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Latin Americas emerging markets

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Published Date : Nov 2013

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Latin America\'s emerging markets 

What outlook for satellite?

Latin America’s emerging markets provides a summary of the latest developments in Latin America’s broadband and TV markets. It delivers a snapshot of today’s markets, detailing available services and usage levels, along with an in-depth analysis of the overriding trends we are seeing in the telecoms and television sectors. And, finally, it offers readers IDATE’s market forecasts up to 2017, including customer and satellite transponder numbers.
Table of Content

1. Main findings

2. The region’s fixed broadband market
2.1. Market snapshot
2.2. Fixed broadband pricing
2.3. Spotlight on FTTH/B solutions

3. The region’s mobile telecommunications market
3.1. Market snapshot
3.2. LTE being rolled out gradually
3.3. Mobile service prices

4. The television market
4.1. TV in Latin America: a primer
4.2. Features of Latin America’s TV broadcasting market
4.3. Snapshot of DTT in Latin America
4.4. Pay TV market snapshot (cable, satellite, IPTV, DTT)
4.5. Snapshot of Latin America’s satellite TV market
4.6. Growth of TV channels broadcast via satellite

5. Overriding trends
5.1. Main trends in the telecommunications sector
5.1.1. Market players: continental market concentration and polarisation
5.1.2. Fixed broadband coverage still low
5.1.3. Government plans to reduce the digital divide
5.1.4. Satellite being used in government plans to reduce the digital divide
5.1.5. Launch of national satellites
5.1.6. International and regional connectivity
5.1.7. Wide array of players involved in the supply of broadband
5.2. Main TV market trends
5.2.1. OTT services developing under the influence of the US
5.2.2. Issues surrounding digital and pay TV
5.2.3. TV at the heart of bundling strategies

6. What market potential does the region hold for satellite?
6.1. In the broadband market
6.1.1. National plans to reduce the digital divide: a major source of growth
6.1.2. Market forecasts up to 2017
6.2. In the TV market
6.2.1. Continued growth of DTH platforms and HD
6.2.2. Market forecasts up to 2017

7. Appendix: Socio-economic situation
7.1. Electrification rate
7.2. GDP per capita
7.3. Rural/urban population density
7.4. Literacy rates
7.5. PC penetration rates

List of Table

Table 1: Main digital divide reduction plans in Latin America
Table 2: High-speed triple play bundles from Telefónica del Peru
Table 3: UNE EPM prepaid LTE plans in Colombia
Table 4: Terrestrial networks in Latin America: broadcasting standards and digital switchover timetable
Table 5: Main digital divide reduction plans in Latin America
Table 6: List of the main satellite programmes operating today, by country
Table 7: Future submarine cable projects in Latin America
Table 8: Cable companies’ broadband market share in a selection of Latin American countries, in 2012
Table 9: Pricing for local versions of Netflix in Latin America
Table 10: Highlights in the development of OTT video services
Table 11: Telefónica and Telmex /America Móvil’s involvement in the TV market
Table 12: Service bundles available in Mexico
Table 13: Service bundles available in Argentina
Table 14: Electrification rate in Latin America

List of Chart

Figure 1: Broadband penetration in Latin America at the end of 2012
Figure 2: Broadband subscription prices, as a percentage of GNI per capita
Figure 3: Coverage area for Telefónica del Peru prepaid fixed internet services
Figure 4: FTTx* subscribers in Latin America at the end of 2012, by country
Figure 5: Mobile penetration in Latin America at the end of 2012
Figure 6: Post-paid/prepaid customer breakdown in Latin America, in 2012
Figure 7: Fixed and mobile broadband penetration breakdown in Latin America, in 2012
Figure 8: LTE rolling out gradually in Latin America
Figure 9: Mobile telephone plan prices in 2012, as a percentage of GNI per capita
Figure 10: Growth of TV households in Latin America, 2009-2012
Figure 11: Breakdown of TV households by access technology, 2009-2012
Figure 12: Digital terrestrial TV standards used in Latin America
Figure 13: Progress in terrestrial networks’ digital switchover in the main Latin America countries . 21
Figure 14: Pay TV penetration rates in Latin America, 2009-2012
Figure 15: Breakdown of pay TV households in Latin America by network
Figure 16: Number of satellite households in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico and the rest of Latin America
Figure 17: Breakdown of SD and HD channels broadcast in Latin America, at the end of 2012
Figure 18: Major telecom groups operating in Latin America
Figure 19: Broadband subscriber density in Peru in 2010
Figure 20: Optical fibre backbone build-out, from March 2010 to October 2011
Figure 21: Telefonica Del Peru DSL coverage (2009)
Figure 22: Map of submarine cables in Latin America, at the end of 2012
Figure 23: Ten main regional routes at the end of 2012
Figure 24: Per Mbps price of Gigabit Ethernet at the end of 2012
Figure 25: Level 3 network in Latin America
Figure 26: Data’s share of mobile plans, at the end of 2012
Figure 27: Multiple high-end residential plans in 2012
Figure 28: Satellite broadband market forecasts, 2013-2017
Figure 29: Satellite pay TV market forecasts, 2013-2017
Figure 30: GDP per capita in Latin America, in 2012
Figure 31: Rural population density in Latin America, in 2012
Figure 32: Literacy rates in Latin America, in 2012
Figure 33: PC penetration in 2011

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