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Indian Power Equipment Sector - APACs Upcoming Investment Hub

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Published Date : Feb 2016

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The global power equipment market has been growing steadily over the last five years with recent growth in the developing countries like China, and India due to their strong economic progress lately. The industry is capital intensive and promises a better future with new evolving research methodologies. The global power industry stood at US$ 342.0 billion in 2014 with an estimate to reach US$ 457.0 billion by 2019. This report captures the scenario of the power equipment industry across the globe with special focus on India and their effect on the demand for electrical equipment. Power equipment manufacturers in India as well as internationally can tap the pool of opportunities in the Indian power market which boasts of great potential in the coming decade.

Key Findings

  • According to the National Manufacturing Competitiveness Council (NMCC) estimates, India

Table of Contents

1 Executive Summary

2 Indian Power Equipment Market Growth and Forecast

2.1 Indian Power Equipment Market

3 Market Data - Historic
3.1 Global and India Market Value 2010-2014

4 Market Data - Forecast
4.1 Global and India market value 2015-2019

5 Indian Power Market Equipment Segmentation
5.1 Global Demand by Segment
5.2 India Demand by Segment

6 Indian Power Equipment Market Share

7 Global Power Equipment Supply Contracts

7.1 Global Power Equipment Supply Contracts Trends – by Region
7.2 Global Power Equipment Supply Contracts Trends – by Equipment

8 Growth Drivers
8.1 Increase in the installed capacities
8.2 Power supply unable to meet demand, creating a gap for further capacity generations
8.3 Strong Government Support
8.4 FDI uplifting the Indian Power Equipment Sector
8.5 Strong Power R&D Growth to Boost the Equipment Industry

9 Market Challenges
9.1 Lack of Improvement in Procurement Design due to Low Funding
9.2 Strong Competition from International OEMs

10 Leading Global Power Equipment Manufacturers

11 Company Profiles

11.1 GE
11.2 Siemens AG
11.3 Schneider Electric
11.4 L&T
11.5 BHEL

12 Appendix
12.1 Methodology
12.2 Secondary Research
12.3 Primary Research
12.4 Conventions
12.5 Definitions

13 Economic Indicators

List of Table

Table 1: Global and India Market Value (US$ billion) 
Table 2: Global and India Forecast Value (US$ millions) 
Table 3: Power equipment demand - India market value (US$ billion) 
Table 4: Global Market Share by Country (US$ billion) 
Table 5: GE: Key Facts 
Table 6: GE: Key Financials (US$) 
Table 7: GE: Key Financial Ratios (%) 
Table 8: Siemens AG: Key Facts 
Table 9: Siemens AG: Key Financials (US$) 
Table 10: Siemens AG: Key Financial Ratios (%) 
Table 11: Schneider Electric: Key Facts 
Table 12: Schneider Electric: Key Financials (US$) 
Table 13: Schneider Electric: Key Financial Ratios (%) 
Table 14: L&T: Key Facts 
Table 15: L&T: Key Financials (US$) 
Table 16: L&T: Key Financial Ratios (%) 
Table 17: BHEL: Key Facts 
Table 18: BHEL: Key Financials (US$) 
Table 19: BHEL: Key Financial Ratios (%) 
Table 20: India Size of Population (2010-2014) 
Table 21: India GDP (US$ billions), 2010-2014 
Table 22: India Inflation, 2010-2014 
Table 23: India Consumer Price Index, 2010-2014 
Table 24: India Exchange Rate, 2010-2014

List of Chart

Figure 1: Global and India Market Value (US$ billion) 
Figure 2: Global and India Market Value (US$ billion) 
Figure 3: Global power equipment demand by segment (2010-2014) 
Figure 4: India power equipment demand by segment (2010-2014) 
Figure 5: Global Market Share by Country 
Figure 6: Global Power Equipment Supply Contracts Trend- by Region - 2015 
Figure 7: Global Power Equipment Supply Contracts Trend- by Equipment 
Figure 8: Installed capacity (GW) - India 
Figure 9: Electricity generation target v/s achievement 
Figure 10: Leading Global Power Equipment Manufacturers – Revenues 2014 (US$ billion)

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