Oil and Gas Pipelines Industry Outlook in Oceania, 2014 - Details of Operating and Planned Crude Oil, Petroleum Products and Natural Gas Pipelines

Published Date » 2014-05-26
No. Of Pages » 86
 GlobalDatas energy offering, Oil and Gas Pipelines Industry Outlook in Oceania, 2014 Details of Operating and Planned Crude Oil, Petroleum Products and Natural Gas Pipelines is the essential source for industry data and information related to the pipeline industry in Oceania. It provides asset level information related to all active and planned crude oil, petroleum products and natural gas transmission pipelines in Oceania. The profiles of major companies operating in the pipeline industry in Oceania are included in the report. The latest news and deals related to the sector are also provided and analyzed. 
 This report is built using data and information sourced from proprietary databases, primary and secondary research and in-house analysis by GlobalDatas team of industry...
Table of Content

1 Table of Contents2
1.1 List of Tables 6
1.2 List of Figures 7

2 Introduction 8
2.1 What Is This Report About? 8
2.2 How to Use This Report? 8
2.3 Market Definition 8

3 Oceania Pipeline Industry 9
3.1 Oceania Pipeline Industry, Key Data 9
3.1.1 Oceania Pipeline Industry, An Overview 9
3.1.2 Oceania Pipeline Industry, Pipeline Length by Country 10
3.1.3 Oceania Pipeline Industry, Pipeline Length by Company 11
3.2 Oceania Pipeline Industry, Australia 12
3.2.1 Australia, Crude Oil Pipelines 12
3.2.2 Australia, Petroleum Product Pipelines 13
3.2.3 Australia, Natural Gas Pipelines 14
3.3 Oceania Pipeline Industry, New Zealand 19
3.3.1 New Zealand, Crude Oil Pipelines 20
3.3.2 New Zealand, Petroleum Product Pipelines 20
3.3.3 New Zealand, Natural Gas Pipelines 21
3.4 Oceania Pipeline Industry, Papua New Guinea 23
3.4.1 Papua New Guinea, Crude Oil Pipelines 23
3.4.2 Papua New Guinea, Natural Gas Pipelines 23
3.5 Oceania Pipeline Industry, Planned Pipelines 24
3.5.1 Oceania Pipeline Industry, Planned Natural Gas Pipelines 24

4 Profile of Santos Ltd. 26
4.1 Santos Ltd., Key Information 26
4.2 Santos Ltd., Company Overview 26
4.3 Santos Ltd., Business Description 26
4.3.1 Business Overview 26
4.3.2 Asia Pacific 27
4.3.3 Eastern Australia 28
4.3.4 Gladstone LNG 28
4.3.5 Western Australia and Northern Territory 29
4.4 Santos Ltd., SWOT Analysis 29
4.4.1 Overview 29
4.4.2 Santos Ltd. Strengths 30
4.4.3 Santos Ltd. Weaknesses 31
4.4.4 Santos Ltd. Opportunities 31
4.4.5 Santos Ltd. Threats 33

5 Profile of Exxon Mobil Corporation 34
5.1 Exxon Mobil Corporation, Key Information 34
5.2 Exxon Mobil Corporation, Company Overview 34
5.3 Exxon Mobil Corporation, Business Description 34
5.3.1 Business Overview 34
5.3.2 Chemical 35
5.3.3 Downstream 35
5.3.4 Upstream 37
5.4 Exxon Mobil Corporation, SWOT Analysis 38
5.4.1 Overview 38
5.4.2 Exxon Mobil Corporation Strengths 39
5.4.3 Exxon Mobil Corporation Weaknesses 41
5.4.4 Exxon Mobil Corporation Opportunities 41
5.4.5 Exxon Mobil Corporation Threats 43

6 Profile of Osaka Gas Co., Ltd. 45
6.1 Osaka Gas Co., Ltd., Key Information 45
6.2 Osaka Gas Co., Ltd., Company Overview 45
6.3 Osaka Gas Co., Ltd., Business Description 45
6.3.1 Business Overview 45
6.4 Osaka Gas Co., Ltd., SWOT Analysis 47
6.4.1 Overview 47
6.4.2 Osaka Gas Co., Ltd. Strengths 48
6.4.3 Osaka Gas Co., Ltd. Weaknesses 49
6.4.4 Osaka Gas Co., Ltd. Opportunities 49
6.4.5 Osaka Gas Co., Ltd. Threats 50

7 Financial Deals Landscape 52
7.1 Detailed Deal Summary 52
7.1.1 Equity Offerings 52
7.1.2 Partnerships 54
7.1.3 Asset Transactions 56
7.1.4 Acquisition 58
7.1.5 Debt Offerings 64

8 Recent Developments 72
8.1 License Rounds 72
8.1.1 Jan 23, 2014: PNGRB introduces bids for building gas pipeline in Tamil Nadu, India 72
8.2 License Awards 72
8.2.1 Jan 21, 2014: Statoil awarded new acreage on the Norwegian continental shelf 72
8.2.2 Dec 09, 2013: Petronas, Shell win Bruneis offshore blocks 73
8.3 Strategy and Business Expansion 74
8.3.1 May 15, 2014: DTE Energy announces expansion of its Bluestone Pipeline 74
8.3.2 May 01, 2014: Akkord to build Trans-Anatolian pipeline 74
8.3.3 Apr 29, 2014: Ukrtransgaz, Eustream discuss on use of Vojany-Uzhgorod gas pipeline 75
8.4 Recent Discoveries 75
8.4.1 Jan 16, 2014: Tullow discovers oil at exploration wells in Kenya 75
8.4.2 Oct 23, 2013: Petrobras discovers hydrocarbons in Santos basin, Brazil 76
8.5 Drilling and Production Updates 76
8.5.1 Apr 10, 2014: Gastar Exploration Resumes Marcellus Shale Production at Reduced Rate Following Third-Party Pipeline Rupture 76
8.5.2 Apr 10, 2014: Cairn India Production Update For Quarter Ended FY 2013-14 And Year Ended FY 2013-14 77
8.5.3 Apr 07, 2014: Gastar Exploration Announces Marcellus Shale Production Temporarily Interrupted due to Rupture of Third Party-Operated Pipeline 77
8.5.4 Feb 13, 2014: EQT Proved Reserves Increase 39% to 8.3 Tcfe 78
8.5.5 Jan 24, 2014: Buccaneer Energy West Eagle # 1 Well - Drilling Commenced 79
8.6 Other Significant Developments 79
8.6.1 May 20, 2014: Dana Petroleums Western Isles Project Gas Export Pipeline Successfully Installed 79
8.6.2 May 20, 2014: SemCAMS Announces Plans to Construct New Pipeline 80
8.6.3 May 19, 2014: Iran to begin gas export to Iraq from early next year 80
8.6.4 May 19, 2014: Slovak gas pipeline to commence gas supply to Ukraine from September 2014 81
8.6.5 May 16, 2014: Plains Pipeline reports breakage at Los Angeles pipeline 81
8.6.6 May 16, 2014: Prince Rupert Gas Transmission Project to Seek Public Comment on Environmental Assessment Application 81
8.6.7 May 14, 2014: TGPC to repair Morgan county pipeline 82
8.6.8 May 14, 2014: AB Amber Grid with other Gas Transmission System Operators from the BEMIP region publishes the Gas Regional Investment Plan 2014-2023 83

9 Appendix 84
9.1 Abbreviations 84
9.2 Methodology 84
9.2.1 Coverage 84
9.2.2 Secondary Research 85
9.2.3 Primary Research 85
9.3 Contact Us 85
9.4 Disclaimer 86

List of Tables

Table 1: Oceania Pipeline Industry, Pipeline Key Statistics, 2013 9
Table 2: Oceania Pipeline Industry, Crude Oil Pipelines, Petroleum Products Pipelines and Natural Gas Pipelines Length (km) by Country, 2013 10
Table 3: Oceania Pipeline Industry, Crude Oil Pipelines, Petroleum Products Pipelines and Natural Gas Pipelines Length (km) by Company, 2013 11
Table 4: Australia, Crude Oil Pipelines, 2013 12
Table 5: Australia, Petroleum Product Pipelines, 2013 13
Table 6: Australia, Natural Gas Pipelines, 2013 14
Table 7: Australia, Natural Gas Pipelines, 2013 (Contd.1) 15
Table 8: Australia, Natural Gas Pipelines, 2013 (Contd.2) 16
Table 9: Australia, Natural Gas Pipelines, 2013 (Contd.3) 17
Table 10: Australia, Natural Gas Pipelines, 2013 (Contd.4) 18
Table 11: Australia, Natural Gas Pipelines, 2013 (Contd.5) 19
Table 12: New Zealand, Crude Oil Pipelines, 2013 20
Table 13: New Zealand, Petroleum Product Pipelines, 2013 20
Table 14: New Zealand, Natural Gas Pipelines, 2013 21
Table 15: New Zealand, Natural Gas Pipelines, 2013 (Contd.1) 22
Table 16: Papua New Guinea, Crude Oil Pipelines, 2013 23
Table 17: Papua New Guinea, Natural Gas Pipelines, 2013 23
Table 18: Oceania Pipeline Industry, Planned Natural Gas Pipelines 24
Table 19: Oceania Pipeline Industry, Planned Natural Gas Pipelines (Contd.1) 25
Table 20: Santos Ltd., Key Facts 26
Table 21: Santos Ltd., SWOT Analysis 30
Table 22: Exxon Mobil Corporation, Key Facts 34
Table 23: Exxon Mobil Corporation, SWOT Analysis 39
Table 24: Osaka Gas Co., Ltd., Key Facts 45
Table 25: Osaka Gas Co., Ltd., SWOT Analysis 47
Table 26: Duet Group Completes Private Placement Of Stapled Securities For US$38.6 Million 52
Table 27: Duet Group Completes Private Placement Of Stapled Securities For US$89.2 Million 53
Table 28: TransAlta Forms Joint Venture With DBP Development To Construct Natural Gas Pipeline In Western Australia 54
Table 29: DUET Group Completes Private Placement Of Securities For US$94.8 Million 55
Table 30: L&M Energy To Acquire 50% Stake In TWN Licenses And Waihapa Production Station From New Zealand Energy For US$17.8 Million 56
Table 31: State Grid International Development Completes Acquisition Of 60% Stake Each In SPI (Australia) Assets And SPI (Australia) Trust From Singapore Power International 58
Table 32: APA Group Plans To Acquire Interest In Queensland Curtis LNG Pipeline From BG Group 59
Table 33: APA Group Plans To Acquire Stake In Australia Pacific LNG Terminal Infrastructure In Queensland From Origin Energy 60
Table 34: QIC Global Completes Acquisition Of Moomba Adelaide Pipeline System In Australia From APA Group For US$422.4 Million 61
Table 35: Envestra Completes Private Placement Of Shares For US$135 Million 61
Table 36: Envestra Completes Public Offering Of Shares For US$33.4 Million 63
Table 37: APA Completes Public Offering Of 4.25% Notes Due 2024 For US$557 Million 64
Table 38: APT Pipelines Completes Public Offering Of 3.875% Notes Due 2022 For US$750 Million 65
Table 39: Origin Energy Completes Public Offering Of 2.875% Notes Due 2019 For US$643 Million 66
Table 40: Eaglewood Energy To Form Partnership With Trafigura To Construct Condensate Processing Facility And Pipeline 67
Table 41: Metgasco Completes Private Placement Of Shares For US$10.8 Million 68
Table 42: Metgasco Raises US$11 Million Through Issue Of Shares 68
Table 43: APT Pipelines Completes Public Offering Of 8.01% Notes Due 2072 For US$543 Million 69
Table 44: ConocoPhillips And Origin Energy To Sell 7.5% Stake Each In Australia Pacific LNG For US$3.07 Billion 70
Table 45: Envestra Completes Private Placement Of Bonds For US$202 Million 71

List of Figures

Figure 1: Oceania Pipeline Industry, Pipeline Length by Country (km), 2013 10
Figure 2: Oceania Pipeline Industry, Pipeline Length by Company (km), 2013 11

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