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Global Banknote Market Report: 2014 Edition

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Koncept Analytics

Published Date : Oct 2014

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No. of Pages : 72 Pages

The global banknote industry has come a long way since the first fully printed paper money appeared in the middle of 19th century. Today, the industry is characterized by a constant that is change. This industry continues to be shaped and driven forth by regular developments in technologies highlighted by innovations primarily focusing on delivering newer security features to take on the industry’s dominant threat: counterfeiting. Newer banknotes embodies a range of security features including 3D security ribbons, watermarks, security threads, portrait modifications and micro printing among others. To take the battle against counterfeiting a step further, countries across the world are increasingly turning towards basing their currencies on polymer substrate rather than the conventional paper substrate. Some are also experimenting with what can be called a hybrid substrate, consisting of the best features and abilities of both the substrates. Countries that have adopted polymer substrates have significantly reduced the risk of encountering counterfeit banknotes in their respective economies, notably New Zealand, Australia and Switzerland, although none reported the ride to be smooth.

Money supply in an economy is affected by a number of factors both at the macro level as well as at the micro level. Major macro factors influencing the amount of money in circulation include GDP, demography, and inflation; whereas the micro-level factors are user friendliness and safety, etc. Although there seems to be a rapid emergence of other modes of payment (including plastic money and electronic payment methods) aided by increasing penetration of internet and rising prosperity across the globe, but none can match the convenience and scale of the traditional mode of payment, i.e. cash which is keeping the industry afloat.

The following report contains the analysis of the banknote market on a global scale discussing its major segments and also provides detailed information regarding the key regional markets. Key market dynamics, including trends and industry developments have also been presented. The competition in the global banknote market is intense with few large players viz. De La Rue, Geisecke & Devrient (G&D) and Fortress Paper. In addition, global competitive landscape along with the profiles and key business strategies of the leading players in the market is discussed. 
Table of Content

1. Banknote Industry
1.1 Overview
1.2 Banknote Lifecycle
1.2.1 Banknote Manufacturing Process
1.2.2 Banknote Printing, Packaging and Waste Management
1.2.3 Banknote Distribution Logistics Model

2. Banknote Industry
2.1 Global Market
  • Share of Major Currencies
  •  Global Banknote Issuance
  • Production Segmentation
2.2 Regional Markets
2.2.1 The US
  • Production by Volume
  • Breakdown by Denomination
2.2.2 The Eurozone
  • Circulation by Value
  • Circulation by Volume
  • Issuance by Volume
  • Production Volume by Denomination
  • Production Value by Denomination
2.2.3 The UK
  • Circulation by Value
  • Issuance by Value
  • Issuance by Volume
  • Breakdown by Denomination
  • Destruction by Value/Volume
  • Counterfeit by Value/Volume
2.2.4 Australia
  • Production by Volume
  • Issuance by Value
  • Breakdown by Denomination
2.2.5 New Zealand
  • Circulation by Value
  • Breakdown by Denomination
  • Destruction & Counterfeit Notes
2.2.6 Switzerland
  • Circulation by Value
  • Circulation by Volume
  • Breakdown by Denomination
  • Counterfeit Notes
3. Market Dynamics
3.1 Industry Developments, Trends and Growth Drivers
3.1.1 Growth in Global Paper Demand and Capacity
3.1.2. Factors Affecting Growth in Money Supply
3.1.3 Technological Innovation
3.1.4 Improved Technology
3.1.5 Non-Paper Substrates Expanding their Reach
3.2 Challenges
3.2.1 Counterfeiting
3.2.2 Adaptation for Polymer

4. Competitive Landscape
  • Competitive Overview
  • Market Share
5. Company Profiles
5.1 De La Rue plc.
5.1.1 Business Overview
5.1.2 Financial Overview
5.1.3 Business Strategies
  • Two Lines of Thought
  • Impetus on Research and Development
5.2 Geisecke & Devrient (G&D) Group
5.2.1 Business Overview
5.2.2 Financial Overview
5.2.3 Business Strategies
  • Expansion through Acquisitions
  • Fostering Research and Development
5.3 Fortress Paper Ltd.
5.3.1 Business Overview
5.3.2 Financial Overview
5.3.3 Business Strategies
  • Streamlining Operations
  • Seeking Efficiency and Cost Reductions 

List of Table

Overview of Technological Changes in Banknote Industry
Annual US Currency Notes Production-Denomination-Wise (1980-2013)
Euro Banknotes Issued By Eurosystem by Volume (2008-August 2014)
Euro Banknote Production Volume by Denomination (2002-August 2014)
Euro Banknote Production Value by Denomination (2002-August 2014)
Stock of Notes in Circulation in the UK - by Value (2004-2014)
Production of Bank of England Banknotes - by Volume (2003-2014)
Issue of Bank of England Banknotes - by Volume (2003-2014)
Issue of Bank of England Banknotes - by Value (2003-2014)
Destruction of Bank of England Banknotes – by Volume (2003-2014)
Destruction of Bank of England Banknotes – by Value (2003-2014)
Damaged or Mutilated Bank of England Note Claims Received (2010-2013)
Australian Banknote on Issue - by Denomination (June 2013)
Banknotes in Circulation in New Zealand – Denomination Wise (2000-2014)
Value of Swiss Banknotes in Circulation – Denomination-Wise (2000-2013)
Factors Affecting the Growth of Money Supply
Factors and Their Influence on Currency in Circulation
Ratio of Polymer & Paper Banknote Lifetimes in Select Countries 

List of Chart

Banknote Lifecycle
Banknote Printing Process
Banknote Distribution Model
Currency Composition of Official Foreign Exchange Reserves – Major Currencies (2006-2013)
Currency Composition of Official Foreign Exchange Reserves (Q214)
Global Banknote Issuance (2009-2017E)
Global Banknote Industry by Segment
Global Banknote Industry by Segment (2012)
Annual US Currency Notes Production (1991-2013)
Share in Annual US Currency Note Production – Denomination-wise (2013) 
Circulation of Euro Banknotes by Volume (2008-August 2014)
Circulation of Euro Banknotes by Value (2008-August 2014)
Number of Lower Denomination Euro Banknotes in Circulation (2008-August 2014)
Number of Higher Denomination Euro Banknotes in Circulation (2008-August 2014)
Share of Euro Banknote Issuance by Volume – Denomination-wise (August 2014)
Share in Production of Banknotes by Volume – Denomination-wise (2013/14)
Share in Issuance of Banknotes by Volume – Denomination-wise (2013/14)
Share in Destruction of Banknote by Volume – Denomination-wise (2013/14)
Number of Counterfeit England Banknotes by Volume (2005-H114)
Value of Counterfeits England Banknotes (2005-H114)
Share in Counterfeits Removed by Volume – Denomination-wise (H114)
Australian Banknote Production Volume (2001-2013)
Australian Banknotes Issued – by Value (2004-2013)
Counterfeit Banknotes Detected In New Zealand (2002-2013)
Number of Swiss Banknotes in Circulation (2001-2013)
Number of Swiss Banknotes in Circulation – Denomination-wise (2013)
Share of Swiss Banknotes in Circulation by Volume – Denomination-wise (2013)
Denomination-Wise Life Span of Swiss Banknotes
Number of Counterfeit Swiss Banknotes (2004-2013)
Global Paper Demand and Capacity (2009-2012)
Banknotes with Foils and Stripes Features
Banknotes with Premium Threads Feature
Global Banknote Print Market Share (2013)
Global Banknote Substrate Market Share (2013)
Revenues by Business Segments, De La Rue (2014)
Revenues by Regions, De La Rue (2014)
Revenues and Net Income, De La Rue (2011-2014)
Currency Operations’ Revenues, De La Rue (2011-2014)
Revenues by Business Segments, G&D (2013)
Revenues and Net Income, G&D (2010-2013)
Banknote Operations’ Revenues, G&D (2010-2013)
Revenues by Business Segments, Fortress Paper (2013)
Revenues and Net Income, Fortress Paper (2011-2013)
Security Paper Revenues, Fortress Paper (2011-2013)

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