Global Peritoneal Dialysis Market: Strategic Analysis and Opportunity Assessment

Published Date » 2010-01-27
No. Of Pages » 31
 GlobalDatas Global Peritoneal Dialysis Market: Strategic Analysis and Opportunity Assessment report is an essential source of data and analysis on the global peritoneal dialysis market. The report provides market landscape, competitive landscape and market trends information on the global peritoneal dialysis market. The report identifies the key trends shaping and driving the dynamism in the global peritoneal dialysis market. The report also provides insight on the prevalent competitive landscape and on the emerging players which are expected to bring significant shift in the market standing of the existing leaders. The report also analyses the M&A landscape with special focus on the market participants that have been the most M&A active. The report also provides valuable...
Table Of Contents

1 Table of contents
1 Table of contents 3
1.1 List of Tables 5
1.2 List of Figures 5

2 Disease Overview 6
2.1 History of Peritoneal Dialysis 6
2.2 End-Stage Renal Disease 6
2.3 Glomerulonephritis 7
2.4 Diabetes Accentuating Kidney Disease 8
2.4.1 Global Prevalence of Diabetes 9
2.4.2 Diabetes Prevalence in Developing Nations 10

3 Market Characterization 11
3.1 Overview 11
3.2 Peritoneal Dialysis Solutions, Revenue ($m), Global, Historic, 2000 2008 11
3.3 Peritoneal Dialysis Solutions, Revenue ($m), Global, Forecast, 20082015 12
3.4 Peritoneal Dialysis Solutions, Revenue ($m), Cross Country Analysis, 2008 13

4 Market Dynamics 15
4.1 Market Trends 15
4.1.1 Increasing Uptake of Peritoneal Dialysis in Asian Economies 15
4.1.2 Low Cost Equipment in Asia Increasing Uptake of Peritoneal Dialysis 15
4.1.3 Increasing Reimbursement for Peritoneal Dialysis 16
4.1.4 Positive Perception for Peritoneal Dialysis among Patients and Physicians 16
4.1.5 Penetration of Peritoneal Dialysis 17
4.1.6 Increasing Demand for Home Healthcare 18
4.2 Market Drivers 19
4.2.1 Increasing Incidence of Diseases to Drive Growth 19
4.2.2 Expanded Use in the Acute Care Setting 19
4.2.3 Increasing Awareness to Boost the Peritoneal Dialysis Market 19
4.2.4 Increasing Demand for Home Healthcare 19
4.3 Market Restraints 20
4.3.1 Overview 20
4.3.2 Nasocomial Infections Post a Formidable Challenge for the Growth of PD 20
4.3.3 The CANUSA Study 20
4.3.4 Changes in the Peritoneal Membrane with Time 20

5 Competitive Landscape 21
5.1 Overview 21
5.1.1 Company Share Analysis 21
5.1.2 Product Comparison 22

6 Pipeline Analysis 23
6.1 CATHcarry 23
6.1.1 Product Status 23
6.1.2 Product Description 23
6.1.3 CATHcarry Clinical Trial 24
6.2 Next-Generation APD Cycler 24
6.2.1 Product Status 24
6.2.2 Product Description 24
6.3 Non PVC CAPD 25
6.3.1 Product Status 25
6.3.2 Product Description 25
6.3.3 Product Description 26
6.4 Serena Cycler 26
6.4.1 Product Status 26
6.4.2 Product Description 27

7 M&A Landscape 28
7.1 Acquisition 28
7.1.1 Fresenius Medical Care Acquires Memphis Kidney and Dialysis Services 28

8 Appendix 29
8.1 Methodology 29
8.2 Secondary Research 29
8.3 Primary Research 30
8.4 Models 30
8.5 Forecasts 30
8.6 Expert Panels 30
8.7 Contact US 31
8.8 Disclaimer 31

List of Tables

Table 1: Diabetes Mellitus, Estimated Patient Population (000s), 2030 9
Table 2: Peritoneal Dialysis Solutions, Revenue ($m), Global, Historic, 20002008 11
Table 3: Peritoneal Dialysis Solutions, Revenue ($m), Global, Forecast, 20082015 12
Table 4: Peritoneal Dialysis Solutions, Cross Country Analysis, Revenue ($m), 2008 13
Table 5: Incidence of End-Stage Renal Disease (Per Million Population), 2006 19
Table 6: Product Comparison, PD, Top Players 22
Table 7: Peritoneal Dialysis, Pipeline Summary by Territory 23
Table 8: Peritoneal Dialysis, Pipeline Summary by Developmental Stage 23
Table 9: CATHcarry, Product Status 23
Table 10: CATHcarry, Product Description 23
Table 11: CATHcarry, Clincal Trial 24
Table 12: Next Generation APD Cycler, Product Status 24
Table 13: Next Generation APD Cycler, Product Description 24
Table 14: NON PVC CAPD, Product Status 25
Table 15: NON PVC CAPD, Product Description 25
Table 16: Renal Expres, Product Status 25
Table 17: Renal Express, Product Description 26
Table 18: Serena Cycler, Product Status 26
Table 19: Serena Cycler, Product Description 27
Table 20: Fresenius Medical Care Acquires Memphis Kidney and Dialysis Services 28

List of Figures

List of Figures

Figure 1: End Stage Renal Disease Patients by Therapy Area, Global, 2008 7
Figure 2: Glomerulonephritis, Prevalence, Global, 2008 8
Figure 3: Primary Causes of Kidney Failure 9
Figure 4: Peritoneal Dialysis Solutions, Revenue ($m), Global, Historic, 20002008 11
Figure 5: Peritoneal Dialysis Solutions, Revenue ($m), Global, Forecast, 20082015 12
Figure 6: Peritoneal Dialysis Solutions, Revenue ($m), Global, Forecast, 20082015 13
Figure 7: Peritoneal Dialysis Versus HD Perception Analysis 17
Figure 8: Peritoneal Dialysis, Penetration (%), 2007 18
Figure 9: Peritoneal Dialysis Solutions, Global, Company Share (%), 2008 21
Figure 10: GlobalData Methodology 29

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