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  • Key Trends Shaping Future Marketing Strategies - Maximizing Your Online Channels

    Apr 2009

    By CBR Pharma Insights


    50 Pages

    Due to decreasing sales growth, the pharmaceutical industry as a whole has seen a steady decline in consumer marketing budgets. At the same time, it has experienced an increase in both competition from generics and oversight by the FDA.Mass media advertising has long been the cornerstone of brand-building in the US pharmaceutical market. However, in the current commercial and regulatory environment, brand managers are going to need to look for mo...

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  • Worldwide Tablet PC Present and Future Market Scope (2010 - 2015) and its Impact on Various Sectors

    May 2011

    By Renub Research


    86 Pages

    The evolution of the tablet PC is due to the fact that consumers want something more portable than a laptop, more powerful than a netbook, and more comfortable than a smartphone and a Tablet PC could very well fill all of those needs. In 2010, Apple iPad set off a benchmark for Tablet PC on a global scale by selling more than 15 Million units in a single year. Thus virtually compelling all other major consumer electronic manufacturers to ...

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