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  • Gross Bookings of Uber Increase by 10% from Last Quarter

    Published On : Jul 12,2017

    On Tuesday, Uber Technologies Inc. tried to ease the concerns of investors as a series of scandals have been affecting its business negatively. The company has assured investors that it will now offer improved bookings and reduce the losses incurr

  • FDA Escalates Efforts to Stem Opioid Addiction in the U.S.

    Published On : Jul 11,2017

    The U.S. Food and Drug Administration, FDA, is concerned regarding the opioid addiction that engulfs the country and is escalating the efforts to stem the inflow, proposing new regulations on some of the commonly available pain pills. The updates

  • Faraday Future Put North Las Vegas Electric Car Factory on Hold

    Published On : Jul 11,2017

    Former LeEco Chairman Jia Yueting backed electric carmarker, Faraday Future, have halted their plans to build the US$1.0 billion worth factor in North Las Vegas as the mogul faced strong troubles in its Chinese car business. The plant in Nevada, w

  • Researchers at University of Washington Develop Lightweight Battery-Free Cellphone

    Published On : Jul 10,2017

    In what seems to be breakthrough in battery technology for mobile devices, a team of computer scientists and electrical engineers at the University of Washington (UV) have designed a battery-free cellphone that consumes negligible power for its op

  • Etisalat’s Launch of Digital Technologies to Underpin Next-Generation Telecom Services in UAE

    Published On : Jul 10,2017

    Etisalat, a prominent UAE-based telecommunication services provider, announced on July 2017 the commercial launch of Narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT) and Long-Term Evolution for machines (LTE-M) technologies. With this, the telecom provider

  • Apple Likely to Face a Ban as Qualcomm Alleges Infringement

    Published On : Jul 07,2017

    Qualcomm could potentially be able to ban the sale of certain iPhones in the near future if it were to win its latest legal battle. The chip-making company lodged a complaint against Apple with the US International Trade Commission state that iPho

  • Microsoft’s Move to Boost Cloud Growth Results in 3000 Job Cuts

    Published On : Jul 07,2017

    In a bid to stay competitive and gain from the latest advances in technology, Microsoft on Thursday announced its decision of reorganizing. The move commenced with nearly 3000 job cuts in sales staff outside its office in the US, as reported by th

  • SpaceX Launch Confirmed Successful Third Time Around

    Published On : Jul 06,2017

    Following being hit twice by last-second delays on Sunday and Monday, the Falcon 9rocket was finally launched with success, by SpaceX from the Kennedy Space Center. The third launch occurred on Wednesday evening, carrying a heavy payload of a new

  • Second Wave of Petya Hackers Emerges

    Published On : Jul 06,2017

    A little over £7,900 have already been claimed in ransom by the hackers behind the Petya ransomware. The ransom has always been moved in the form of virtual currency and moved from Bitcoin addresses that have so far been affected by the blackmail

  • Snap Map Feature on Snapchat: A Cause of Concern

    Published On : Jul 05,2017

    Social media apps are attempting to one up each other and this race is continuing with new features and functionalities added from time to time. While sometimes these updates are hits, other times, they leave the users scratching their head in con

  • Apple May do Away with Fingerprint Reader

    Published On : Jul 05,2017

    As per fresh rumors, Apple may do away with its fingerprint reader altogether and make use of face unlocking technology. This move will mark the shift from touch ID, which was a mainstay in Apple phones since the release of 5S in 2013. It is suspe

  • Samsung to Invest US$18 Billion on Chip Production in South Korea

    Published On : Jul 04,2017

    One of the World’s largest memory chip manufacturer, Samsung Electronics Co., has announced that a total of 20.4 trillion won (roughly about US$18 billion) will be invested by the end of 2021 in its South Korea’s semiconductor output.

  • Nike to Sell Its Fashion Products on Instagram

    Published On : Jul 04,2017

    Selfie-culture is going viral, and Instagram, a Facebook-owned photo-sharing app and commenting portal, is gaining strong traction from it. Now, like every business, Instagram needed a mode of earnings and if rumors are to be believed, Nike has po

  • Comprehensive Health Coverage by Nationwide Medical Insurance

    Published On : Jul 03,2017

    Nationwide Health Insurance Company Limited, a prominent private health insurance company based in Ghana, has on July 3, 2017 has launched its first ever microinsurance health product-My Health. The comprehensive microinsurance product was develop

  • University of Sydney Develops Superfast and Secure Blockchain

    Published On : Jul 03,2017

    In School of Information Technologies at the University of Sydney (USYD), an Australian public research university, researchers disclosed on July 3, 2017 that they are building a new and advanced blockchain technology. The researchers claimed it d

  • Insomnia as Much a Genetic Disorder as Psychological Condition, says Study

    Published On : Jun 30,2017

    A team of researchers at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam has detected seven genes that cause insomnia. This first of its kind study marks an important step towards unveiling the biological mechanisms of insomnia, which so far has been consider

  • Premium Processing of H-1B Visas likely to Resume: USCIS

    Published On : Jun 29,2017

    There might be good news for Indians looking to work in the US once again. The US Citizen and Immigration Services (USCIS) is mulling resuming the fast processing of the ‘as workloads’ permit for H-1B visas. It was announced in March this year

  • Amazon’s Alexa Voice Service to Launch in Regional Languages in India

    Published On : Jun 29,2017

    Soon customers in India will be able to ask Amazon’s Alexa to play their favorite song or book an Uber, and this without actually switching the language to English. By the end of the current year, Amazon is hoping to introduce the Alexa Voice Se

  • Flipkart Obtained Additional US$71 mn by Naspers in Investments

    Published On : Jun 28,2017

    Naspers, the media conglomerate based in South Africa, has invested an additional amount of US$71 mn in the online retail giant, Flipkart in April 2017, which led to an increase in its stake in the e-retailer to 16%. The added interest was procure

  • IBM to Develop Blockchain-based Platform for European Banks

    Published On : Jun 28,2017

    IBM, one of the world’s leading technology company, is developing a blockchain-based platform for leading banks in Europe, including Deutsche Bank and HSBC. This platform is specifically intended to simplify trade finance transactions for SMEs.

  • OnePlus CEO Fights Criticism on OnePlus 5

    Published On : Jun 27,2017

    OnePlus holds a tradition of sorts to receive a truck load of criticism every time they release a new phone. Complaints to date have ranged from their phones being invite-only, to hardware issues, or the massive bump in cost between handsets. Cont

  • Research Claims 25% Sea Level Rise Caused by Melting Greenland Ice

    Published On : Jun 27,2017

    According to a recent study, in 2014, ocean levels have increased at a rate 50% faster than they did in 1993, and the water from melting of ice in Greenland is responsible for supplying 25% of the rise in sea level. Only five years ago, the same c

  • German Government Allocates €31 mn Fund for Renewable Energy Projects in Zambia

    Published On : Jun 26,2017

    Germany planning to help Zambia accelerate the development of renewable energy through a €31 mn fund. News has it that Germany has allocated the funds to its development bank KfW. The funds will be directed towards the implementation of Zambia

  • Asian Development Bank Creates $200m facility to Fund Renewable Energy Projects in Small Pacific Island Countries

    Published On : Jun 26,2017

    In a bid to encourage the development of the renewable energy sector in Pacific island countries, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) has decided to create a new financial investment facility, named the Pacific Renewable Energy Investment Facility. T

  • New Aviation Bill a boon for Amazon’s Drone Delivery Dreams

    Published On : Jun 23,2017

    Companies such as Amazon Inc. and Alphabet Inc., backed by Google, are in the race to develop drones that are capable of making deliveries to consumers, although the restrictions pertaining to where drones can fly is hindering the real-life experi