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Global Gene Therapy Partnering Terms and Agreements 2010 to 2016

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Current Partnering

Published Date : Feb 2016

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Therapeutic Area

No. of Pages : 240 Pages

The Global

Executive Summary

Chapter 1 – Introduction

Chapter 2 – Trends in Gene therapy dealmaking

2.1. Introduction
2.2. Gene therapy partnering over the years
2.3. Most active Gene therapy dealmakers
2.4. Gene therapy partnering by deal type
2.5. Gene therapy partnering by therapy area
2.6. Deal terms for Gene therapy partnering
2.6.1 Gene therapy partnering headline values
2.6.2 Gene therapy deal upfront payments
2.6.3 Gene therapy deal milestone payments
2.6.4 Gene therapy royalty rates

Chapter 3 – Leading Gene therapy deals

3.1. Introduction
3.2. Top Gene therapy deals by value

Chapter 4 – Most active Gene therapy dealmakers

4.1. Introduction
4.2. Most active Gene therapy dealmakers
4.3. Most active Gene therapy partnering company profiles

Chapter 5 – Gene therapy contracts dealmaking directory

5.1. Introduction
5.2. Gene therapy contracts dealmaking directory

Chapter 6 – Gene therapy dealmaking by technology type

Chapter 7 – Partnering resource center

7.1. Online partnering
8.2. Partnering events
8.3. Further reading on dealmaking


Appendix 1 – Gene therapy deals by company A-Z

Appendix 2 – Gene therapy deals by stage of development

Phase I
Phase II
Phase III

Appendix 3 – Gene therapy deals by deal type

Asset purchase
Bigpharma outlicensing
Collaborative R&D
Joint venture
Spin out
Technology transfer

Appendix 4 – Gene therapy deals by therapy area

Central Nervous System
Genetic disorders
Orphan disease

Appendix 5 –Deal type definitions

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List of Chart

Table of figures

Figure 1: Gene therapy partnering since 2010
Figure 2: Active Gene therapy dealmaking activity– 2010 to 2016
Figure 3: Gene therapy partnering by deal type since 2010
Figure 4: Gene therapy partnering by disease type since 2010
Figure 5: Gene therapy deals with a headline value
Figure 6: Gene therapy deals with an upfront value
Figure 7: Gene therapy deals with a milestone value
Figure 8: Gene therapy deals with a royalty rate value
Figure 9: Top Gene therapy deals by value since 2010
Figure 10: Most active Gene therapy dealmakers 2010 to 2016
Figure 11: Online partnering resources
Figure 12: Forthcoming partnering events

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