China Automotive Three-way Catalytic Converter Supporting Report, 2014-2017

SinoMarketInsight (SMI)
Published Date » 2014-08-07
No. Of Pages » 100
 China Automotive Three-way Catalytic Converter Supporting Report, 2014-2017 by SinoMarketInsight predicts that the demand for automotive catalytic converter in China will reach 51.24 million sets by 2017. 
 Three-way catalysis refers to the catalysis that transforms CO, HC, NOx and other harmful gases in automobile exhaust into harmless carbon dioxide, water and nitrogen through oxidation and reduction. In 2014, the demand for three-way catalytic converter from passenger vehicle market will hit 39.39 million sets. The forthcoming boom of catalytic converter is largely because of more stringent environmental requirements on automobile, stable growth in automobile output and emergence of the replacement and maintenance market. 
 Joint ventures now dominate the...
Table of Contents
1. Industry’s Macro Environment
1.1 Decelerated Growth in Chinese Economy
1.2 A Drop in Growth Rate of Fixed Assets Investment
1.3 Remarkable Slowdown in Import and Export
1.4 Steady Increase of Social Consumption
2 Operation of China Automobile Industry
2.1 Automobile Market
2.2 Passenger Vehicle and Market Segments
2.3 Commercial Vehicle and Market Segments 
3 Overview of Three-way Catalytic Converter Market 
3.1 Definition
3.1.1 Definition
3.1.2 Major Technologies
3.2 Relevant Policies
3.3 Market Overview
3.4 Competitive Landscape
3.5 Driving Factors
3.5.1 Frequent Smogs Highlight Significance of Automobile Exhaust Treatment 
3.5.2 Environmental Policies Are More Explicit Regarding Air Pollution Treatment
4 Three-way Catalyst Market
4.1 Overview
4.2 Demand
4.3 Competitive Landscape
4.3.1 Foreign Companies
4.3.2 Domestic Companies
4.4 Complete Vehicle Companies Supported
5 Major Global Companies
5.1 Faurecia
5.1.1 Profile
5.1.2 Operation
5.1.3 Revenue Structure
5.1.4 Investment
5.1.5 R&D
5.1.6 Performance in China
5.1.7 Main Auto Models Supported
5.1.8 Faurecia (Changchun) Exhaust Systems Co., Ltd.
5.1.9 Shanghai Faurecia Honghu Exhaust System Co. Ltd.
5.1.10 Faurecia Tongda Exhaust Systems Wuhan Co., Ltd.
5.1.11 Faurecia (Qingdao) Exhaust Systems Co. Ltd.
5.1.12 Faurecia (Chengdu) Emission Control Technologies Co. Ltd.
5.1.13 Faurecia Emissions Control Technologies (ChongQing) Co. Ltd.
5.1.14 Faurecia Emissions Control Technologies (Ningbo Hangzhou Bay) Co., Ltd
5.2 Tenneco
5.2.1 Profile
5.2.2 Financial Data
5.2.3 Layout in China
5.2.4 Major Customers in China
5.2.5 Main Auto Makers Supported in China
5.2.6 Shanghai Tenneco Exhaust System Co. Ltd
5.2.7 Tenneco Tongtai (Dalian) Exhaust System Co., Ltd.
5.2.8 Tenneco-Eberspaecher (Dalian) Exhaust System Co., Ltd.
5.2.9 Tenneco Lingchuan (Chongqing) Exhaust System Co., Ltd.
5.3 Eberspaecher
5.3.1 Profile
5.3.2 Financial Data
5.3.3 Production Bases
5.3.4 Main Auto Makers Supported
5.3.5 R&D Costs
5.3.6 Eberspächer Exhaust Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
5.3.7 Tenneco-Eberspaecher (Dalian) Exhaust System Co., Ltd. (Refer to 5.2.8)
5.3.8 Eberspaecher Exhaust Technology Xi'an Co., Ltd.
5.4 Futaba
5.4.1 Profile
5.4.2 Financial Data
5.4.3 Production Bases
5.4.4 Main Auto Makers Supported
5.4.5 R&D Costs
5.4.6 Tianjin Futaba Shye Chan Mechanical Industrial Co., Ltd.
5.4.7 Changsha Futaba Auto Parts Co., Ltd.
5.4.8 Dongguan Futaba Metal Products Co., Ltd.
5.5 Delphi
5.5.1 Profile
5.5.2 Operation
5.5.3 Business in China
5.5.4 Shanghai Delphi Exhaust Control System Co., Ltd.
5.6 Boysen
5.6.1 Profile
5.6.2 Boysen Exhausts System (Shenyang) Ltd.
5.7 Hirotec
5.7.1 Profile
5.7.2 Business in China
5.7.3 Nanjing Hirotec
5.7.4 Changchun Hirotec
5.8 Sejong
5.8.1 Profile
5.8.2 Operation
5.8.3 Major Customers
5.8.4 R&D Costs
5.8.5 Business in China
5.8.6 Yancheng Sejong Auto Parts Co., Ltd.
5.8.7 Beijing Sejong Auto Parts Co., Ltd.
5.8.8 Taicang Sejong Auto Parts Co., Ltd.
5.8.9 Sichuan Sejong Auto Parts Co., Ltd.
5.8.10 Chongqing Qinchuan Sejong Auto Parts Co. Ltd.
5.9 Sango
5.9.1 Profile
5.9.2 Tianjin Sanwu Automotive Parts Co., Ltd.
5.9.3 Guangzhou SANGO Co., Ltd.
5.10 Katcon
5.10.1 Profile
5.10.2 R&D Bases
5.10.3 Katcon Global (Shanghai) Emission Control Systems Co., Ltd.
5.11 Chien Tai
5.11.1 Profile
5.11.2 Hangzhou Chien Tai Machinery Co., Ltd. 
6 Chinese Companies
6.1 Wuhan Jin Feng Autoparts Co., Ltd.
6.2 Chongqing Hiter Environmental Protection
6.3 Weifu High-technology 
6.3.1 Profile
6.3.2 Main Financial Indices
6.3.3 Exhaust After-treatment System
6.4 Fujian Zhaori Environmental Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd.
6.5 Japhl Powertrain Systems
6.6 Shanghai Langt Autocatalyst Co., Ltd.
6.7 Harbin Airui Automotive Exhaust Systems Co., Ltd.
6.8 Liuzhou LIHE Exhaust Systems Control Co., Ltd.
6.9 Haikou Tongda Exhaust System Co., Ltd.
6.10 Wuhu Ruiyang Machinery Co., Ltd.
6.11 Tianjin Catarc Auto Hi-tech Company
6.12 Anhui Joinflex Machinery Co., Ltd.
6.13 Nanpi Lvyuan Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd.
6.14 Beijing Greentec Environment Protection Equipment Stocks Co., Ltd.

List of Tables

GDP and YoY Growth Rate in China, 2006-2014
Share of Value Added of Three Industries in China, 2006-2014
Value Added of Transportation, Warehouse and Post and Their Shares in GDP in China, 2001-2014 
Fixed Assets Investment Completed and YoY Growth Rate in China, 2001-2014China’s Total Import and Export Value, Growth Rate of Import and Export Value, 2001-2014
Total Retailing of Social Consumer Goods and YoY Growth Rate in China, 2001-2014
Number of Automobile Manufacturers and YoY Growth in China, 2003-2014 
Revenue and YoY Growth of China’s Automobile Manufacturing Industry, 2003-2014 
Total Profit and YoY Growth of China’s Automobile Manufacturing Industry, 2003-2014 
Gross Margin of China’s Automobile Manufacturing Industry, 2003-2014
China’s Automobile Output and Sales Volume (by Passenger Vehicle and Commercial Vehicle), 2009-2017E
China’s Automobile Ownership and YoY Growth, 2007-2017E
China’s Passenger Vehicle Output, YoY Growth and % of Total Automobile Output, 2005-2017E 
Market Share of Various Models by Sales Volume in China’s Passenger Vehicle Market, 2008-2013
Market Share of Various Passenger Vehicle Models by Sales Volume in China, 2008-2017E
China’s Top10 Manufacturers by Passenger Vehicle Sales Volume, 2008-2013
China’s Bus Output (by Model), 2009-2017E
China’s Bus Sales Volume (by Model), 2009-2017E
China’s Top10 Manufacturers Based on Bus Output and Sales Volume (by Model), 2012-2013
China’s Truck Output (by Model), 2009-2017E
China’s Truck Sales Volume (by Model), 2009-2017E
China’s Top10 Manufacturers Based on Truck Output and Sales Volume (by Model), 2012-2013
Main Components of Catalytic Converter 
Main Policies Concerning Environmental Governance, 2012-2013
Demand for Catalytic Converter in China, 2011-2014 
Main Catalytic Converter Companies and Complete Vehicle Makers Supported in China, 2013-2014 
Implementation of National Vehicle Pollutant Emission Standards
Automotive Three-way Catalyst Demand, 2005-2017E
Foreign Three-way Catalyst Producers, 2013
Chinese Three-way Catalyst Producers, 2013
Number of Employees of Faurecia (by Business), 2011-2013
Number of Employees of Faurecia (by Region), 2011-2013
Revenue and YoY Growth of Faurecia, 2009-2014
Net Income and YoY Growth of Faurecia, 2009-2013
Net Profit Margin of Faurecia, 2009-2013
Revenue Structure of Faurecia (by Business), 2011-2014
Revenue Structure of Faurecia (by Region), 2011-2013
Revenue Structure of Faurecia (by Customer), 2011-2013
Investment Breakdown of Faurecia (by Business), 2011-2013
Investment Breakdown of Faurecia (by Region), 2011-2013
R&D Costs and % of Total Revenue of Faurecia, 2009-2013
Faurecia’s Sales in China, YoY Growth and % of Total Sales, 2009-2013
Tenneco’s Main Financial Data, 2008-2013
Revenue Structure of Tenneco by Business, 2013
Main Brands and Products of Tenneco’s Clean Air Division, 2013
Tenneco’s Global Production Bases, 2014
Tenneco’s Production Bases in China, 2014
Tenneco’s Sales Percentage from Major Customers, 2011-2013
Main Auto Models Supported by Tenneco, 2014
Eberspaecher’s Financial Data, 2012-2013
Sales Breakdown of Eberspaecher by Division, 2011-2013
Sales Breakdown of Eberspaecher by Region, 2011-2013
Eberspaecher’s Global Exhaust System Production Bases, 2014
Main Auto Models Supported by Eberspaecher, 2014
R&D Costs of Eberspaecher, 2011-2013
Futaba’s Production Bases, 2014
Main Auto Models/Makers Supported by Futaba’s Catalytic Converters, 2013-2014
R&D Costs of Futaba, 2011-2013
Number of Employees in Delphi, 2011-2013
Revenue, Net Income & Gross Margin of Delphi, 2010-2013
Revenue Breakdown of Delphi by Region, 2010-2013
Revenue Breakdown of Delphi by Segment, 2010-2013
Gross Margin of Delphi by Segment, 2010-2013
Name List and Revenue Contribution of Top 5 Clients of Delphi, 2012-2013
Hirotec’s Production Bases in China, 2013
R&D Costs of Sango, 2011-2013 
Revenue, Profit and Gross Margin of Weifu High-Technology, 2014
Revenue Breakdown of Weifu High-Technology by Region, 2009-2013
Revenue Breakdown of Weifu High-Technology by Business, 2009-2013
Weifu High-Technology’s Subsidiaries that Engage in Exhaust After-treatment Business and Products
Wuxi Weifu Lida Catalytic Converter’s Exhaust Catalytic Converters for Gasoline Vehicles
Major Customers and Products of Shanghai Langt Autocatalyst, 2013
Major Customers and Products of Harbin Airui Automotive Exhaust Systems, 2013
Major Customers and Products of Liuzhou LIHE Exhaust Systems Control, 2013
Major Customers and Products of Haikou Tongda Exhaust System, 2013
Major Customers and Products of Wuhu Ruiyang Machinery, 2013
Major Customers and Products of Tianjin Catarc Auto Hi-tech Company, 2013
Major Customers and Products of Anhui Joinflex Machinery, 2013
Major Customers and Products of Nanpi Lvyuan Environmental Protection Equipment, 2013
Major Customers and Products of Beijing Greentec Environment Protection Equipment, 2013

List of Figures

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