3. Issues and Challenges
3.1. Bottled Water Industry
3.2. Water Purifier Industry

4. Investments 5. SWOT Analysis

5.1 Indian Bottled Water Industry
5.2 Indian Water Purifier Industry

6. Company Profiles

7. Outlook

List of Table

Table 1 - Drinking Water Sources across the Globe - Urban and Rural Scenario (in percentage)
Table 2 - Drinking Water Sources across the Globe - Urban and Rural Scenario (in millions)
Table 3 - Comparative Analysis: Packaged Drinking Water Vs Natural Mineral Water
Table 4 - Cost Analysis of Packaged Drinking Water
Table 5 - Standard Specifications for Drinking Water
Table 6 - Comparative Analysis of Various Products Available in the Market, 2013

Chart 1 - Global Water Industry, 2012
Chart 2 - Global Water Reserves Chart 3 - Fresh Water Reserves - Segments
Chart 4 - Global Population Vs Freshwater Reserves
Chart 5 - Annual Freshwater Withdrawals, 2011
Chart 6 - Usage of Freshwater Withdrawn, 2011 Chart 7 - Expected Increase in Global Water Demand, 2030
Chart 8 - Access to Improved Water Sources, 2010
Chart 9 - Global Demand for Water Treatment Product (2009-2013) Chart 10 - Outlook-Global Demand for Water Treatment
Chart 11 - Indian Bottled Water Industry Market Size (2009-2013) Chart 12 - Market Size Outlook - Indian Bottled Water Industry (2014-2018)
Chart 13 - Market Segmentation, 2012
Chart 14 - Consumption Pattern of Bottled Water in India, 2011 Chart 15 - Bottled Water Demand (FY2009-FY2013)
Chart 16 - Bottled Water Demand - Outlook (FY2014-FY2018)
Chart 17 - Monthly Per Capita Consumption Expenditure of Beverage Vs Bottled Water (2009-2013)
Chart 18 - Monthly Per Capita Consumption Expenditure of Beverage Vs Bottled Water Outlook (2014-2018)
Chart 19 - Foreign Tourist Arrivals in India (2009-2013)
Chart 20 - Outlook - Foreign Tourist Arrivals in India (2014-2018) Chart 21 - Market Share of Top Players in Packaged Drinking Water, 2012
Chart 22 - Market Share of Major Players, 2012
Chart 23 - Water Purifier Industry, Market Size (2009-2013)
Chart 24 – Outlook - Water Purifier Industry Market Size (2014-2018) Chart 25 - Market Segmentation (value-wise), FY2013
Chart 26 - Market Segmentation (quantity-wise), FY2013
Chart 27 - RO Purifier Performance of Top Four Brands, 2012
Chart 28 - Market Share of RO Purifiers (2011-2015)
Chart 29 - UV Purifier Performance of Top Brands, 2012
Chart 30 - Market Size of UV Purifiers (2011-2015)
Chart 31 - Offline Water Purifier Performance of Top Brands, 2012 Chart 32 - Market Size of Offline Purifiers (2011-2015)
Chart 33 - Schools with Drinking Water Facilities (FY2008-FY2012) Chart 34 - Percentage of Water Borne Diseases 2013

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