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  • Almost Quarter of Africas Energy Could be Fueled by Renewables by 2030

    Published On : Oct 07,2015

    Nearly a quarter of the African energy demand could be satisfied by renewable energy sources within the next 15 years. The finding was published on October 5, 2015, by the International Renewable Energy Agency.

    According to the report, most of the modern renewable energy options could contribute by more than a quadruple of the overall African energy generation scene. The report provides a roadmap for the deployment of renewable energy

  • Companies in Global 3D Printing Market Increasingly Launching All-in-One Products

    Published On : Oct 07,2015

    The technology of 3D printing is progressing at a rapid pace. Each year we get to see innovative products in the market. In the past few years, the efficiency and speed of 3D printers has increased by a great extent. In addition to this, now 3D printers can be deployed for mass customizations. This is especially prominent in the medical field, in which 3D printers are able to offer mass customization of medical parts and simultaneously offer i

  • Hold Rating for Anheuser Busch Inbev SA

    Published On : Oct 06,2015

    A rating of “hold” has been assigned to Anheuser Busch Inbev SA through a consensus recommendation from 20 firms that are currently reviewing the stock. A “sell” rating was advised by five equities research analysts, eight analysts have suggested a “buy” rating, while seven others have given it a “hold” rating.

    Last year’s average one year price objective within brokerages who submitted ratings on Anheuser stocks was

  • China may Reach its Emissions Peak before Deadline of 2030

    Published On : Oct 06,2015

    China is infamous for being the world’s biggest polluter. Due to this high rate of pollution in China, the health of people in the nation has suffered drastically. Heavy smog can be seen in various parts of China. Urban smogs resulted in around 670,000 number of deaths in the year 2012. In order to curb this issue of smogs, the government of the country along with other non-government organizations have taken stringent measures to cut down t

  • In-Vehicle Wireless Charging to Expand from 4 mn Cars to 50 mn Cars by 2020

    Published On : Oct 06,2015

    As per a research, the in-vehicle wireless charging is going to revolutionize our in-car lives, empowering a scope of new in-vehicle administrations including on-board sound streaming, programmed cockpit drill customization and setting particular warning sifting. The research additionally takes note that in-vehicle charging likewise permits carmakers to give programming based administrations only via streaming notices from phone to dashboard.

  • Coca-Cola Singapore Beverages Decides to Close Tuas plant but Commits Investment worth US$100 mn

    Published On : Oct 06,2015

    Coca-Cola, in a bid to position itself better for the future years, is making some changes to its strategy in Singapore for focusing on high value adding services such as research, innovation, and new technologies, stated Stephen Lusk, the chief executive of the Coca-Cola Singapore Beverages (CCSB) and Coca-Cola Bottlers Malaysia.

    The closure of the bottling plant in Singapore will affect about 200 employees. The bottling plant will be

  • Eating Spicy Food can Help to Live Longer, according to New Research

    Published On : Oct 05,2015

    A lot of research has been going on to search for ways that can help humans live longer. Take the case of the vegetarian diet. A vegetarian diet is expected to help a person live longer. Then there is the Okinawan diet that has also attracted a lot of attention in the past decade. The people on the island of Okinawa tend to live much longer, many go past the age of 100.

    People from the Ryukyu Islands, and Okinawa is the largest of thes

  • Trade Talks in Pacific Dwell on Pharma Security Closer to Deadline

    Published On : Oct 05,2015

    The Atlanta conference in which were held the talks between a dozen Pacific nations over a free-trade deal, has now extended into its fifth day on Sunday. The conference has now been directed into solving the issue of the duration for which pharmaceutical companies can hold their monopoly over biotech drugs.

    The United States has debated in favor of longer protection durations to encourage greater innovation, as opposed to Australia an

  • Beijing to Eventually Instruct Mainland Industries to Restrict Carbon Emanations

    Published On : Oct 05,2015

    President Xi Jinping's pledged a month ago to dispatch a national carbon discharge amount exchanging plan in 2017 as a battle's against environmental change. These changes have genuine ramifications for organizations in the most contamination inclined commercial ventures, analysts stated, and adding it would goad them to act to get ready for its consequent take off. 

    Market watchers think Beijing will take a steady way to deal

  • From the Volkswagen Emission Scandal to Slowdown in China: What Might Cause Derailment of Germanys Growth?

    Published On : Oct 05,2015

    In Germany, Volkswagen’s emission scandal has called question on the industrial prowess of the country. In addition, export have been threatened by the slowdown in Chinese auto markets and other emerging markets, and influx of immigrants in Germany has also added to the woes of the   nation’s finances. 

    The data that will be released this week will hint if the largest economy in the euro zone would survive the headwinds that have

  • Volkswagen Emission Enquiry Zeroes In on Two Engineers

    Published On : Oct 05,2015

    According to people familiar with investigation of the Volkswagen emission scandal, two senior engineers are the center of a company probe. This is because the two engineers were unable to deliver clean diesel engine for the U.S. market as promised, hence got into the idea of installing engine software that was designed to fool regulators.

    Ulrich Hackenberg, who is a chief engineer at Audi, and Wolfgang Hatz, who is a developer at the

  • World Bank Lowered Growth Forecast for Asia Pacific

    Published On : Oct 05,2015

    The World Bank has made a cut into its growth forecast for Asia Pacific region for FY 2015-16, owing to the severe risks, which the steep downturn in the Chinese economy and rising interest rates from the U.S. pose.

    According to the new estimation, the East Asia Pacific region is expected to witness a growth rate of 6.50% in 2015 and 6.40% in 2016. Earlier, the bank had predicted a growth rate of 6.70% for this region.

    The rece

  • Chinas First ever Domestic Aircraft Carrier Under Construction

    Published On : Oct 01,2015

    China is willing to take its construction industry one step ahead as its first domestic aircraft carrier is under construction. China has recently began its construction on their first ever domestic aircraft carrier in the northern Chinese shipyard. The ship resembles to the dimensions of Kuznetsov-class, renovated aircraft carrier Liaoning, a big ship with a 115 feet and length of 886 feet beat. According to Chris Carlson, a retired U.S. Navy

  • Construction Industry in San Antonio facing Shortage of Construction Workers

    Published On : Oct 01,2015

    San Antonio has developed rapidly in the recent past and this has allowed the construction industry to boost their construction projects. The construction companies in San Antonio are facing shortage of construction workers. Construction companies recently said that they are in urgent need of skilled construction workers to fulfill the demand and complete the construction projects that are in the pipeline. This indicated that training in techn

  • Education Sector in Doha to Undergo Massive Transformation by 2022

    Published On : Oct 01,2015

    By 2022 the education sector in Doha is set to undergo massive transformation. The country is expected to have 12 new schools that will have a capacity of 1,500 to 2,000 students per school. As Qatar is on its road to development, the school operators and developers recognize as it as a wise opportunity for growth. 
    The key factors influencing the Doha’s education sector have been stated in the Doha Education Overview publish

  • Shields Health Care Announces Expansion of Outpatient Clinics

    Published On : Oct 01,2015

    Shields Health Care Group has for decades paid attention to only one feature of health care, and that has outpatient clinics that offer patients low cost medical services compared to hospitals.

    As the health care industry struggles to control costs, the demand for outpatient services has grown rapidly and the Quincy based family owned company has decided to set off on a major expansion journey. Currently, Shields is in the works of ope

  • Florida Expansions Continue for IPC Healthcare

    Published On : Oct 01,2015

    Leading national post acute provider organization and acute hospitalist IPC Healthcare announced on Thursday its acquisition of the following health care practices based in Ocala, Florida: Hospitalists of Ocala, LLC, Ocala Hospital Group, PA, and Ocala Geriatric Services. These acquisitions support IPC Healthcare’s strong market presence for post acute as well as acute services in the region of Ocala.

    President and chief operating of

  • China European Union (EU) Sign Landmark 5G Telecommunication Deal

    Published On : Sep 30,2015

    The European Union (EU) lately announced that they have signed a fifth generation (5G) agreement with China to reach the top level in the global competitive market of the telecommunication and wireless industry. Both, the European Union and China are committed to openness and trade in terms of accessing the 5G network research funding, membership of EU and Chinese 5G associations, and market access, stated an official. The agreement signed by

  • Light Blue Optics (LBO) Launch New Wireless Technology

    Published On : Sep 30,2015

    Light Blue Optics (LBO), the Cambridge based developer of user-interface technology has launched a new wireless technology, which, according to LBO, has massive global markets. LBO recently sold its legacy touch and pen technology business to one of the Anglo-American firms. Currently, Light Blue Optics is completely focusing on finishing the development of Kaptivo smart technology. The technology can be easily installed over a whiteboard in o

  • Shell Retracts its Alaska Oil Exploration Plan

    Published On : Sep 30,2015

    Shell announced its plans to quit its Arctic oil exploration campaign after it drilled one well with no results. The move comes as an absolute surprise as it decides to completely shut shop for oil and gas exploration being conducted under the Chukchi Sea, off the coast of Alaska.

    According to a spokeswoman from Shell, the decision is absolutely commercial. The exploration turned out to be very disappointing and did not seem like a pro

  • Ralph Lauren Steps down, Old Navy CEO to take charge as New CEO

    Published On : Sep 30,2015

    Ralph Lauren, the legendary designer is handing off his CEO title of the fashion and home décor enterprise that he founded almost 50 years ago.

    Recently, the New-York based company made an announcement that Stefan Larsson, who is the global head of Old Navy, which Gap’s low-price apparel chain, will take over the position left by Lauren.
     The change is expected to come into effect in November, and according to the changing or

  • De Beers Joins Luxury Brands to Acclimatize with Subdued Chinese Growth

    Published On : Sep 30,2015

    The diamond company De Beers is hoping that the value of sales of the polished jewel may rise in China this year. The rise is expected to be only one-tenth of the surge in 2011, as the economy that had so far bolstered global luxury brands is heading for its weakest in 25 years. 

    De Beers, which is the largest diamond producer in the world expects that by 2015 the sales of polished diamonds in China is expected to rise by 3% -5%. This

  • China Steps up Efforts to Boost Property Sector

    Published On : Sep 30,2015

    China will be slashing the minimum level of down payment for first time home buyers in several cities, the country said, increasing its support for the slump in the property market as well as the overall turbulent economy.

    This was the second measure in two days that is aimed at increasing consumption after a decision by the government to cut the sale tax of small cars by half. 

    The banking regulator and the central bank state

  • 400 Railway Stations in India to have Wi-Fi Set by Google

    Published On : Sep 29,2015

    Google is to give fast open Wi-Fi in 400 Indian railway stations carrying a large number of travelers consistently, giving the organization a vital progress in the nation. The Internet titan is working with the RailTel and Indian Railways, a legislature claimed supplier of information infrastructure for the railways, to at first cover 100 of the busiest stations in India before the end of 2016. The principal stations are relied upon to come on

  • BMW Launches the 3 Series in the China Market

    Published On : Sep 29,2015

    Recently, the latest BMW 3 series was launched in the market in Shenyang, which is the capital city of the Liaoning province. This area is also one of the main manufacturing centers of the BMW company operating in China. This latest model that has been launched in the global market is the upgraded version of the previous model. This model boasts of features such as sleek and impressive design and consists of improved and sophisticated equipmen