Cumene Markets in China

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Published Date » 2013-08-01
No. Of Pages » 176
 China's demand for cumene has grown at a fast pace in the past decade. In the next five years, both production and demand will continue to grow. This new study examines China's economic trends, investment environment, industry development, supply and demand, industry capacity, industry structure, marketing channels and major industry participants. Historical data (2002, 2007 and 2012) and long-term forecasts through 2017 and 2022 are presented. Major producers in China are profiled. 

Report Scope and Methodology  
Executive Summary  

Economic Outlook  
Key Economic Indicators
Industrial Output  
Population and Labor  
Foreign Investment
Foreign Trade
Financial and Tax Regulations  
Banking System and Regulations  
Foreign Exchange
Taxes, Tariff and Custom Duties  

Cumene Industry Structure
Cumene Industry Production, Capacity and Demand
Major Producer Facility
Market Share of Key Producers
Major Cumene Producers 
Major End-Users 
Major Foreign Investments
Potential Entrants
Technology Development 
China’s Cumene Price  

Cumene Production and Demand
Cumene Output
Cumene Demand
Cumene Capacity
Cumene Capacity Expansion
Cumene Import and Export

Cumene Markets Outlook
Phenol Market
Phenol Market Outlook 
Acetone Market
Acetone Market Outlook
DCP Market
DCPMarkets Outlook
α-Methyl StyreneMarket
α-Methyl Styrene Market Outlook
Acetophenone  Market
Acetophenone  Market Outlook

China Market Entry Overview
China’s Distribution System
Cumene Distribution Channels
Transportation and Freight Infrastructure
China’s Market Entry
Export to China
Indirect export
Direct Export
License and Contract Manufacture
Assembling in China
Contract Manufacturing
Trade Permit
Equity Joint Venture
Contractual Joint Venture
Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprise

Cumene Producer Profiles and Directory  
Major End-Users  

List of Tables

Economic Outlook Summary  

Key Economic Indicators 
Industrial Output
Population and Labor Force Trends
Foreign Investment and Loans
Foreign Trade

China’s Cumene Production, Capacity and Demand 
China’s Cumene Key Producers 
Market Share of Key Domestic Cumene Producers 
China’s Cumene Consumption by markets 
Major Foreign Investment in China 

China’s Cumene Production and Demand 
China’s Cumene output by Manufacturer 
China’s Cumene Consumption by Markets 
Cumene Capacity by Manufacturers 
China’s Cumene Capacity and Expansion by Manufacturer
China’s Cumene Import by Country

Cumene Consumption by Markets 
Cumene Consumption by Markets 
Cumene Consumption in Phenol Industry and Market Share 
China's Top 8 Phenol Manufacturers and Their Capacity
Cumene Consumption in Acetone Industry and Market Share 
China's Top 8 Acetone Manufacturers and Their Capacity 
Cumene Consumption in DCP Industry and Market Share 
China's Top 4 DCPManufacturers and their Capacity 
Cumene Consumption in  α-Methyl Styrene Industry and Market Share 
China's Top 5  α-Methyl Styrene Manufacturers and Their Capacity 
Cumene Consumption in  Acetophenone Industry and Market Share 
China's Top 5  Acetophenone Manufacturers and Their Capacity 

China’s Distribution Channel 

List of Figures

China’s Cumene Output, Capacity, Demand 

China’s Imports and Exports
Industrial Output by Ownership
China’s GDP

Cumene Output 
Capacity of Cumene
Demand of Cumene
China’s Cumene Output, Capacity and Demand
Cumene Output and Self-Sufficiency
China’s Key Cumene producers Location by Province
Cumene Consumption by Markets 
China’s Cumene Price Trend 

Worldwide Cumene Capacity by Region
Cumene Output, Capacity and Demand
Cumene Output
Cumene Demand
China’s Cumene Consumption by Markets
Cumene Capacity
Cumene Output and Demand
Cumene Capacity and Demand
Cumene Output and Self-Sufficiency
Cumene Import
Cumene Demand Composition
Cumene Demand and Self-sufficiency
Cumene Import by Country

China’s Cumene Consumption
China’s Cumene Consumption by Markets 
China’s Cumene Consumption in Phenol Industry and
Market Share
China’s Cumene Consumption in Acetone Industry and
Market Share
China’s Cumene Consumption in DCPIndustry and Market Share
China’s Cumene Consumption inα-Methyl Styrene  Industry and Market Share
China’s Cumene Consumption in Acetophenone Industry and Market Share

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