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MVNOs in Africa: MVNOs Gaining Momentum by Capitalizing on Niche Segments

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Pyramid Research

Published Date : Feb 2016

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With more than 1,200 MVNOs operating worldwide, the presence of MVNOs has been limited in Africa, accounting for 1.4% of global MVNO subscribers. Kenya and South Africa are currently the most developed MVNO markets in terms of penetration, with 3.5% and 1.6% of mobile subscriptions being served by MVNOs at end-2015, respectively. The growing population of the region coupled with increasing mobile penetration and data usage, the introduction of mobile financial services and efforts by regulators to establish legal frameworks specific to MVNOs are some of the factors which will provide a boost to the MVNO market in Africa

Key Findings

  • Niche and retail MVNO business models are the most prevalent in Africa, accounting for 35% and 20%, respectively, of total MVNOs in the region. Ethnic and MNO sub-brand MVNOs account for 15% and 10%, respectively, while the market share of the other business models accounts for 20% in total (or 5% each).
  • A rising trend witnessed in Africa is the increasing participation of financial institutions within the MVNO market. For example, Equitel in Kenya and First National Bank (FNB) in South Africa have launched MVNOs in their respective home markets.
  • Towards 2020, significant MVNO activity is expected, as new entrants bring new diverse market strategies. For example, MRP Mobile in South Africa is the first clothing retailer to launch an MVNO in Africa; the company offers discounts in its retail stores depending on customers mobile service usage. Unique MVNO strategies could prove disruptive and boost market competition.


Table of Contents

Introduction: MVNO definition and main business models

MVNO definition
MVNO business models
Global and regional MVNO market context
MVNO market worldwide
MVNO market evolution in Africa
MVNO regulation
MVNO business models in Africa
Market detail: Case studies
Niche MVNO: Virgin Mobile
Retail MVNO: Tangaza Pesa
Ethnic MVNO: Call Home
Conclusions: Key findings and recommendations

List of Table


List of Chart

Exhibit 1: MVNO Market Structure
Exhibit 2: MVNO Main Operational Business Models
Exhibit 3: MVNO Models, Including Those Used In Africa
Exhibit 4: MVNO Business Models
Exhibit 5: MVNO Business Models (Cont.)
Exhibit 6: MVNO Business Models (Cont.)
Exhibit 7: MVNO Business Models (Cont.)
Exhibit 8: MVNO Subscription Market Share By Region, 2015.
Exhibit 9: MVNO Subscriptions As A Percentage Of Total Mobile Subscriptions By Region, 2015
Exhibit 10: MVNO Subscription Market Share By Country, Africa, 2015
Exhibit 11: MVNO Subscriptions As A Percentage Of Total Mobile Subscriptions, Select Markets, 2015-20
Exhibit 12: Regulatory Drivers Impacting MVNO Markets
Exhibit 13: MVNO Regulation In Specific African Markets
Exhibit 14: Number Of MVNOS AND Market Share Per Business Model, Africa, January 2016
Exhibit 15: Most Prevalent MVNO Business Models In Africa Based On Their Marketing Approach, 2015
Exhibit 16: Select Active Niche MVNOs, Africa, 2016
Exhibit 17: Main Reasons To Launch A Retail MVNO Model
Exhibit 18: Call Home Free Messaging Service And Categories
Exhibit 19: SNS Mobility Own-brand E405 Smartphone Specification
Exhibit 20: Blueline Enterprise 4G Package
Exhibit 21: Kirene Avec Orange Offers, Jan 2016
Exhibit 22: Virgin Mobile Subscriptions In South Africa, 2011-2014
Exhibit 23: Tangaza Pesa Overview
Exhibit 24: Products Offered By Call Home, 2016
Exhibit 25: Call Home Ecocash Service

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