Global Polyethylene Industry - Emerging Markets in Asia-Pacific to Drive Modest Growth

Published Date » 2014-06-20
No. Of Pages » 50
 GlobalData, the industry analysis specialist, has released its latest research, Global Polyethylene Industry Emerging Markets in Asia-Pacific to Drive Modest Growth. The study comes from the companys oil and gas research group and provides market analysis of the global polyethylene industry, highlighting major features. It gives historic and forecast market size and demand and production figures by region, covering the regions of Asia-Pacific, Europe, North America, South America, and the Middle East and Africa. It uses data and information sourced from proprietary databases, primary and secondary research, and in-house analysis by GlobalDatas team of industry experts. 
 The global polyethylene industry has witnessed a period of low growth in the last two years due to a...
Table of Content

1 Table of Contents 4
1.1 List of Tables 6
1.2 List of Figures 7

2 Introduction 8
2.1 Overview 8
2.2 GlobalData Report Guidance 9

3 Global Polyethylene Capacity - Asia-Pacific and the Middle East and Africa to Drive Capacity 10
3.1 Global Polyethylene Industry 10
3.2 Global Polyethylene Industry, Supply Scenario, 2003-2018 11
3.3 Global Polyethylene Planned Plants - China, Russia and India to Add the Most Capacity 14
3.4 Global Polyethylene Industry, Capacity of Leading 10 Companies, 2013 17

4 Global Polyethylene Industry - Modest Growth Rate Expected Over the Next Five Years 19
4.1 Global Polyethylene Industry, Market Size, 2003-2018 19
4.2 Global Polyethylene Production, 2003-2018 24
4.3 Global Polyethylene Demand by End-Use Sector 28
4.4 Global Polyethylene Price Forecast, 2003-2018 29

5 Major Companies Active in the Global Polyethylene Industry 31
5.1 Exxon Mobil Corporation 31
5.1.1 Company Overview 31
5.1.2 ExxonMobil’s Total Installed Capacity, 2003-2018 31
5.1.3 ExxonMobil’s Active Polyethylene Complexes in 2013 33
5.2 The Dow Chemical Company 35
5.2.1 Company Overview 35
5.2.2 The Dow Chemical Company, Global Polyethylene Capacity, 2003-2018 36
5.2.3 The Dow Chemical Company’s Active Polyethylene Complexes in 2013 38
5.3 SABIC 40
5.3.1 Company Overview 40
5.3.2 SABIC’s Global Polyethylene Capacity, 2003-2018 41
5.3.3 SABIC’s Active Polyethylene Complexes Details, 2013 44

6 Conclusion 45

7 Appendix 46
7.1 Definitions 46
7.1.1 Installed Capacity 46
7.1.2 Process 46
7.1.3 Technology 46
7.2 Abbreviations 46
7.3 GlobalData’s Research Methodology 47
7.3.1 Coverage 47
7.3.2 Secondary Research 47
7.3.3 Primary Research 48
7.3.4 Expert Panel Validation 48
7.4 Disclaimer 49

List of Tables

Table 1: Polyethylene Industry, Global, Capacity (mmty), 2003-2018 13
Table 2: Polyethylene Industry, Global, Major Planned Plants, 2014-2018 15
Table 3: Polyethylene Industry, Global, Major Planned Plants, 2013-2018 (Contd.) 16
Table 4: Polyethylene Industry, Global, Capacity of Leading 10 Companies, 2013 18
Table 5: Polyethylene Industry, Global, Size by Region ($bn), 2003-2018 22
Table 6: Polyethylene Industry, Global, Demand Volume by Region (mmty), 2003-2018 24
Table 7: Polyethylene Industry, Global, Production by Region (mmty), 2003-2018 27
Table 8: Polyethylene Industry, Global, Demand by End-Use Sector (%), 2013 28
Table 9: Polyethylene Industry, Global, Average Price ($/Ton), 2003-2018 30
Table 10: ExxonMobil Corporation, Key Facts, 2014 31
Table 11: ExxonMobil, Installed Polyethylene Capacity (mmty), 2003-2018 33
Table 12: ExxonMobil, Active Polyethylene Complexes, 2013 34
Table 13: The Dow Chemical Company, Key Facts, 2014 36
Table 14: The Dow Chemical Company, Installed Polyethylene Capacity (mmty), 2003-2018 38
Table 15: The Dow Chemical Company, Active Polyethylene Complexes, 2013 39
Table 16: Dow Chemical, Active Polyethylene Complexes, 2013 (Contd.) 40
Table 17: Saudi Basic Industries Corporation, Key Facts, 2014 41
Table 18: SABIC, Installed Polyethylene Capacity (mmty), 2003-2018 43
Table 19: SABIC, Active Polyethylene Complexes, 2013 44

List of Figures

Figure 1: Polyethylene Industry, Global, Capacity (mmty), 2003-2018 12
Figure 2: Polyethylene Industry, Global, Capacity of Leading 10 Companies, 2013 17
Figure 3: Polyethylene Industry, Global, Demand Value ($bn), 2003-2018 21
Figure 4: Polyethylene Industry, Global, Demand Volume (mmty), 2003-2018 23
Figure 5: Polyethylene Industry, Global, Production Volume (mmty), 2003-2018 26
Figure 6: Polyethylene Industry, Global, Demand by End-Use Sector (%), 2013 28
Figure 7: Polyethylene Industry, Global, Average Price ($/Ton), 2003-2018 29
Figure 8: ExxonMobil, Installed Polyethylene Capacity (mmty), 2003-2018 32
Figure 9: The Dow Chemical Company, Installed Polyethylene Capacity (mmty), 2003-2018 37
Figure 10: SABIC, Installed Polyethylene Capacity (mmty), 2003-2018 42

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