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Global Clothing and Footwear Retailing, 2013-2018: Market Dynamics, Retail Trends and Competitive Landscape

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Published Date : 2014-07-31

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Product Synopsis


The Global Clothing and Footwear Retailing, 2013-2018 report, published by Conlumino, provides an analysis of current and forecast market data of retail sales in the clothing and footwear categories across different channels globally. Also provides, clothing and footwear data by sub-categories men, women and children. In addition, it highlights the largest and fastest growing markets for the clothing and footwear categories identifying key trends influencing the markets, with an emphasis on innovative retailers across different channels.

Key Findings

  • Global clothing and footwear retail sales are forecast to surpass US$2 trillion by 2018, with major impetus from developing economies 
  • China is forecast to be the largest clothing and footwear market globally by 2018, getting ahead of the US, the largest market in 2013 and Indonesia will make an entrance into the Top 10 markets
  • Specialist stores are set to remain the largest channel for clothing and footwear sales, however online and discount stores are growing at a faster pace
  • Clothing and footwear is one of the largest sales categories over the online channel and, the channel is forecast to continue its high growth over the next five years
  • Changing technology and faster communications will speed up and globalize fashion trends


  • Provides a comprehensive view of the global clothing and footwear retail landscape, including current market sizes and category forecasts to 2018; and highlights the worlds fastest growing markets and channels for the category group. Also provides, data by sub-categories menswear, womens wear and childrens wear for clothing and mens footwear, womens footwear and childrens footwear for footwear.
  • Details market size and channel forecasts for each region and countries, and features major retailers, key innovative retailers, and clothing and footwear retail trends
  • The report covers the 50 largest retail markets and includes 24 countries in Europe, 12 countries in Asia-Pacific, nine countries in the Americas, and five countries in the Middle east and Africa.

Reasons To Buy

  • The report provides an essential overview of the global clothing and footwear retail market, highlighting the largest and fastest growing markets across the globe.
  • Provides analysis of the latest trends, market dynamics (covering nine channels) and key innovations in retail space in major countries across the four regions, of the Americas, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and the Middle East and Africa.
  • Identifies the largest and fastest growing channels for the category in major countries across the four regions as well as the highest value growth
  • Benefit from a detailed analysis of key trends influencing the clothing and footwear retail market. 
  • Monitor the competitive landscape, with analysis of key international players across the four regions.

Table Of Content

Table of Content

Global analysis of Clothing & Footwear Retail market

Executive Summary

Global analysis




Middle East and Africa

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List of Figures


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