Business Process Management (BPM) Market Shares, Strategies, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2012 to 2018

Winter Green Research
Published Date » 2012-09-05
No. Of Pages » 533
 WinterGreen Research announces that it has published a new study Business Process Management (BPM: Market Shares, Strategy, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2012 to 2018. The 2012 study has 533 pages, 172 tables and figures. Worldwide markets are poised to achieve significant growth as people seek to control automated process better and interact with it in a more flexible manner. 
 According to Susan Eustis, lead author of the WinterGreen Research team that prepared the study, “Cloud computing and smart devices represent the major forces impacting business process management (BPM) markets. As the enterprise managers work to implement apps that make automated process more responsive to the needs of customers, partners, suppliers, and distributors, people use business process...
Table of Content

Business Process Management Market Driving Forces
Innovation Drives Markets
Business Process Management Market Shares
Business Process Management (BPM) Market Forecasts

1.1 Speed And Complexity Of Business Operations
1.2 Growth of Bottom Line While Managing Response to Regulation
1.2.1 Respond Quickly To Regulatory Changes
1.2.2 Mitigate risk and manage compliance.
1.2.3 Promote The Right Offer, At The Right Time, Though The Right Channel
1.3 Business Process Management Defines How An Enterprise Operates
1.3.1 BPM Process Modeling
1.3.2 BPM Targeted Solution Frameworks, Embedding Agile Project Management Features
1.3.3 Collaboration Key To BPM Program Success
1.3.4 BPM Acquisitions
1.4 Business Process Management Platforms
1.4.1 Comprehensive Risk Analysis
1.5 Business Process Management Functions
1.5.1 Execution of Business Processes
1.5.2 Integration Aspects of BPM
1.5.3 BPM Supports Overlapping Systems
1.5.4 SOA / B2Bi Systems
1.5.5 A Comprehensive BPM Platform
1.6 BPM Web Services
1.6.1 A Business Process Monitoring, Analysis and Control Platform
1.7 Web 2.0 Internet Scale Mainstream Applications
1.7.1 Web 2.0 Design Patterns
1.7.2 Data is t Next for Web 2.0
1.7.3 Network Effects
1.7.4 Collaboration
1.7.5 Social Networking Heuristics
1.7.6 Wiki-Style Collaborative Editing
1.8 Core Competencies of Web 2.0
1.9 Web 2.0 Next Generation Applications
1.10 Web 2.0 Impact On Business Environment
1.10.1 Web 2.0 Corporate and Marketing Communications
1.11 Blogging
1.11.1 Architecture of Participation
1.11.2 Permalink Functionality
1.12 Organization Central To BPM Strategy
1.12.1 Organizational Changes

2.1 Business Process Management Market Driving Forces
2.1.1 Innovation Drives Markets
2.2 Business Process Management Market Shares
2.2.1 IBM BPM
2.2.2 IBM Blueworks Live
2.2.3 IBM Business Process Management (BPM)
2.2.4 Pegasystems
2.2.5 PegaSystems Recognized Industry Leader
2.2.6 Kofax / Singularity
2.2.7 Fujitsu Interstage Products & Solutions
2.2.8 K2 Map
2.2.9 Intalio
2.2.10 HandySoft
2.2.11 OpenText
2.2.12 OpenText Metastorm Business Process Management (BPM)
2.2.13 Open Text / Global 360
2.2.14 Oracle
2.2.15 Microsoft Biz Talk Server
2.2.16 Adobe
2.2.17 Tibco Dynamic BPM
2.2.18 EMC
2.2.19 SAP BPM
2.2.20 SoftwareAG webMethods BPMS Integrated Business Rules Management
2.2.21 Progress Software Savvion BusinessManager
2.2.22 PNMsoft
2.2.23 Newgen Software Automates Key Processes
2.2.24 Polymita
2.2.25 Fabasoft
2.2.26 Kofax / Singularity
2.3 Business Process Management (BPM) Market Forecasts
2.3.1 Business Process Management (BPM) Market Industry Segments,
2.3.2 BPM Systems Provide A Complete View Of End-To-End Business Processes
2.3.3 Automation of Business Process
2.3.4 Linked BPM and SOA
2.3.5 Business Process Management (BPM) Market Small, Mid-Size, and Large Systems
2.3.6 BPM Financial Services
2.3.7 BPM Insurance
2.3.8 BPM Government
2.3.9 BPM Other Industries
2.3.10 BPM Industry Aspects
2.3.11 Lincoln Trust Achieves 120% ROI In A Year Using IBM BWL
2.3.12 IBM BPM Software WebSphere Delivers ROI
2.3.13 Quantities of Information to be Managed
2.4 Business Process Management (BPM) Regional Market Segments

3.1 IBM Business Process Management (BPM)
3.1.1 IBM BlueWorks Live
3.1.2 IBM BlueWorks
3.1.3 Security of Process Information Priority For IBM
3.1.4 IBM Business Monitor
3.1.5 IBM Business Monitor
3.1.6 IBM Business Monitor Functions
3.1.7 Business Process Management (BPM) from IBM
3.1.8 IBM Business Monitor Agility
3.1.9 IBM BPM Software
3.1.10 IBM ILOG Visualization for Java
3.1.11 IBM ILOG JViews Enterprise
3.1.12 IBM ILOG
3.1.13 IBM WebSphere Operational Decision Management for z/OS
3.1.14 IBM WebSphere Operational Decision Management
3.1.15 IBM WODM Capabilities
3.1.16 IBM Social Media BPM
3.1.17 IBM BlueWorks Synchronizing the Supply Chain through Adaptive Collaboration
3.1.18 IBM WebSphere Lombardi Software
3.1.19 IBM Blueprint Process Modeling
3.2 Adobe
3.2.1 Adobe LiveCycle ES3 Business Process Management
3.3 PegaSystems BPM
3.3.1 Pegasystems Pega Solutions Benchmarks
3.3.2 Pegasystems Pega BPM suite is a BPM platform
3.3.3 Pegasystems Build For Change Technology
3.3.4 Pegasystems Next-Generation Healthcare Product Development and Management Solution
3.3.5 Pegasystems Health Care Solutions
3.3.6 Pegasystems Order Management for Communications
3.3.7 Pegasystems BPM for Government Agencies
3.3.8 Pega for Government™ and Pega Customer Process Manager (Pega CPM) for Government™
3.3.9 PegaRULES Process Commander
3.3.10 Pegasystems Solution Frameworks
3.3.11 Pega CRM
3.3.12 Pegasystems Pega Decision Management
3.3.13 Pegasystems Pega Cloud ®
3.4 Tibco
3.4.1 Tibco Hosted Services
3.4.2 TibcoBusiness Process Management
3.4.3 Tibco BPM in the Enterprise
3.4.4 Tibco ActiveMatrix BPM
3.5 SoftwareAG
3.5.1 SoftwareAG webMethods BPMS
3.5.2 SoftwareAG webMethods BPMS Unified Eclipse-Based Design Tool
3.5.3 SoftwareAG webMethods BPMS Enterprise-Class Process Management
3.5.4 SoftwareAG webMethods BPMS Business Process modeling
3.5.5 SoftwareAG webMethods BPMS Integrated Business Rules Management
3.7 OpenText / Metastorm / Global 360 Business Process Management Group
3.7.1 OpenText / Metastorm, Global 360 and BPM
3.7.2 OpenText Business Process Management Strategy
3.8 Open Text / Global 360
3.8.1 OpenText / Microsoft Relationship
3.9 Progress Software BPM Solutions
3.9.1 Progress Software 360-Degree Situational Awareness
3.9.2 Progress Software Streaming Event Analysis and Response
3.9.3 Progress Software Continuous Process Optimization
3.9.4 Progress Software Savvion Supports Collaboration
3.9.5 Progress RPM Rapid Time to Value
3.9.6 Progress Software Savvion Business Expert Portal
3.10 Oracle BPM Adoption Patterns & Practices in Industry
3.10.1 Oracle Business Process Management Suite
3.10.2 Oracle Process Accelerators
3.10.3 Oracle Business Process Management (BPM)
3.11 Appian BPM Suite
3.11.1 Appian Process Modeler
3.11.2 Appian BPMN Process Modeling:
3.11.3 Appian Process Modeler Repository:
3.12 Appian Process Modeler Smart Services:
3.13 Appian Process Execution:
3.14 Appian Process Optimization:
3.14.1 Appian Deploys BPM in the Cloud
3.14.2 Appian BPM In The Cloud
3.14.3 Appian Cloud BPM
3.14.4 Appian Security In Cloud Computing
3.14.5 Appian Security and Reliability
3.14.6 Appian Cloud BPM
3.14.7 Appian BPM Software Brings Work and Social Together
3.15 EMC
3.15.1 EMC Delivers Enterprise Capabilities
3.16 Fujitsu
3.16.1 Automated Process Discovery (APD) from Fujitsu
3.17 Fujitsu Fujitsu Interstage Products & Solutions Fujitsu Interstage Application Development Cycle Manager
3.18 Intalio BPMS
3.19 Polymita Business Process Management (BPM)
3.20 K2
3.21 Newgen Software Technologies
3.21.1 Newgen Software Technologies BPMS (BPM Tools)
3.21.2 Newgen Software BPM Suite
3.22 Agile Point
3.23 HandySoft
3.24 Bonita Open Solution
3.25 Lexmark / Perceptive Software / Palias Athans
3.26 Active Endpoints
3.27 BizAgi
3.27.1 BizAgi Banking
3.27.2 BizAgi Insurance
3.27.3 BizAgi Administrative & HR
3.27.4 BizAgi IT Operations
3.27.5 BizAgi Compliance
3.27.6 BizAgi Quality
3.27.7 BizAgi Customer Service
3.28 Cordys Business Process Management Suite
3.28.1 Cordys Faster Process Optimization With Business Process Management
3.28.2 Cordys Business Process Management Suite in the cloud
3.28.3 Cordys BPMS: Business and IT Collaboration
3.28.4 Cordys Middle-Out design paradigm

4.1 BPM platforms
4.2 Industry Frameworks Used to Implement BPM Process
4.3 Business Process Management Technology Issues
4.3.1 Application Integration Professional Services Implementation Strategies
4.3.2 Application Connectivity
4.3.3 Single Vendor Issues
4.3.4 Standards Adoption
4.4 BPM Technology Analysis
4.5 BPM Business Benefits
4.6 Technology Platforms
4.6.1 Automated Virtualization Of Existing Enterprise Assets
4.6.2 Complexity Of The Underlying IT Technologies
4.6.3 Impact of Platforms
4.6.4 Platforms and Disparate Technologies
4.7 Events
4.7.1 Event Transmission
4.7.2 Business Process Automation
4.8 SOA Foundation Reference Architecture
4.8.1 IBM WebSphere Business Integration Business Rule Beans IBM WebSphere Business Integration Programming Model Extensions IBM WebSphere Business Integration Quality of Service
4.9 Oracle SOA Suite
4.9.1 Oracle SOA Benefits
4.9.2 Process-Oriented Architecture
4.9.3 Business Process Automation
4.9.4 Business Process Management Modular Architecture
4.9.5 Business Components

5.1 Active Endpoints
5.2 Adobe
5.2.1 Adobe Market Presence
5.2.2 Adobe Revenue 2012
5.2.3 Adobe Systems
5.2.4 Adobe Targets Businesses And Organizations
5.2.5 Adobe Revenue
5.2.6 Adobe Systems Revenue:
5.2.7 Adobe Systems Software Tools
5.2.8 Adobe Systems Creative Solutions Business Summary
5.2.9 Adobe Knowledge Worker Market Opportunity
5.2.10 Adobe Systems Knowledge Worker Products
5.2.11 Adobe Systems Enterprise Opportunity
5.2.12 Adobe Systems Enterprise Business Summary
5.2.13 Adobe Systems Enterprise Strategy
5.2.14 Adobe Systems Process Management
5.2.15 Adobe Systems Content Services
5.2.16 Adobe Systems Knowledge Worker and Enterprise Related Products
5.3 Agile Point
5.4 Appian
5.4.1 Appian Technology
5.4.2 Appian Customers
5.5 BizAgi
5.6 Cordys
5.7 EMC
5.7.1 EMC Cloud Computing
5.7.2 EMC Big data Transforms Business
5.7.3 EMC Big Data Strategic Differentiators
5.7.4 EMC Developer Of Information Infrastructure Technology
5.7.5 EMC Velocity² Atmos Partner Program
5.7.6 EMC / VMware
5.7.7 EMC Virtual Storage
5.7.8 EMC Supports Information Technology (IT)
5.1.1 RSA Information Security
5.1.2 Information Storage Segment
5.1.3 EMC Symmetrix Systems
5.1.4 EMC CLARiiON Systems
5.1.5 EMC Celerra IP Storage Systems
5.1.6 EMC Centera Content Addressed Storage Systems
5.1.7 EMC Connectrix Directors and Switches
5.1.8 EMC Consumer and Small Business Products Division
5.1.9 EMC /Decho Corporation
5.1.10 EMC Content Management and Archiving Segment
5.1.11 EMC RSA Information Security Segment
5.1.12 EMC Global Services
5.1.13 EMC VMware Virtual Infrastructure Segment
5.1.14 EMC (NYSE: EMC)
5.1.15 EMC (NYSE: EMC) / VMware (VMW)
5.1.16 EMC Information Infrastructure Products and Offerings
5.1.17 EMC Information Storage Segment
5.1.18 EMC Acquisitions
5.1.19 EMC Big Data
5.1.20 EMC Global Services
5.1.21 EMC Technology Alliances
5.1.22 Cisco and EMC
5.8 Fujitsu Global Cloud Platform Service Powered by Microsoft Windows Azure
5.8.1 Fujitsu FGCP/A5 Cloud Service Provides Reliability, Control, And Compliance
5.8.2 Fujitsu FGCP/A5 Cloud Service Sales Target
5.8.3 Fujitsu Cloud Opportunities
5.8.4 Fujitsu Cloud Challenges
5.8.5 Fujitsu IT-Based Business Solutions
5.8.6 Fujitsu OSS/NOS
5.8.7 Fujitsu SOA
5.8.8 Fujitsu CentraSite SOA Governance
5.9 HandySoft
5.10 IBM
5.10.1 IBM Lombardi
5.10.2 IBM Revenue Q2 2012
5.10.3 IBM Business Model
5.10.4 IBM Revenue Second-Quarter 2012
5.10.5 IBM Geographic Regions Q2 2012
5.10.6 IBM Growth Markets Q2 2012
5.10.7 IBM Services Q2 2012
5.10.8 IBM Software Q2 2012
5.10.9 IBM Hardware Q2 2012
5.10.10 IBM Financing Q2 2012
5.11 Intalio
5.12 K2
5.12.1 K2 Map
5.12.2 K2 Underground
5.12.3 K2 Partners
5.13 Kofax / Singularity
5.13.1 Kofax Revenue
5.14 Lexmark International
5.14.1 Lexmark / Pallas Athena
5.15 Microsoft
5.15.1 Microsoft Key Opportunities and Investments
5.15.2 Microsoft Smart Connected Devices
5.15.3 Microsoft: Cloud Computing Transforming The Data Center And Information Technology
5.15.4 Microsoft Entertainment
5.15.5 Microsoft Search
5.15.6 Microsoft Communications And Productivity
5.15.7 Microsoft Sales
5.15.8 Microsoft / Skype
5.15.9 Skype Viral Marketing
5.15.10 Skype Strategic Relationships and Partners
5.15.11 Skype Peer-To-Peer Software Architecture
5.15.12 Skype Revenue
5.15.13 Skype Users And Financial Performance
5.15.14 Microsoft
5.15.15 Microsoft Smart Connected Devices
5.15.16 Microsoft: Cloud Computing Transforming The Data Center And Information Technology
5.16 Newgen Software Technologies
5.16.1 Newgen Software Receives Investment from SAP Ventures
5.17 OpenText
5.17.1 OpenText Strategy
5.17.2 OpenText’s MBPM
5.17.3 OpenText MBPM
5.17.4 OpenText MBPM 9 Business Process Management (BPM) Solution Achieves Top Government Security Certification
5.17.5 OpenText BPM Server Integration for eDOCS
5.17.6 OpenText BPM Server Integration for eDOCS
5.17.7 OpenText BPM Server Integration for eDOCS
5.17.8 OpenText BPM Server Integration for eDOCS
5.17.9 OpenText Cloud
5.17.10 OpenText Products for SAP®
5.17.11 OpenText Products for Microsoft®
5.17.12 Open Text / Global 360
5.17.13 OpenText Microsoft Relationship
5.17.14 OpenText Products for Oracle®
5.17.15 OpenText Products
5.17.16 OpenText Building a Business Case for BPM - A Fast Path to Results
5.17.17 OpenText Distribution Model
5.17.18 OpenText FY2012 Financial Results
5.17.19 OpenText Customer Base
5.18 Oracle
5.18.1 Oracle Revenues:
5.18.2 Oracle Acquisitions / Sun, BEA, AmberPoint
5.18.3 Oracle Fiscal 2011 Acquisitions Including Art Technology Group, Inc. (ATG)
5.18.4 Oracle Fiscal 2010 Acquisitions
5.18.5 Oracle Software Business
5.18.6 Oracle SOA
5.18.7 Oracle / Amberpoint
5.18.8 Oracle SOA Suite
5.18.9 Oracle JDeveloper –
5.18.10 Oracle / Stellent
5.19 Pegasystems
5.19.1 Pegasystems Process Commander Software
5.19.2 PegaSystems Target Markets
5.19.3 Pegasystems Partners
5.19.4 Pegasystems Regions
5.19.5 PegaSystems Revenue
5.19.6 PegaSystems Revenue
5.19.7 Pegasystems Health Insurer Market Participation
5.19.8 Pegasystems Supports BPM Order Management for Service Providers
5.19.9 Pegasystems Build for Change® Technology
5.19.10 Pegasystems Wipro as Platinum Partner for Providing BPM Solutions to Global Customers
5.19.11 Pegasystems Q1 12 Revenue
5.19.12 Pegasystems Six Year Revenue
5.20 Polymita
5.20.1 Polymita Helps Companies In Which People Play Crucial Roles
5.21 Progress Software
5.21.1 Progress Software and FastFill Partner to Deliver First Low-latency Hosted FX Aggregation and Algo Trading Solution
5.21.2 Progress Software Progress Software Revenue by Segment
5.21.3 Progress Software Delivering Operational Responsiveness
5.22 Software AG
5.22.1 Software AG Reports Stable Revenue For Fiscal Year 2011
5.22.2 Software AG Business Line Development
5.22.3 Software AG Helps Build “Hospital Of The Future” For Nemours
5.23 Tibco
5.23.1 Tibco Challenge: Big Data & Meeting the Demands of Digital Consumers
5.23.2 Harness the Power of TIBCO's Event-Enabled Enterprise Platform
5.23.3 Tibco Software Middleware And Infrastructure Software
5.23.4 Tibco Software Products
5.23.5 Tibco SOA and Core Infrastructure
5.23.6 Tibco Business Optimization
5.23.7 Tibco Process Automation And Collaboration
5.23.8 Tibco BPM Business Process Management, Software
5.23.9 Tibco Services Tibco Revenue
5.23.10 TIBCO Platform
5.23.11 Tibco AcquireS LogLogic
5.23.12 Tibco / LogLogic Customer Base
5.23.13 Tibco / LogLogic
5.23.14 Tibco Infrastructure Software
5.23.15 Siemens Smart Grid Division and Tibco Software
5.23.16 Tibco Positioning
5.24 Wipro Limited
5.25 Selected Business Process Companies

List of Tables

Table ES-1 Business Process Management Market Driving Forces
Figure ES-2 Comparative Value of Innovation
Figure ES-3 Business Process Management (BPM) Market Shares, Dollars, 2011
Figure ES-4 Business Process Management (BPM) Markets Forecasts Dollars,Worldwide, 201ES-2018
Table 1-1 Business Process Management Functions Defines How An Enterprise Operates
Table 1-2 BPM Platform Automation Of Process Functions
Table 1-3 Basic Workflow Products Overlap With BPM systems
Table 1-4 SOA / B2Bi Systems Functions
Table 1-5 Business Process Manager Functions
Table 1-6 Harnessing Collective Intelligence
Table 1-7 Web 2.0 Next Generation Applications Providers
Table 1-8 Web 2.0 Web Space Characteristics
Table 1-9 Web 2.0 Next Generation Applications
Table 1-10 Web 2.0 Next Generation Functions
Table 2-1 Business Process Management Market Driving Forces
Figure 2-2 Comparative Value of Innovation
Figure 2-3 Business Process Management (BPM) Market Shares, Dollars, 2011
Figure 2-4 Business Process Management (BPM) Market Shares, Dollars, Worldwide, 2011
Table 2-5 Selected List of Business Process Management (BPM) Companies
Figure 2-6 IBM illustrates Business Process Management Standardized, Efficient And Consistent Process Management
Table 2-7 IBM BPM Product Components
Table 2-8 IBM Smarter Planet Initiative Industry Solutions
Figure 2-9 IBM Smarter Industry Solutions
Table 2-10 Fujitsu Cloud-Based Software Related to BPM.
Table 2-11 Tibco BPM Components
Figure 2-12 Business Process Management (BPM) Markets Forecasts Dollars, Worldwide, 2012-2018
Table 2-13 Business Process Management (BPM) Markets Dollars, Worldwide, 2012-2018
Table 2-14 Business Process Management (BPM) Market Industry Segments, Dollars, Worldwide, 2012-2018
Table 2-15 Business Process Management (BPM) Market Industry Segments, Percent, Worldwide, 2012-2018
Table 2-16 Business Process Management (BPM) Market Systems Functions
Table 2-17 BPM Adoption Benefits
Figure 2-18 IBM Business Process Manager Functions
Table 2-19 BPM Market Forces
Table 2-20 BPM Market Challenges
Table 2-21 SOA / BPM Functions
Table 2-22 SOA / BPM Features
Table 2-23 BPM And SOA Process
Table 2-24 Business Process Management (BPM) Market Small, Mid-Size, and Large Systems, Installed Base,Units, and Dollars, Worldwide, 2012-2018 
Figure 2-25 Business Process Management (BPM) Large Size Systems Market Forecasts, Dollars, Worldwide, 2012-2018
Table 2-26 Business Process Management (BPM) Market Large Systems,Units and Dollars, Worldwide, 2012-2018
Figure 2-27 Business Process Management (BPM) Mid-Size Systems Market Forecasts, Dollars, Worldwide, 2012-2018
Table 2-28 Business Process Management (BPM) Market Mid Size Systems,Units and Dollars, Worldwide, 2012-2018
Figure 2-29 Business Process Management (BPM) Small Systems Market Forecasts, Dollars, Worldwide, 2012-2018
Table 2-30 Business Process Management (BPM) Market Small Systems, Units and Dollars, Worldwide, 2012-2018
Table 2-31 BPM Industry Aspects
Figure 2-32 Number of Instrumented Connections Needing Software
Figure 2-33 Business Process Management (BPM) Regional Market Segments,Dollars, 2011
Table 2-34 Business Process Management Regional Market Segments, 2011
Figure 3-1 IBM BPM Seeks to Personalize Client Interactions
Table 3-2 IBM BPM Positioning
Table 3-3 IBM BPM Software Products
Figure 3-4 IBM Business Process Management
Table 3-5 IBM BlueWorks Live Functions
Table 3-6 IBM SmartCloud BPM
Figure 3-7 IBM Business Process Manager
Table 3-8 IBM BPM Business Rules Management System Functions
Table 3-9 IBM WebSphere BPM Business Rules Management System Benefits
Table 3-10 IBM WebSphere BPM Business Rules Management System Organizational Benefits
Table 3-11 IBM WebSphere BPM Business Rules Management System Product Details
Table 3-12 IBM Business Monitor Cross-Process, Cross-System Comprehensive Business Activity Monitoring (Bam) Software Functions
Table 3-13 IBM Business Monitor Functions
Table 3-14 IBM Business Monitor Agility
Figure 3-15 IBM Risk Management BPM Addresses Problems Redundant Inconsistent And Inefficient Processes
Table 3-16 IBM Identifies Typical process problems cause
Figure 3-17 IBM illustrates Business Process Management Standardized, Efficient And Consistent Process Management
Table 3-18 IBM ILOG Products
Table 3-19 IBM ILOG Solutions
Figure 3-20 IBM BPM Ilog Chart Designer
Table 3-21 IBM BPM Ilog Operational Decision Support
Table 3-22 IBM WebSphere Operational Decision Management for z/OS Functions
Figure 3-23 IBM BPM Developer for ILog
Table 3-24 IBM Business Rules Management System Functions
Table 3-25 IBM Operational Decision Management to Process Improvement Initiatives Value Proposition
Figure 3-26 IBM Operational Decision Management ILog Rules Value Proposition
Figure 3-27 IBM WebSphere ILog BRMS Enables Reuse Across the Enterprise
Figure 3-28 IBM BPM Decision Support Tools
Table 3-29 IBM BPM Synchronization of Process
Taable 3-30 Adobe LiveCycle ES3 Key Capabilities
Figure 3-31 Adobe Workflow diagram
Table 3-32 PegaSystems Pega Solutions Key Benefits
Table 3-33 Pegasystems Pega BPM Platform Uses
Table 3-34 Pegasystems Next-Generation Healthcare Solution Benefits
Table 3-35 Pegasystems Government Solutions
Figure 3-36 Tibco BPM Business Studio
Table 3-37 Tibco BPM Product Categories
Table 3-38 Tibco ActiveMatrix BPM Functions
Table 3-39 Tibco ActiveMatrix BPM Functions
Table 3-40 Tibco ActiveMatrix BPM Key Features
Table 3-41 Progress RPM: Smart BPM Tools for Fast Process Creation
Table 3-42 Progress RPM r Intelligent BPM Solution Benefits
Table 3-43 Oracle BPM Benefits
Figure 3-44 Appian BPM Suite Business Process Components
Table 3-45 Appian Modeler Process Improvement Features
Figure 3-46 Appian BPMN Process Models
Figure 3-47 Appian Process Modeler Repository:
Figure 3-48 Appian Process Modeler Smart Services
Figure 3-49 Appian Process Execution:
Table 3-50 Appian BPM in the Cloud Deployment Benefits
Table 3-45 Appian Cloud Computing Security Functions
Table 3-45 Appian Cloud Computing Security Features
Table 3-46 EMC Case Management BPM Functions
Table 5-47 Fujitsu CentraSite SOA Product Suite Features
Table 3-48 Fujitsu Cloud-Based Software Related to BPM.
Figure 3-49 Polymita Business Process Management (BPM) Lifecycle Management
Table 3-50 Polymita BPM Key benefits:
Table 3-51 Newgen Software Technologies BPMS (BPM Tools)
Table 3-52 AgilePoint BMP Suite Components
Table 3-53 AgilePoint BPM Lines of Business Connected
Table 3-54 Bonita Open Solution Modeling Functions
Table 3-55 ActiveVOS Features and Benefits
Table 3-56 BizAgi BPM Banking Solutions
Table 3-57 BizAgi BPM Insurance Solutions
Table 3-58 Bizagi Administrative & Human Resources Solutions
Table 3-59 BizAgi Available BPM Solutions for IT Operations:
Table 3-60 BizAgi available BPM Compliance Solutions:
Table 3-61 BizAgi BPM Solutions for Quality:
Table 3-62 BizAgi BPM Customer Service Solutions are:
Table 3-63 Cordys BPM Functions Automated
Figure 4-1 IBM Software Uses System z for Smarter Industry Solutions
Figure 4-2 IBM Frameworks Are Implemented with Middleware
Table 4-6 IBM SOA Business Innovation & Optimization Services
Table 4-7 IBM SOA Services Atomic And Composite Architecture
Table 4-8 SOA Foundation Reference Architecture
Table 4-9 IBM SOA Business Rule Support
Table 4-10 IBM WebSphere Business Integration Programming Model Extensions
Table 4-11 IBM WebSphere Business Integration Programming Model Functions IBM WebSphere Business Integration Programming Model Functions
Table 4-12 IBM WebSphere Business Integration Quality of Service Functions
Table 4-13 Oracle SOA Benefits
Table 4-14 Business Components Chained Together To Comprise A Business Service
Table 4-15 Integration Services
Figure 5-1 Active Endpoints Workflow for BPM
Figure 5-2 Appian Customers
Table 5-3 EMC Storage Systems Environment Types
Table 5-4 Fujitsu CentraSite SOA Product Suite Features
Table 5-5 Fujitsu CentraSite SOA Management Information
Table 5-6 Handisoft BPM Application Packages
Table 5-8 OpenText Positioning
Table 5-9 OpenText Strategy
Figure 5-10 OpenText Growth Strategy
Table 5-11 OpenText BPM Strategy
Table 5-12 OpenText's Business Process Management Products Functions:
Table 5-13 OpenText MBPM Business Functions:
Table 5-14 OpenText BPM Integration Features
Table 5-15 Opentext BPM Features
Table 5-16 OpenText BPM Server Integration for eDOCS Benefits
Table 5-17 OpenText BPM Server Integration for eDOCS Integration Features
Table 5-18 OpenText BPM Features
Table 5-19 OpenText - Product Category -
Table 5-20 OpenText Product Family
Table 5-21 Opentext Ecosystem
Table 5-22 OpenText Embraces Established Brands
Table 5-23 Business Process Management Functions
Figure 5-24 OpenText Distribution Model
Figure 5-25 OpenText Seven Year Revenue Growth
Figure 5-26 Fiscal Year 2012 Financial Highlights
Figure 5-27 OpenText.Fiscal Year 2012 Revenue by Industry and Geography
Figure 5-28 OpenText Market Opportunity and Growth
Figure 5-29 OpenText Cloud Services
Figure 5-30 OpenText Enterprise Information Management in the Cloud
Figure 5-31 OpenText Enterprise Secure File Sharing in the Cloud
Figure 5-32 OpenText Customer Base
Table 5-33 Oracle SOA Positioning
Table 5-34 Oracle’s Open, Integrated SOA Stack
Table 5-35 Oracle: Amberpoint SOA Advantages
Table 5-36 Oracle SOA Suite Features
Table 5-37 Oracle SOA Product Suite:
Table 5-38 Oracle / Stellent Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Software Solutions
Table 5-39 Pegasystems Partner Functions
Table 5-40 Pegasystems Partners
Figure 5-41 Progress Software Product Set
Figure 5-42 Progress Software Revenue by Segment
Figure 5-43 Progress Software Delivering Operational Responsiveness
Table 5-44 Software AG Capabilities
Figure 5-45 Tibco Software Middleware And Infrastructure Software
Table 5-46 TIBCO Software Platform Major Groups

List of Figures


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Theranostics Market - Global Industry Size, Market Share, Trends, Analysis And Forecasts 2012 - 2018
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Theranostics is the fusion of drug therapy and diagnostics to optimize effectiveness, safety, and streamline drug development. Combination of medical drugs with diagnostic tests is also known as integrated medicine, pharmacodiagnostics, companion diagnostics, and Dx/Rx partnering. Theranostics market is an emerging field which is generating strong interest from healthcare industry and regulatory bodies. It is an emerging clinical diagnostics field that focuses on developing specific analysis to predict the use of most significant drug for patient. This technique uses molecular...
Neisseriaceae Infections Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2014 - 2020
By - Transparency Market Research
Bacteria represent the essential class of micro-organisms that play a crucial role in the development of infection of any disease to human being and animal. Bacteria are divided into two types on the basis of gram staining test, namely; gram-positive bacteria and gram-negative bacteria. Neisseria is one of the most important genera of bacteria which form colonies on mucosal surfaces of various animals. Neisseria consists of 11 species, out of which, two are pathogenic and others are harmless. These belong to gram negative class of bacteria, since these species show negative response to...

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The shares of the top British companies were left mostly unchanged on Thursday, April 23, 2015, after an unforeseen fall in the national retail sales for this month making up for an increase in the utilities shares just 2 weeks before the general election. Whereas the expectation for a single party to win an outright majority on May 7, 2015 is very low, and the experts forecasting a...
Retail Clinics Touched 10 Million Annual Visits
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The proliferation of retail health means Americans are visiting retail clinics more than 10 million times a year at 1,800-plus locations, yet this convenient and low cost care model accounts for just a fraction of primary care in the U.S. Manatt Health, a health care consulting firm, said retail clinics represent about 2% of “all primary care encounters” in the U.S. even with the...
China Imposes a Fine on Mercedes of US$57 million
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A Chinese regulator said Thursday it has fined Mercedes Benz US$57 million on price-fixing charges in a wide-ranging probe of the auto industry that has prompted complaints foreign automakers are being treated unfairly. The unit of Germany's Daimler AG was fined for violating anti-monopoly law by enforcing minimum prices dealers were required to charge for vehicles and replacement parts,...
Zinc to Surpass Gold for Personal Portfolios
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The precious metals such as gold are in low gear, although miners are trying to have a better look. A lot of the Oxford Club Members are trying to give a fill to their metal portfolios.  There is speculation about zinc to outperform this year. Since mid March, the metal is up by 12.9% already. The numbers are much better than gold and market estimates are it is going to go even...
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The copper traders in the world are in a dreaded state. China which is large consumer of copper has withdrawn demand due to slowdown of building boom, and market data for the week elucidates higher volumes consumed for intermediate copper concentrates rather than the finished material which has been the mainstay of global trade. It is sign of further tough times for copper traders, as...