Green Data Center: Modernization Market Shares, Strategies, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2010 to 2016

Winter Green Research
Published Date » 2010-07-26
No. Of Pages » 357
 WinterGreen Research announces that it has a new study on Green Data Center Market Strategy, Market Shares, and Market Forecasts. The 2010 study has 357 pages, 95 tables and figures. Worldwide data center markets are poised to achieve significant growth as the zEnterprise systems from IBM, new storage virtualization from EMC, and Integrity servers from Hewlett Packard converge to make cloud computing a reality. 
 According to Susan Eustis, the lead author of the study, “the purchase of new zEnterprise 196 servers brings a quantum improvement in data center capability. Data Center Innovation relates to hybrid systems that deal with the complexity inherent in heterogeneous systems.” 
 New product cycles lend renewed vigor to an existing product set. The new...
Table Of Contents

Green Data Center Market Driving Forces
Green Data Center Market Shares
Green Data Center Market Forecasts
Transactions per Watt
IBM® Market Leader In SOA
IT Spending by Type, Hardware, Software, Services,
IT Networking Market Forecasts, Worldwide

1.1 Data Center Innovation -- Hybrid Systems
1.1.1 Application Platform Decision Needs To Be Based On Fact
1.1.2 Server to BIPS Conversion
1.1.3 ROI Processor Intensive Application Model
1.2 Data Center Economics
1.2.1 IBM zEnterprise 196 Leverages Shared Workload
1.2.2 Microsoft Application Workload
1.3 Multi-Tier Heterogeneous Infrastructures
1.3.1 IBM® Market Leader In SOA
1.3.2 Oracle Information Architecture
1.3.3 EMC Simplifies Storage Configuration Management
1.4 Strengths of the IBM zEnterprise in a Hybrid, Heterogeneous Data Center
1.5 IBM ZEnterprise Software Strategy
1.6 Hybrid Data Center
1.6.1 HP ProLiant SL2x170z G6 Holds Leadership Result On SPECpower_ssj2008® Benchmark
1.6.2 HP Platforms Save Energy
1.6.3 IBM System x® x3690 X5 Server
1.7 Cerner Software Illustrates the Value of Innovation

2.1 Green Data Center Market Driving Forces
2.2 Green Data Center Market Shares
2.3 Green Data Center Market Forecasts
2.4 Transactions per Watt
2.5 SOA Market Driving Forces
2.5.1 Building a Robust Data Integration Layer
2.5.2 SOA Market Segment
2.5.3 SOA Market Driving Forces
2.6 SOA Market Shares
2.6.1 SOA Company Competitive Analysis
2.6.2 Top Competitors IBM, Tibco, Software AG / WebMethods, and Oracle / BEA SOA Platforms
2.6.3 IBM® Market Leader In SOA
2.6.4 Value of IBM WebSphereMQ, DataPower, and WebSphereMQ Broker to SOA
2.6.5 IBM SOA Model
2.6.6 SOA Components Use IBM WebSphereMQ
2.6.7 IBM WebSphere Application Server Leverages Java Technology as a Stack
2.6.8 IBM SOA Fabric Across The Enterprise To Reuse IT Assets
2.6.9 IBM WebSphere Adapters
2.6.10 Tibco
2.6.11 Tibco Business Process Management on SOA Foundation
2.6.12 Tibco SOA Business Process Management, Brokers, and Adapters
2.6.13 Software AG webMethods
2.6.14 Software AG
2.6.15 Software AG / webMethods
2.6.16 Microsoft SOA Positioned To Support Building A SOA Application
2.6.17 Oracle / BEA
2.7 SOA Market Forecasts
2.7.1 Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) Infrastructure Core Frameworks Processes
2.8 IT Spending by Geography, Market Forecasts, Worldwide
2.9 IT Spending by Enterprise and SMB, Market Forecasts, Worldwide, Dollars, 2008-2016
2.10 IT Spending by Type, Hardware, Software, Services, IT Networking Market Forecasts, Worldwide

3.1 Cost Structures For Shared Workload
3.1.1 Virtualization of Linux
3.1.2 zEnterprise Resource Manager
3.2 Real Time Exchange Of Information
3.2.1 Analysis of IT Looks At Core Cost Elements
3.2.2 Advantage Mainframe
3.2.3 Mainframe As a Green Machine
3.3 SOA Foundation Architecture Addresses Flexible Response To Changing Market Conditions
3.3.1 Resurgence Of The Mainframe
3.3.2 Real Time Internet Processing
3.3.3 IT System Reliability
3.4 1.3 Cost of Electricity Escalating
3.4.1 1.3.1 Data Center Cost Metrics
3.5 Security Cost Analysis - Mainframe vs. Distributed System
3.6 Number Of Servers - Web Application
3.7 Using the ROI Tool
3.7.1 Hardware ROI Calculations
3.7.2 System Reliability Return On Investment (ROI)
3.8 Mainframe Has Cost Advantage over Distributed Systems
3.8.1 Downtime In SLA On A Distributed System
3.8.2 Downtime In SLA On A Mainframe
3.9 Complexity Of Computing Environment Function Of Increasing Workload
3.9.1 IBM zEnterprise Advantages
3.9.2 1.8.1 Optimization of WebSphere Applications For z/OS
3.10 System Reliability Return On Investment
3.10.1 Server Dysfunction Attributable To Shared Memory Space
3.10.2 Distributed Systems Churning The Databases
3.11 Server to MIP Conversion
3.12 Cost of Downtime
3.12.1 OS And Application Support Versions
3.13 Network System Cost Comparisons on Mainframe vs. Distributed Servers

4.1 Technology Trends
4.2 Globalization: Managing Complexity And Implementing Innovation
4.2.1 Issues Affecting Enterprises
4.2.2 Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) Interconnects Siloed Applications
4.2.3 Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) Improves IT Efficiency
4.3 Complexity in the Data Center
4.3.1 Cerner Brings Innovation
4.3.2 Cerner Software Development
4.3.3 Ability To Cut Through Complexity
4.4 System Development Paradynes
4.5 Workload Balancing, Continuous Availability, Backup, and Recovery
4.6 Virtualization Issues
4.6.1 IBM resource manager RMF
4.6.2 LUW Server Virtualization Issues

5.1 Cisco
5.1.1 Cisco Revenue
5.2 Dell
5.2.1 Dell Gets IT Projects Up and Running Quickly
5.3 EMC
5.3.1 EMC Velocity² Atmos Partner Program
5.3.2 EMC / VMware
5.3.3 EMC Virtual Storage
5.3.4 EMC Supports Information Technology (IT)
5.3.5 EMC Revenue
5.3.6 RSA Information Security
5.3.7 EMC Consolidated Revenues By Geography:
5.3.8 Information Storage Segment
5.3.9 EMC Symmetrix Systems
5.3.10 EMC CLARiiON Systems
5.3.11 EMC Celerra IP Storage Systems
5.3.12 EMC Centera Content Addressed Storage Systems
5.3.13 EMC Connectrix Directors and Switches
5.3.14 EMC Consumer and Small Business Products Division
5.3.15 EMC /Decho Corporation
5.3.16 EMC Content Management and Archiving Segment
5.3.17 EMC RSA Information Security Segment
5.3.18 EMC Global Services
5.3.19 EMC VMware Virtual Infrastructure Segment
5.3.20 EMC Distribution Channels
5.3.21 EMC Technology Alliances
5.4 Fujitsu
5.4.1 Fujitsu OSS/NOS
5.4.2 Fujitsu SOA
5.4.3 Fujitsu CentraSite SOA Governance
5.5 Google
5.5.1 Switch to Google Apps
5.5.2 Google Apps for Messaging
5.5.3 Google / YouTube
5.5.4 Google Apps Target Market
5.5.5 Google Organizes The World's Information
5.5.6 Google Ads
5.5.7 Google Apps
5.5.8 Google Mobile
5.5.9 Google Strategy
5.5.10 Google Technology
5.5.11 Life of a Google Query
5.5.12 Google Business Overview
5.5.13 Google Grows
5.5.14 Google AdWords for Advertisers
5.5.15 Google AdSense and Web Site Services
5.5.16 Google Documents Editor
5.5.17 Gmail Contextual Gadgets Launched In The Google Apps Marketplace
5.5.18 Google Revenue 2010
5.6 Hewlett Packard (HP)
5.6.1 HP Cloud Assure Services
5.6.2 HP Cloud Assure Types Of Cloud Service Environments Supported
5.6.3 Hewlett-Packard Revenue
5.6.4 HP Enterprise Storage and Servers Revenue
5.6.5 HP Software Revenue
5.6.6 Hewlett Packard (HP) Focuses On Simplifying Technology
5.6.7 Hewlett Packard (HP) SOA
5.6.8 Hewlett Packard (HP) SOA Solutions
5.6.9 Hewlett Packard (HP) SOA Systinet Governance
5.6.10 HP Products and Services Segments
5.6.11 Hewlett-Packard Technology Solutions Group
5.6.12 Hewlett-Packard Enterprise Storage and Servers
5.6.13 Hewlett-Packard Industry Standard Servers
5.6.14 Hewlett-Packard Business Critical Systems Hewlett Packard Halo Telepresence Customers
5.6.15 HP and Marriott
5.6.16 HP and Tandberg
5.6.17 Hewlett Packard Computer Industry Market Participant
5.6.18 Hewlett Packard Global Provider Of Products
5.6.19 HP Products and Services: Segment Information
5.6.20 Hewlett Packard Technology Solutions Group
5.6.21 Hewlett Packard Enterprise Storage and Servers
5.6.22 HP and Tower Software
5.6.23 Hewlett Packard Tower Software TRIM Context
5.7 IBM
5.7.1 IBM Manages Data-Intensive Services
5.7.2 IBM Lotus Domino Platform to Run Web Site
5.7.3 IBM WebSphere
5.7.4 IBM Business Partnering Strategy
5.7.5 IBM Strategic Priorities
5.7.6 IBM BPM Powered By Smart SOA
5.7.7 IBM Delivers Integration and Innovation to Clients
5.7.8 IBM Business Model
5.7.9 IBM Unified Communications In The Cloud Architecture
5.7.10 IBM LotusLive Cloud-Based Portfolio Of Social Networking And Collaboration Services
5.7.11 IBM 2010 First-Quarter Revenue
5.7.12 IBM Q2 2009 Revenue
5.7.13 IBM Software Capabilities
5.7.14 IBM Systems and Technology Capabilities
5.7.15 IBM Worldwide Organizations
5.7.16 IBM Integrated Supply Chain
5.7.17 IBM Security
5.8 Microsoft Operating Segments
5.8.1 Microsoft Client Businesses
5.8.2 Office 2010 and SharePoint 2010 launching in Q4
5.8.3 Microsoft Office Web Apps Planner Brings Documents to the Cloud
5.8.4 Microsoft Windows Platform Devices
5.8.5 Microsoft Windows Embedded Compact 7
5.8.6 Microsoft Office Applications
5.8.7 Microsoft Dynamics GP
5.8.8 Microsoft Dynamics GP
5.8.9 Microsoft Dynamics GP Financial Accounting And Business Management Solution
5.8.10 Microsoft Corporation
5.8.11 Microsoft Azure Services Platform
5.8.12 Microsoft Windows Azure
5.8.13 Microsoft Live Services
5.8.14 Microsoft SQL Services
5.8.15 Microsoft .NET Services
5.8.16 Microsoft® SharePoint® Services & Dynamics® CRM Services
5.8.17 Microsoft Revenue Nine Months 2009
5.8.18 Microsoft Revenue
5.8.19 Microsoft Segment Revenue
5.8.20 Microsoft Segment Revenue2008
5.8.21 Microsoft Client Revenue
5.8.22 Microsoft Server and Tools Revenue
5.8.23 Microsoft Online Services Business Revenue
5.8.24 Microsoft Business Division Revenue
5.8.25 Microsoft Entertainment and Devices Division
5.8.26 Microsoft Competition
5.8.27 Microsoft Security Vulnerabilities
5.8.28 Microsoft Client Segment
5.8.29 Microsoft Segments
5.8.30 Open Text Livelink ECM Integration Microsoft Office SharePoint Server
5.8.31 Microsoft Multinational Computer Technology
5.8.32 Selected Microsoft Partners
5.8.33 Microsoft Software Products
5.9 Novell Interoperable Linux Cloud Platforms
5.9.1 Novell Positions to Address Intelligent Workload Management Market
5.10 Oracle
5.10.1 Oracle Revenues:
5.10.2 Oracle / Stellent
5.11 Progress Software
5.12 Rackspace
5.13 RedHat
5.13.1 RedHat Global Leader
5.14 Software AG
5.14.1 Software AG Wins Two 2007 Product of the Year Awards from
5.15 Symantec
5.15.1 Symantec Hosted Services Lower Costs And Simplify IT
5.15.2 Symantec Strategy
5.15.3 Symantec Strategy
5.15.4 Symantec Has Seen A Continued Rise In The Volume Of Security Threats
5.15.5 Symantec Storage
5.15.6 Symantec fiscal 2009 Actions To Support Business:
5.15.7 Symantec Storage and Server Management
5.15.8 Symantec Solutions For Cloud Computing
5.16 Tibco
5.16.1 Tibco SOA
5.16.2 Tibco Business Optimization
5.16.3 Tibco BPM:
5.16.4 Tibco Services
5.16.5 Tibco Competition
5.16.6 Tibco Revenue

List of Tables

List of Tables and Figures

Table ES-1
Green Data Center Market Driving Forces
Figure ES-2
Green Data Center Modernization Market Shares, Dollars, 2009
Figure ES-3
Green Data Center Modernization Market Forecasts, Dollars,
Worldwide, 2010-2016
Figure ES-4
Server Transactions per Watt from Greenway Collaborative
Figure ES-5
IT Spending by Type, Hardware, Software, Services,
IT Networking Market Forecasts, Worldwide, Dollars, 2008-2016
Table 1-1
ROI Variables That Impact Applications Platform Choices
Figure 1-2
Server to MIPS Calculation of for a CICS Transaction
Intensive Workload Where There Is A Mix Of Database
Accesses Needed To Make The Transactions Complete
Table 1-3
zEnterprise 196 Ability To Flatten Loads And Distribute Workload
Figure 1-4
ROI Workload Grid
Figure 1-5
ROI Model Compares The Platform Costs For Processor Intensive Application
Figure 1-6
Server to MIPS Conversion Calculator
Table 1-7
EMC Ionix Storage Configuration Advisor 2 Core Software Functions
Figure 1-8
zEnterprise 196 Workload Centric Data Center Integration -
Transactions, Database, Web, Infrastructure, Analytics, and
High Performance Computing
Figure 1-9
IBM zEnterprise 196 Platform Statistics
Figure 1-10
IBM zEnterprise 196 Integrated System
Table 1-11
IBM zEnterprise Software Strategy Aspects
Table 1-12
IBM zEnterprise Strategy Benefits
Figure 1-13
zEnterprise Chip Design Impact on Operational Capabilities
Figure 1-14
zEnterprise Database Query Optimization
Figure 1-15
Hewlett Packard Proliant Series Benchmarking
Table 1-16
HP Data centers based on a Converged Infrastructure
Table 2-1
Green Data Center Market Driving Forces
Table 2-2
Green Data Center Market Aspects
Table 2-3
Green Data Center Market Benefits
Figure 2-4
Green Data Center Modernization Market Shares, Dollars, 2009
Figure 2-5
Server Market Shares, Dollars, Worldwide, 2009
Figure 2-6
Green Data Center Modernization Market Forecasts,
Dollars, Worldwide, 2010-2016
Table 2-7
Green Data Center Market Forecasts Units and
Dollars, Worldwide, 2010-2016
Figure 2-8
Server Transactions per Watt from Greenway Collaborative
Table 2-9
Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) Benefits
Table 2-10
Services Oriented Architecture SOA Market
Driving Forces
Table 2-11
SOA Application Middleware Market Shares,
Dollars, Worldwide, 2009
Table 2-11
SOA Application Middleware Market Shares,
Dollars, Worldwide, 2009
Table 2-12
IBM SOA Functions to streamline IT processes
Figure 2-13
SOA Applications Middleware Market Forecasts,
Dollars Worldwide, 2010-2016
Figure 2-14
SOA Application Middleware Market Forecasts,
Worldwide, Units and Dollars, 2010-2016
Table 2-15
IT Spending by Geography, Market Forecasts,
Worldwide, Dollars, 2008-2016
Table 2-16
IT Spending by Geography, Market Forecasts,
Worldwide, Dollars, 2008-2016
Table 2-17
IT Spending by Enterprise and SMB, Market Forecasts,
Worldwide, Dollars, 2008-2016
Figure 2-18
IT Spending by Type, Hardware, Software, Services,
IT Networking Market Forecasts, Worldwide, Dollars, 2008-2016
Figure 3-1
ROI Model Driven Architecture
Table 3-2
Summary Overview Cost Advantage of Mainframe vs.
Distributed Systems Single Application Analysis
Table 3-3
Data Center Cost Metrics
Figure 3-4
Security Cost Analysis - Mainframe vs. Distributed System
Table 3-5
Hardware and Software Cost Differential Mainframe vs. Distributed
Figure 3-6
E-Application Mainframe vs. Distributed Comparison of
Scenarios Analysis
Figure 3-7
WebSphere E-Application. Distributed Selected Application Analysis
Figure 3-8
E-Application Mainframe vs. Distributed Selected Parameter Analysis
Figure 3-9
Distributed Server ROI Cost Analysis Model Market
Segment Single, 300, and 1,400 Applications
Figure 3-10
Mainframe ROI Cost Analysis Model Market Segment
Single, 300, and 1,400 Applications
Figure 3-11
Mainframe vs. Distributed Server ROI Cost Analysis Of
How Many Applications Need to be Moved Before the
Mainframe is More Efficient Than the Distributed Servers
Table 3-12
Hardware Cost of Distributed Server Data Center
Table 3-13
IBM zEnterprise Reliability Functions
Table 3-14
zEnterprise Facilitation Of Security
Table 3-15
Cost per Hour of Downtime
Table 4-1
Green Data Center Market Technology Trends
Table 4-1 (Continued)
Green Data Center Market Technology Trends
Table 4-2
Typical Problems Encountered By Enterprise Implementing SOA
Figure 4-3
Ways to Capitalize on Complexity in the Data Center
Figure 4-4
IBM Smart Analytics Optimizer Benefits
Figure 4-5
System Development Paradynes
Figure 4-6
IBM Active / Active Load Balancing and Fail Over
Simultaneous Processing
Table 4-7
LUW Server Virtualization Issues
Table 5-1
Dell's Cloud Services Functions
Table 5-2
Dell's Cloud Services Positioning
Table 5-2 (Continued)
Dell's Cloud Services Positioning
Table 5-3
Fujitsu CentraSite SOA Product Suite Features
Table 5-4
Fujitsu CentraSite SOA Management Information
Table 5-5
Google Apps Functions
Table 5-6
Google PageRank Search Technology
Table 5-7
Google Hypertext-Matching Analysis Search Technology
Figure 5-8
Life span of a Google query
Figure 5-8 (Continued)
Life span of a Google query
Table 5-9
Google AdSense Positioning
Table 5-10
HP Cloud Assure Functions
Table 5-11
HP Cloud Assure sTypes Of Cloud Service Environments Supported
Table 5-12
HP SaaS Portfolio Partner Positioning:
Table 5-13
Hewlett Packard Product and Services Positioning
Table 5-14
Hewlett Packard Global Positioning
Table 5-15
Hewlett Packard Tower Software Global, Vertical Markets
Table 5-16
Hewlett Packard Tower Software Global, Reducing Risk During Litigation
Table 5-17
Hewlett Packard Tower Software Microsoft Office® Documents
Table 5-18
Hewlett Packard Tower TRIM Context Features Overview
Figure 5-19
IBM SMB Partner Go to Market Approach
Table 5-20
IBM Strategic Priorities
Table 5-21
Microsoft Windows Embedded Compact 7 Capabilities
Table 5-22
Microsoft Dynamics GP Customer References
Table 5-22 (Continued)
Microsoft Dynamics GP Customer References
Table 5-22 (Continued)
Microsoft Dynamics GP Customer References
Table 5-23
Functions in Microsoft Dynamics GP
Source: Microsoft.
Table 5-24
Capabilities in Microsoft Dynamics GP:
Table 5-25
Microsoft Response to Security Vulnerabilities
Table 5-26
Oracle / Stellent Enterprise Content Management
(ECM) Software Solutions
Table 5-27
Rackspace Cloud Computing Positioning
Table 5-29
Symantec Cloud Strategy Solutions
Table 5-30
Symantec Solutions For Cloud Computing

List of Figures

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