LED Lighting: Market Shares, Strategies, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2013 to 2019

Winter Green Research
Published Date » 2013-10-09
No. Of Pages » 403

WinterGreen Research announces that it has published a new study LED Lighting: Market Shares, Strategy, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2013 to 2019. Next generation lighting achieves a complete replacement of incandescent filament bulbs with LED lighting that is more energy efficient, lasts longer and has a significantly lower cost of operation.

LED lighting decreases labor costs of replacing bulbs in commercial situations. The LED bulbs are implementing new semiconductor technology. The 2013 study has 403 pages, 183 tables and figures. Worldwide LED lighting markets are poised to achieve significant growth as buildings and communities lead the way in implementing the more cost efficient systems. In some cases, the utility plants are providing funding and financing so that lighting users can make the shift to LED lighting.

LED lamps lower the overall cost of lighting. LED lighting costs are less than costs with incandescent lights. LED lamps offer up to 50,000 hours of illumination with a fraction of the energy used by traditional incandescent bulbs. LED bulbs generate 90% less heat than incandescent bulbs. LED bulbs extend time between bulb replacements. The bulbs are used to achieve a near zero-maintenance lighting system.

LED lighting products are coming to market rapidly. Suppliers carry up to 150 different LED bulb and lamp styles to fit the various needs of consumers and businesses.

LED PAR lamps dominate the ENERGY STAR qualified product list, so back in 2012 IEE partnered with TopTen USA and Ecova to develop recommendations for top performing PAR38 and PAR30 LED lamps. The team developed an evaluation protocol that starts with the lamps found in ENERGY STAR's list, to which we applied product criteria screens and testing to a subset of lamps to determine the 10 top performers. Efficiency along with aesthetics, payback period, and dimming performance were key criteria to the ranking.

LED lighting products compete with traditional lighting technologies on the basis of the numerous benefits of LED lighting relative to such technology including greater energy efficiency, longer lifetime, improved durability, increased environmental friendliness, digital controllability, smaller size, directionality and lower heat output.

LED lighting products face competition in the general lighting market from both traditional lighting technologies provided by numerous vendors as well as from LED-based lighting products provided by a growing roster of industry specialized participants.

The emergence of cost-competitive LEDs has caused a "paradigm shift" in the lighting industry that has changed everything. The LED lighting industry rapid technological change has been brought by enormous changes in the regulations affecting lighting. Short product lifecycles are a result of new manufacturing and materials science that are the result of companies trying to improve the economies of scale to make price points more attractive to customers.

According to Susan Eustis, leader of the team that prepared the study, "Frequent product introductions have characterized the LED lighting industry. There is a highly competitive pricing environment with the current price point of $10 in 2013 per light about to decline to $6 per light. These market characteristics increase the need for continuous innovation."

Sales of LEDs that outpace incandescent bulbs in North America are expected to soon completely eliminate incandescent bulbs. The LED lighting market is anticipated to grow 45% per year through 2019. The LED lighting market at $4.8 billion in 2012 is anticipated to go to $42 billion by 2019. The reason is the declining price points, the increased interest by the channel in pushing LEDs to consumers. LEDs provide the best lighting solution. The phase out of incandescent lights has begun, the onset of LED command of the market is upon us.

This LED lighting shipment analysis is based on consideration of the metrics for the total number of lights shipped with a likely penetration analysis. Interviews with distributors, vendors, and users provide means for triangulation of data to achieve an accurate look at the market. Interviews include contact with distributors and analysts worldwide.

Companies Profiled

Market Leaders

  • Philips
  • GE Lighting Solutions
  • Maxion Technologies
  • QD Vision
  • Lighting Science Group
  • Osram
  • Toshiba
  • Solid State Lighting Systems
  • Mitsubishi / Verbatim
  • Cree

Market Participants

  • Acuity Brands Lighting
  • Advantech Lighting Solutions / NaturaLED
  • Albemarle
  • ATG Electronics
  • Avances Lumínicos Plus S.A. de C.V
  • BridgeLux
  • Emcore
  • Epistar
  • Everlight
  • GE
  • IEE
  • Intematix
  • iWatt
  • Larson
  • LED Microsensor NT
  • Lightkiwi, LLC.
  • Litecontrol
  • Verbatim
  • Newport Corporation / ILX Lightwave
  • ILX Lightwave
  • Nichia
  • Pluz S.A. de C.V. / NuVue
  • NuVue
  • Prolighting TCP
  • Siemens
  • Sony
  • Sony HD OLED panels
  • Soraa
  • TCP
  • Thorlabs Acquires / Maxion Technologies
  • Toyoda Gosei

Check Out These Key Topics

  • LED Lighting
  • Light Emitting Diodes
  • LED Technology
  • LED Manufacturing
  • Solid-State Lighting
  • SSL
  • LED Rare Earth Materials
  • LED

LEDs Promise to Revolutionize the Lighting Industry

LED Lamps Market Driving Forces
Light-Emitting Diodes Transform The Business Of Illumination
LEDs Are Economical
LED Lamps Durability

LED Market Shares

LED Lighting Market Forecasts

1.Light Emitting Diode (LED) Lighting Market Dynamics and Market Description
1.1LEDs Replace Traditional Incandescent Light Bulb
1.2Next Generation, High-Efficiency, Cost-Saving LED Lighting
1.2.1 LED Products
1.3LED Quality Standards
1.4Life-Cycle Assessment of Energy and Environmental Impacts of LED
1.4.1 LED Substrates
1.5Global Economy
1.5.1 The IT Market
1.5.2 New World Order Built On The Globally Integrated Enterprise

2  Light Emitting Diode (LED) Lighting Market Shares and Market Forecasts
2.1 LED Lamps Market Driving Forces
2.1.1 Light-Emitting Diodes Transform The Business Of Illumination
2.1.2 LEDs Are Economical
2.1.3 LED Lamps Durability
2.2 LED Market Shares
2.2.1 Lighting Industry Market Share Commentary on LED Technology Shifts
2.2.2 Philips Lumileds
2.2.3 Philips Targets Lighting for Underdeveloped Regions
2.2.4 Cree
2.2.5 Cree Manufacturing
2.2.6 Cree
2.2.7 Cree Emerging Markets
2.2.8 GE Lighting Solutions
2.2.9 GE ROI for LEDs
2.2.10 GE Installs Municipal Lighting
2.2.11 Acuity Brands Enhances Popular Lithonia Lighting TWH and TWP Luminaires with LED Technology
2.2.12 Toshiba Lighting Technology
2.2.13 QD Vision
2.2.14 Lighting Science Group
2.2.15 Lighting Science Group
2.2.16 Bridgelux LED Arrays
2.2.17 Albemarle
2.3 LED Lighting Market Forecasts
2.3.1 LED Lighting, Unit Shipments
2.3.2 LED Light Market Penetration, Market Forecasts
2.3.3 General Lighting and LED Lighting Installed Base and Market Penetration
2.4 Comparison of LED vs. Incandescent Overall Costs
2.4.1 Relative ROI Incandescent Lights Compared to LED Lights
2.4.2 Energy Star Qualified LED Lamps Increasing Over Time
2.4.3 LED Lighting Business Models Shift
2.5 LED Market Description
2.5.1 LED Markets, Lighting, LCD and TV Displays, Automotive, Cell Phones, Notebooks, Tablets and Displays
2.5.2 LED Market Growth
2.5.3 LED LCD TVs
2.5.4 LED Die Surface
2.5.5 LED Reflector Lamps
2.6 LED Energy Reduction
2.6.1 LEDs in LCD Backlighting
2.7 LED Prices
2.7.1 Top Ten USA LED Lamps Ratings and Prices
2.8 LED Regional Market Analysis
2.8.1 Japan
2.8.2 Cree Revenue by Regional Segment
2.8.3 China
2.8.4 China Controls Vast Majority Of The Rare-Earth Materials

3. LED Lighting Product Description
3.1Lighting Science Group
3.1.1 Lighting Science Group A19 / A60 Omni
3.1.2 Lighting Science Group BR20
3.1.3 Lighting Science Group DFN19 / A60
3.1.4 Lighting Science Group PAR16
3.1.5 Lighting Science Group BayLight
3.1.6 Lighting Science Group BayLume
3.2Solid State Lighting Systems
3.2.1 Solid State Lighting Systems Tilelite
3.2.2 Solid State Lighting Systems LED Pool Lights
3.2.3 Solid State Lighting Systems Quad Tilelite
3.3.1 Bridgelux LS Arrays
3.3.2 Bridgelux ES Arrays
3.3.3 Bridgelux RS Arrays
3.3.4 Bridgelux VeroTM Array Series
3.4.1 Cree CR80-650L
3.4.2 Cree CR4
3.4.3 Cree 304 Series Interior
3.4.4 Cree CR80-650L
3.5LED Microsensor NT
3.5.1 LED Microsensor NT Light Emitting Diodes for 1600-2400 nm spectral range
3.5.2 LED Microsensor NT Light Emitting Diodes for 2800-5000 nm spectral range
3.5.3 LED Microsensor NT LED Chip Design
3.6Osram Sylvania
3.6.1 Osram Sylvania Integrated LED Lamps
3.6.2 Osram Sylvania LED Modules & Arrays
3.6.3 Osram Sylvania OPTOTRONIC® Overview
3.7Acuity Brands Lighting
3.7.1 Acuity Brands Indoor LED Solutions
3.7.2 Acuity Brands DOM6 LED
3.7.3 Acuity Brands REALITY 6" LED Module
3.7.4 Acuity Brands ELM2 LED
3.8GE Lighting Solutions
3.8.1 GE ROI for LEDs
3.8.2 GE Lumination LED Luminaires - EP Series
3.8.3 GE Tetra AL10
3.8.4 GE Tetra® miniMAX
3.9Philips Lumileds
3.9.1 Philips Limileds LUXEON A
3.9.2 Philips Limileds SignalSure
3.9.3 Philips Limileds SnapLED
3.9.4 Philips Lumileds Quality White Lighting with LEDs
3.10  Toshiba
3.10.1Toshiba Lighting Technology
3.10.2Toshiba Lighting the Way
3.11  Litecontrol
3.11.1Litecontrol Wall Arcos LED
3.11.2Litecontrol Aerial
3.12  Intematix
3.12.1Intematix ChromaLit™
3.12.2Intematix LED Phosphors
3.13  iWatt
3.13.1iWatt iW1760
3.13.2iWatt iW3630
3.14  QD Vision QLEDs
3.14.1QLED Technology In Full-Color Displays And Lighting Devices
3.14.2QD Vision
3.14.3QLEDs -- The Future
3.14.4QD Vision QLED Technology
3.15  Prolighting TCP
3.15.1ProLighting LED Light Bulbs
3.16  ATG Electronics
3.17  Utech LED
3.18  Advantech Lighting Solutions / NaturaLED
3.19  GreeneLED
3.20  Lighting Science Group
3.21  Light KIW
3.22  Verbatim
3.23  NuVue
3.24 Bridgelux LED Products
3.25  Albemarle
3.26  Larson
3.27  Nichia
3.28  Toyoda Gosei
3.29  Epistar

4LED Lighting Technology
4.1 Light-Emitting Diodes LEDs
4.2 Institute of the Edison Foundation IEE Measures LED lamps
4.2.1 IEE Names Lighting Science(R) to Top Ten LED Lamp List
4.2.2 Utility Investments In Electric Efficiency Programs
4.3 LED PAR38 Best in Class
4.4 LEDs Devices Use Semiconductor Materials
4.4.1 TriMethyl Gallium (TMG)
4.4.2 Triethylgallium (TEG)
4.4.3 Trimethylaluminum (TMA-PG)
4.4.4. Trimethylgallium (TMG)
4.4.5 LED Colors and Common Chemistries
4.5 Lighting Controls
4.5  LED Environmental Dimension
4.5.1 Biologically Effective Lighting
4.6 Safety Dimension
4.6.1 LED Manufacturing Is A Very Complex And Highly Technical Process
4.6.2 Lighting Efficiency Comparison
4.7 LED Lighting Standards

5LED Lighting Company Description
5.1Acuity Brands Lighting
5.1.1 Acuity Brands Enhances Popular Lithonia Lighting TWH and TWP Luminaires with LED Technology
5.2Advantech Lighting Solutions / NaturaLED
5.3.1 Albemarle Catalysts
5.3.2 Albemarle Discussion
5.3.3 Albemarle Discovery in Lithium Carbonate Production
5.3.4 Albemarle Commercial Technology Services
5.3.5 Albemarle Pretreat Catalysts
5.3.6 Albemarle Revenue 2013
5.4ATG Electronics
5.5Avances Lumínicos Plus S.A. de C.V
5.7.1 Cree LED Lighting
5.7.2 Cree Power and Wireless Devices
5.7.3 Cree Sets New R&D Performance Record with 276 Lumen-Per-Watt Power LED
5.7.4 Cree Business
5.7.5 Cree LED Lighting Products
5.7.6 Cree Product Revenues by Reportable Segment
5.7.7 Cree LED Products Segment
5.7.8 Cree LED Chips
5.7.9 Cree LED Components
5.7.10Cree Lighting Products Segment
5.7.11Cree Power and RF Products Segment
5.7.12Cree Power Devices
5.7.13Cree RF Devices
5.7.14Cree LED Research and Development
5.7.15Cree Financial Information about Geographic Areas of Customers and Assets
5.8.1 Emcore Broadband:
5.9.1 Epistar Revenue
5.9.2 Epistar Led the LED Era
5.10  Everlight
5.10.1Everlight Revenue
5.11  GE Lighting Solutions
5.11.1GE Tetra EdgeStrip and Tetra miniStrip among Top 10 products of 2012: EDC magazine
5.11.2GE Evolve LED Fixtures Reduce Auto Dealership's Energy Costs by $49,000 Annually
5.11.3GE Scorecard
5.11.4GE Manufactures Electrical Distribution And Control Products, Lighting And Power Panels, Switchgear And Circuit Breakers
5.11.5GE Home & Business Solutions
5.11.6GE Offers Major Home Appliances
5.11.7GE Lamps
5.11.8GE Lighting Solutions
5.11.9GE Healthcare
5.11.10GE Healthcare Regional P&Ls
5.11.11GE Key Medical Care Areas:  Cardiology
5.11.12GE Neurology
5.11.13GE Emergency Medicine
5.11.14GE Oncology
5.11.15GE Women’s Health
5.11.16GE Healthcare Oxygen Humidifier
5.11.17GE Healthcare Air/O2 Blender
5.11.18GE M2100 Air/O2 Blender
5.12  IEE
5.13  Intematix
5.13.1Intematix Remote Phosphor Takes Lead in LED High Bay Lighting Performance
5.13.2Intematix Phosphor Technology
5.13.3Intematix ChromaLit™ Technology
5.14  iWatt
5.14.1iWatt Flickerless™ SSL LED Driver is Optimized for Commercial Lighting and Wireless Lighting
5.15  Larson
5.16  LED Microsensor NT
5.16.1LED Microsensor NT Technology
5.16.2LED Microsensor NT Quality
5.17  Lighting Science Group
5.17.1IEE Names Lighting Science(R) to Top Ten LED Lamp List
5.17.2Lighting Science Group Files 71 New Patents in 2012
5.17.3Lighting Science Group Business
5.17.4Lighting Science Group Customers
5.17.5Lighting Science Group Products
5.17.6Lighting Science Group Target Markets And Customers
5.17.7Lighting Science Group Strategic Plan
5.17.8Lighting Science Issues Recall of 554,000 LED Bulbs Because Of Fire Hazard
5.18  Lightkiwi, LLC.
5.19  Litecontrol
5.19.1Litecontrol Mission
5.19.2Litecontrol Aerial Boasts Direct-specific Optical Design
5.20  Mitsubishi / Verbatim
5.20.1Verbatim Brand
5.20.2Verbatim LED Future Developments
5.21  Newport Corporation / ILX Lightwave
5.21.1 Newport Markets
5.21.2 Newport Corporation / ILX Lightwave
5.21.3ILX Lightwave Product Innovation
5.22  Nichia
5.22.1Nichia Patent Actions
5.23  Osram AG
5.23.1Osram Sylvania
5.23.2Osram Sylvania Automotive Lighting
5.23.3Osram Sylvania General Lighting
5.23.4Osram Sylvania Electronic Control Systems
5.23.5Osram Sylvania Display / Optic Lighting
5.23.6Osram Sylvania Canada
5.23.7Osram Sylvania Basic Data
5.23.8Osram Revenue Segments
5.23.9Osram Revenue by Segments
5.24  Philips Lumileds
5.24.1Philips Lumileds Quality White Lighting with LEDs
5.24.2Philips Is World Leader In Cardiology
5.24.3Philips Lumileds
5.25  Pluz S.A. de C.V. / NuVue
5.26  Prolighting TCP
5.27  QD Vision
5.28  Siemens
5.28.1Siemens Computed Tomography - Multislice CT
5.28.2Siemens Financial Transparency
5.28.3Siemens Urban Development Center – The Crystal – In London - Exhibition Dedicated To Cities
5.28.4Siemens No. 1 in Sustainability – Carbon Disclosure
5.28.5Siemens Q3 2012: Revenue Growth in Challenging Markets
5.28.6Siemens Financial Highlights:
5.28.7Siemens Supplies 300 Offshore Wind Turbines to DONG Energy –
5.29  Solid State Lighting Systems
5.30  Sony
5.30.1Sony HD OLED panels
5.31  Soraa Inc
5.32  TCP
5.33  Thorlabs
1.5.3 Thorlabs Acquires QCL Manufacturer Maxion Technologies
1.5.4 Maxion Technologies
1.5.5 Maxion Technologies
1.5.6 Maxion Technologies
1.5.7 Maxion and the University of Maryland, Baltimore County
5.34  Toshiba
5.34.1Toshiba World-Leading Diversified Manufacturer
5.34.2Toshiba Medical Systems
5.34.3Toshiba America Medical Systems
5.35  Toyoda Gosei

List of Tables

Tables and Figures

Table ES-1 LED Lamps and Bulbs Market Driving Forces
Table ES-2 LED Lamps Durability Drives Market Growth
Figure ES-3 Light Emitting DIodes (LED) Lights Market Shares, Dollars, 2012
Table ES-4 LED Lights Market Forecasts, Dollars, Shipments, Worldwide, 2013-2019
Table 1-1 LED System Dimension
Table 1-2 LED Design Dimension
Figure 1-3 LED Design Strength
Table 1-4 LED Quality Standards
Figure 1-5 LED Quality Dimension: Standards and Regulations
Table 1-6 LED  Backlight TV/monitor – LEDs Used For Screen Lighting
Figure 1-7 Types of LED Commercial Lighting
Figure 1-8 Life-Cycle Assessment Impacts of the Lighting Lamps Analyzed Relative to Incandescent
Figure 1-9 Life-Cycle Assessment Impacts of the LED Lighting Lamps Analyzed Relative to Impacts Relative To The CFL
Figure 1-10 Lifecycle Energy Use of Different Lights
Figure 1-11 LCA Framework
Figure 1-12 System Boundaries of LED Lifecycle Analysis
Figure 1-13 Comparison of MOCVD Reactor Tray, 6” vs. 2”
Table 1-14 LCA Inventory for the 12.5 Watt LED Lamp in 2012 Stage
Table 2-1 LED Lamps and Bulbs Market Driving Forces
Table 2-2 LED Lamps Durability Drives Market Growth
Figure 2-3 Light Emitting DIodes (LED) Lights Market Shares, Dollars, 2012
Table 2-4 LED Lights Market Shares, Dollars, Worldwide, 2012
Table 2-5 Philips Limileds LUXEON A Features
Figure 2-6 Albemarle LED Positioning
Table 2-7 LED Lights Market Forecasts, Dollars, Shipments, Worldwide, 2013-2019
Table 2-8 LED Lighting, Dollars, Shipments, Worldwide, 2013-2019
Table 2-9 LED Lighting, Units, Shipments, Worldwide, 2013-2019
Figure 2-10 Projected LED Materials Growth
Figure 2-11 LED Light Market Penetration, Market Forecasts Percent, Worldwide, 2013-2019
Figure 2-12 LED Lights, Units, Shipments, Installed Base, and Market Penetration, Worldwide, 2013-2019
Figure 2-13 Comparison of LED vs.  Incandescent Overall Costs for 50,000 Hours of Luminscence, Dollars, 2012
Table 2-14 LED Lights ROI Analysis Dollars, Worldwide, 2012
Figure 2-15 Incandescent Light Bulb Costs for 50,000 Hours of Light, Dollars,  2012
Figure 2-16 Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) Market Segments, Dollars, 2012
Figure 2-17 Incandescent and LED Lighting ROI Comparison, Energy, Maintenance, and Investment Dollars, Worldwide, 2012
Figure 2-18 Energy Star Qualified LED Lamps Increasing Over Time
Table 2-19 LED Lighting Business Models Shift
Table 2-20 Mega Trends:  LED Market Adoption
Table 2-21 LED Uses: Backlight TV/monitor – LEDs Used For Screen Lighting
Table 2-22 LED Markets, Lighting, LCD and TV Displays, Automotive, Cell Phones, Notebooks,Tablets and Displays, Dollars and Units Shipments, Worldwide,2013-2019
Figure 2-23 Common Uses of Reflector Lamps
Table 2-24 Lighting Energy Dimension
Figure 2-25 LED Lighting Regional Market Segments, Dollars,  2012
Table 2-26 LED Lighting Regional Market Segments, Dollars, 2012
Table 2-27 LED Lighting Global Trends
Table 2-28 Cree Revenue by Country Percent, Worldwide, 2007-2012
Figure 3-1 Lighting Science Group A19 / A60 Omni
Table 3-2 Lighting Science Group A19 / A60 Omni Features
Figure 3-3 Lighting Science Group BR20
Figure 3-4 Lighting Science Group DFN19 / A60
Figure 3-5 Lighting Science Group PAR16
Figure 3-6 Lighting Science Group BayLight
Table 3-7 Lighting Science Group BayLight Features
Figure 3-8 Lighting Science Group BayLume
Table 3-9 Lighting Science Group BayLume Features
Figure 3-10 Solid State Lighting Systems Tilelite
Figure 3-11 Solid State Lighting Systems LED Pool Lights
Figure 3-12 Solid State Lighting Systems Quad Tilelite
Figure 3-13 Bridgelux LS Arrays
Table 3-14 Bridgelux LS ArraysFeatures
Figure 3-15 Bridgelux ES Arrays
Table 3-16 Bridgelux ES Arrays Features
Figure 3-17 Bridgelux RS Arrays
Figure 3-18 Bridgelux RS Arrays Features
Figure 3-19 Bridgelux VeroTM Array Series
Table 3-20 Bridgelux VeroTM Array Series Features
Figure 3-21 Cree CR80-650L
Figure 3-22 Cree CR4
Figure 3-23 Cree 304 Series Interior
Figure 3-24 Cree CR80-650L
Figure 3-25 LED Microsensor NT Light Emitting Diodes for 1600-2400 nm spectral range
Table 3-26 LED Microsensor NT Light Emitting Diodes for 1600-2400 nm spectral range Features
Figure 3-27 LED Microsensor NT Light Emitting Diodes for 2800-5000 nm spectral range
Table 3-28  LED Microsensor NT Light Emitting Diodes for 2800-5000 nm spectral range
Figure 3-29 LED Microsensor NT LED Chip Design
Table 3-30 LED Microsensor NT LED Chip Design Features
Figure 3-31 Osram Sylvania Integrated LED Lamps
Figure 3-32 Osram Sylvania LED Modules & Arrays
Figure 3-33 Acuity Brands DOM6 LED
Figure 3-34 Acuity Brands REALITY 6" LED Module
Figure 3-35 Acuity Brands ELM2 LED
Figure 3-36 GE Lumination LED Luminaires - EP Series
Table 3-37 GE Lumination LED Luminaires - EP Series Features
Figure 3-38 GE Tetra AL10
Table 3-39 GE Tetra AL10 Features
Table 3-40 GE Tetra® miniMAX Features
Table 3-41 Philips Limileds LUXEON A Features
Table 3-42 Philips Limileds SignalSure Uses
Table 3-43 Philips Limileds SnapLED Uses
Table 3-44 Philips LUXEON® 3535 2D Mid-Power LED Features
Table 3-45 Toshiba offers TLS-RTLS and TLS-RTLM LED Roadway Lighting Features
Table 3-46 Toshiba LED Lighting Features
Table 3-47 Toshiba LED Lighting Applications –
Table 3-48 Toshiba LED Lighting Construction –
Table 3-49 Toshiba LED Lighting Mounting –
Table 3-50 Toshiba LED Lighting Optics –
Table 3-51 Toshiba Roadway LED Key Benefits
Table 3-52 Toshiba LED Lamps
Figure 3-53 Litecontrol Wall Arcos LED
Table 3-54 Litecontrol Wall Arcos LED
Figure 3-55 Litecontrol Aerial
Figure 3-56 Intematix ChromaLit™
Table 3-57 Intematix ChromaLit™
Table 3-58  QLED Benefits For The Solid State Lighting
Figure 3-59 QD Vision QLED performance
Table 3-60 QLED Technology Benefits In Color Displays / Lighting Devices
Figure 3-61 QD Vision QLEDS
Table 3-62 QLED Features
Figure 3-63 Prolighting TCP LEDs
Figure 3-64 Prolighting TCP LEDs
Figure 3-65 ATG Electronics LEDs
Figure 3-66 Utech Led Accessories
Figure 3-67 Advantech Lighting Solutions / NaturaLED
Figure 3-68 GreeneLED Sample Products
Figure 3-69 Lighting Science Group LED Lights
Figure 3-70 Lighting Science Group LED Lights
Table 3-71 Lighting Science Group MR16 GU10 Features
Figure 3-72 Lightkiwi, LLC. LED Lights
Table 3-73 Verbatim BR30 LED Bulb
Figure 3-74 NuVue MR16 6*1W (7W )Max
Figure 3-75 NuVue.LED
Figure 3-76 Bridgelux LED Arrays
Figure 2-77 Larson Electronics Tower LED Lights
Figure 3-78 Nichia LED Series Offerings
Figure 3-79 Toyoda Gosei Blue LED Technology Products
Figure 3-80 Toyoda Gosei LED Solutions
Figure 3-81 Toyoda Gosei Amusement Equipment LED Solutions
Figure 3-82 Epistar LEDs Lighting Arrangement
Figure 3-83 Epistar LED Lighting Potential
Figure 3-84 Epistar LED Lighting Decorations
Figure 3-85 Epistar LED Lighting
Figure 4-1 Energy Star Qualified LED Lamps
Table 4-2 Utility Investments In Electric Efficiency Programs
Source:  W interGreen Research, Inc.
Table 4-3 LED PAR38 and PAR30 Best in Class
Table 4-4 LED PAR30 Best in Class
Figure 4-5 Albemarle Well Positioned To Thrive As LED Market Adoption Occurs
Figure 4-6 Gains from Disruptive Manufacturing Technologies: GaN-on-GaN, GaN-on-Si
Figure 4-7 Soraa Inc LED Large Surface Area To Junction Area
Table 4-8 LED Colors and Common Chemistries
Figure 4-9 Global Lighting Association Solid State Lighting SSL Performance Roadmap
Figure 4-10 LED Lighting Controls
Table 4-11 LED Environmental Dimension
Source:  WiterGreen Research, Inc.
Table 4-12 Biologically Effective Lighting
Source:  WinterGreen Research, Inc.
Table 4-13 LED Light Benefits
Source:  WinterGreen Research, Inc.
Table 4-14 LED Biological Dimension Implementation
Figure 4-15 LED Biological Dimension Illustration
Figure 4-16 General Types of White Light Emitting Diodes LEDs
Figure 4-17 Stages And The Major Steps of LED Manufacturing
Figure 4-18 Steps Associated with Sapphire Wafer Substrate Manufacture
Figure 4-19 Philips Example of Finished Packaged LED
Figure 4-20 Efficacy of Conventional Light Sources Versus LEDs.
Figure 4-21 ATG Electronics Standards Compliance
Figure 5-1 Albemarle Well Positioned To Thrive As LED Market Adoption Occurs
Table 5-2  Albemarle Business Segments
Figure 5-3 Albemarle Refinery Catalyst Solutions
Figure 5-4 Albemarle Performance Catalyst Solutions
Figure 5-5 Albemarle Global Expansion
Table 5-6 Albemarle Process Additives
Figure 5-7 ATG Electronics Headquaters in California
Table 5-8 Cree Lighting Portfolio Of Lighting Products Applications.
Table 5-9 Cree LED Research and Development Issues
Figore 5-10 Epistar Management’s Beliefs
Figure 5-11 GE Scorecard
Figure 5-12 GE Healthcare Oxygen Humidifier
Table 5-13 GE Healthcare Oxygen Humidifier
Figure 5-14 GE Healthcare Air/O2 Blender
Figure 5-15 Intematix ChromaLit
Table 5-16 Intematix ChromaLit Future Features
Table 5-17 iWatt Mission
Table 5-18 iWatt iW3630 Key Features
Figure 5-19 Semiconductor wafer after the photolitography stage
Table 5-20 Litecontrol Values
Table 5-21 Osram Sylvania Business Sectors
Table 5-22 Osram Sylvania Basic Data
Figure 5-23 Osram Sylvania Revenue
Table 5-24 Nu Vue Lighting LLC Strategic Positioning
Figure 5-25 Siemens Somatom Computed Tomography CT
Table 5-26 Soraa GaN on GaN™ LEDs Benefits
Table 5-27 Maxion Technologies Laser Product Segment Positioning
Figure 5-28 Toshiba CT Scan Roadmap for Dose Reduction
Figure 5-29 Toshiba CT
Figure 5-30 Toyoda Gosei Business Performance
Figure 5-31 Toyoda Gosei Business Performance
Figure 5-32 Toyoda Gosei Principal Customers

List of Figures


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Gynecology is the study of female reproductive system which includes urodynamic testing. Urodynamics refers to the use of various procedures and devices for examining the bladder’s ability to store and release urine steadily and completely.Urodynamics helps physicians to understand bladder functions and sphincter muscles. It acts as a diagnostic tool for determining the nature and exact cause of urological symptoms. Some of the symptoms studied under urodynamics are difficulty in emptying the bladder completely, recurrent urinary infections, frequent urination and incontinence....
Concrete Block & Brick Manufacturing Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast, 2012 - 2018
By - Transparency Market Research
  Concrete bricks and blocks high tensile strength and are far better than conventional bricks. They are utilized in the construction of various building structures. They are also known as concrete masonry units (CMUs). Concrete bricks, blocks, and pipes are manufactured by many companies in this industry. Some of the concrete pipe products include sewer storm pipes, reinforced pressure pipes, and such other related pipes. Despite of the economic slowdown, the market has grown steadily and has expanded well, primarily in emerging nations.  This industry is in...
Healthcare Associated Infections (HAI) Treatment Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast, 2012 - 2018
By - Transparency Market Research
Healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) are the ones that are contracted by patients while they are receiving treatment for another medical condition in a healthcare setting. Thus HAIs can be acquired at any place where healthcare is delivered. HAIs are generally caused by infectious agents, pathogens, fungi, bacteria, and viruses. The risk factors associated with these infections are use of indwelling medical devices, surgeries, injections, contaminated healthcare environment, communication of diseases between workers and patients, and improper use of antibiotics. HAIs are a...

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Scientists Identify Cure for Dengue
Apr 18, 2014  
In a breakthrough discovery that can change the way dengue is treated, scientists have identified a drug target for the deadly dengue viruses. This discovery may help pave the way for discovery of vaccines that can cure this condition that affects nearly 390 million people throughout the world each year.  Scientists have used a new technique for this discovery to show that a region...
India is Facing a Cancer Crisis
Apr 15, 2014  
India is currently facing a cancer crisis – reports a recent research carried out at the King’s college London, in collaboration with the Tata Memorial Cancer Centre, Mumbai.  The reasons estimated for this crisis comprise of increasing rates of smoking, unequal access to proper treatment and belated diagnosis.  Every year, India witnesses around one...
Microparticle Tags to Check Counterfeit Goods Invented
Apr 14, 2014  
Researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have invented a new set of microparticles that can easily be read by smartphones and establish the authenticity of currency, electronic items and luxury goods.  This strategy is among those countless measures taken by big brands and companies to label their legitimate products in order to stop illegal copies of the...
USFDA Approves Lupins Generic Diabetic Drug
Apr 10, 2014  
The United States Food and Drugs Administration (USFDA) has finally approved Lupin Pharmaceuticals Inc (LPI), the American subsidiary of Indian drug manufacturers Lupin Ltd, to sell Pioglitazone Tablets in the U.S market. The approval has been granted first for fiscal 2015.  Pioglitazone is a generic medicine used for managing diabetes and is a version of Actos tablets...
Infrared Sensors can Soon Be Used to Develop Night-Vision Lenses - A New Discovery Confirms
Apr 8, 2014  
People who fear the dark may soon have a reason to rejoice – an infrared sensor that can eventually be used for mechanizing night-vision lenses has been developed. This effectively means that one can also see through dark with the help of these lenses.  This technology seems possible all due to graphene, a layer of tightly packed carbon atoms that has allowed the creation of...