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Outlook for Chinese Intelligent Banking Industry 2015-2020 Proposal

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ASKCI Consulting Co., Ltd.

Published Date : Jun 2015

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Global industries are in the progress of intelligentization, domestic banks have facing huge challenge; by the reason of this, intelligent banking reform is significant for future banking industry. Intelligent banking is an advanced form of traditional network banking; it combines information technology to explore business patterns, in order to manage and serve with higher efficiency.

Since Bank of Communications introduced “future bank” concept in their exhibition hall on the World Expo Shanghai in 2010, several banks has followed Bank of Communications’ step, researched and developed intelligent banking. E.g. Agriculture Bank of China introduces new concept banking, ICBC introduces intelligent banking, Citibank and HSBC introduces ultimate digital banking as well. However, these attempts are restricted in simply or partial using new technology, but in-depth comprehensive innovation change the banking system.
Table of Content

I Transition Of Chinese Banking Industry
I-1 Challenge and opportunity
I-1.1 Challenge
I-1.2 Opportunity
I-1.3 Reform
I-2 Intelligentization of Chinese banking industry
I-2.3 Intelligent banking prospective
I-3 Intelligentization banking core services

II Intelligent Banking Construct
II-1 Intelligentization reform direction
II-1.1 Ability to discover new
II-1.2 Integrate and innovation
II-1.2.1 Integration
II-1.2.2 Core system reform
II-1.2.3 Integrating channels
II-1.2.4 Nods panning
II-1.2.5 Customize banking service
II-1.2.6 Case study of intelligent banking

III Bellwether Company
III-1 Wells Fargo
III-1.1 Introduction
III-1.2 Business services
III-1.3 Operation
III-3 Citibank

IV Chinese Intelligent Banking Development Environment
IV-1 Macroeconomic environment, 2014
IV-2 Regulation environment

V Banking Intelligentization Progress
V-1 Financial institutions’ development
V-1.1 Market cap
V-1.2 Debt
V-1.3 Deposit
V-1.4 Loan
V-1.5 Profit
V-1.6 Centralization
V-2 Chinese banking informatization progress
V-3 Online banking
V-4 Mobile banking
V-5 Intelligent banking terminal
V-5.1 Self-service terminal
V-5.1.1 Overview
V-5.1.2 POS
V-5.1.3 ATM
V-5.2 Self-service terminal development
V-5.3 VTM
V-6 Network banking
V-7 Financial big data analysis

VI Major Chinese Banks Intelligentization Progress
VI-1 Commercial banks
VI-1.1 Agriculture Bank of China
VI-1.2 Bank of China
VI-1.3 Bank of Communications
VI-1.4 China Construction Bank
VI-2 Joint stock commercial banks

VII Intelligent Banking Solution and Equipment Provider
VII-1.1 Introduction
VII-1.2 Financial index
VII-1.3 Business
VII-1.4 Solution
VII-1.5 Competitiveness
VII-1.6 Case study
VII-2 Huawei
VII-3 Sunyard
VII-4 GRGBanking
VII-5 Sinodata
VII-7 Kingteller
VII-8 Santai Elec.
VII-9 Hundsun
VII-10 Yinzhijie

VIII Forecast and Trend, 2015-2020
VIII-1 Intelligent banking trend
VIII-2 Prospective

List of Table

Table 1 Chinese GDP growth and trend, 2010-2014
Table 2 Structure of GDP and growth rate, 2020-2014
Table 3 Wells Fargo bank account services

List of Chart

Figure 1 Integration of banking services and products
Figure 2 Four components of intelligent banking
Figure 3 Basic structure of intelligent banking

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