China Natural Crude Oil And Natural Gas Mining Industry, 2013

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Published Date » 2013-01-14
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 China natural crude oil and natural gas mining industry, 2013 is valuable for anyone who wants to invest in the natural crude oil and natural gas mining industry, to get Chinese investments; to import into China or export from China, to build factories and take advantage of lower costs in China, to partner with one of the key Chinese corporations, to get market shares as China is boosting its domestic needs; to forecast the future of the world economy as China is leading the way; or to compete in the segment. The report provides the whole set of the industry data, in-depth analysis and detailed insight into the natural crude oil and natural gas mining industry, market drivers, key enterprises and their strategies, as well as technologies and investment status, risks and trends....
Table of Content

Part 1 Industry Overview 
1 Industry definition and development overview
1.1 Definition of the industry and its core products 
1.2 Industry main characteristics and development history 

2 Industry macroscopic environment and its influence analysis
2.1 Current macroeconomic developments and trends 
2.2 Industry newest policy and related laws and rules  
2.3 Upstream, downstream industry development status 

3 Industry international market analysis  
3.1 International market development status 
3.2 Key countries and regions development levels 
3.3 International market movement and development trend analysis 

4 Industry domestic market analysis 
4.1 Domestic market development status 
4.2 Trends in the domestic market 
4.3 Sub-industry development status (or main industry development status) 

Part 2 Basic indices
5 Analysis of the industrys scale and condition: 2008-2012 
5.1 Number of enterprises in the industry: 2008-2012 
5.2 Number of loss-making enterprises in the industry: 2008-2012 
5.3 Total loss of the industry: 2008-2012 
5.4 Number of personnel employed by the industry: 2008-2012 

6 Status analysis of gross assets analysis: 2008-2012 
6.1 Status and analysis of gross assets: 2008-2012 
6.2 Status and analysis of fixed assets: 2008-2012 
6.3 Gross floating asset analysis: 2008-2012 

Part 3 Economic operation 
7 Analysis of gross industrial output:  2008-2012 
7.1 Industry gross output value: 2008-2012 
7.2 Distribution of gross industrial output value by geographic area: 2012 
7.3 Comparison of the top 20 enterprises (based on highest gross output value) 

8 Industry sales income analysis: 2008-2012
8.1 Sales income analysis in 2008-2012 
8.2 Regional distribution status of sales income in 2012 
8.3 Comparison of the top 20 enterprises (based on highest gross sales revenue) in 2012 

9 Industry gross profit analysis
9.1 Gross profit analysis: 2008-2012 
9.2 Regional distribution status of gross profit in 2012 
9.3 Comparison of the top 20 enterprises (based on highest gross profit) in 2012 

10 Industry import/export analysis in 2012 
10.1 Import/export monthly status in 2012 
10.2 Distribution of import/export Customs and countries in 2012 
10.3 Distribution of import/export product categories in 2012

Part 4 Competition landscape 
11 Industry competition landscape analysis
11.1 Regional market competition landscape 
11.2 Comparison of enterprise's market share (top 20) 

12 Industry key enterprises' competitive power comparison (top 20) 
12.1 Comparison analysis of key enterprises' total assets 
12.2 Comparison analysis of key enterprises' employees  
12.3 Comparison analysis of key enterprises' yearly revenue 
12.4 Comparison analysis of key enterprises' export turnover value 
12.5 Comparison analysis of key enterprises' total profit 
12.6 Comparison analysis and recommendations on key enterprises' overall competitive power 

Part 5 Key enterprises 
13 Comparative analysis of the economic indicators of the industrys key enterprises 
13.1 Geographical distribution
13.2 Competition status analysis of company 1 
A Enterprise basic information 
B Enterprise balance sheet analysis 
C Enterprise business operation analysis 
D Enterprise operating expense and cost analysis 
E Enterprise industrial intermediate inputs and cash flow analysis 
F Enterprise non-operating expenses analysis 
13.21 Competition status analysis of company 20
A Enterprise basic information 
B Enterprise balance sheet analysis 
C Enterprise business operation analysis 
D Enterprise operating expense and cost analysis 
E Enterprise industrial intermediate inputs and cash flow analysis 
F Enterprise non-operating expenses analysis 

Part 6 Business strategy 
14. Development bottlenecks and coping strategies in Industry 
14.1 Development bottlenecks 
14.2 Coping strategies 

15 Enterprise development strategy analysis and recommendations in Industry 
15.1 Enterprise business strategy analysis and recommendations 
15.2 Marketing strategy, analysis, and recommendations 

Part 7 Market investment 
16 Comparison and analysis of investment activity coefficient and rate of return on investment in Industry 
16.1 Industry activity coefficient comparison and analysis
16.2 Comparison and analysis on industry rate of return on investment

17 Industry investment environment and risks analysis 
17.1 Investment environment analysis 
17.2 Investment risks analysis 
17.3 Investment recommendations  

Part 8 Technology 
18 Status and trends of the newest technology applications in Industry 
18.1 Status of the newest technology applications 
18.2 Trends of the newest technology applications 

Part 9 Developments and trends 
19 Development trends and operation capacity forecast for 2013-2017
19.1 Development trends 
19.2 Operation capacity forecast for 2013-2017

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