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  • State-backed Fund to Invest 24 Billion Yuan in ZTE

    Published On : Nov 25,2015

    The global semiconductor industry is dominated by China. However, in the past few months there has been a slowdown in the overall economy of China. This has impacted the semiconductor industry in the country as well. Nevertheless, in order to revive its domestic semiconductor industry, China is increasingly investing in new projects and talent.

    Recently, it was known that China is planning to launch a massive state-led project. Accordi

  • US$2 2 tn Loss Looms Over Energy Industry as Demand is Cut by Climate Targets

    Published On : Nov 25,2015

    The energy companies that produce coal, oil, and gas are looking at a possible risk of a US$2.2 tn loss if they continue to invest in energy projects that have no demand in the near future. The demand for non-renewables could be reduced drastically is the world succeeds in achieving the U.N. target of controlling the global temperature rise to lower than 2 degrees Celsius, according to a non-profit organization.

    Carbon Tracker Initiati

  • Pfizer Collaborates With IIT Delhi for Promoting Innovations in Healthcare Industry in India

    Published On : Nov 25,2015

    With a view of providing financial support to Indians and healthcare startup companies in India that are working towards developing initiatives in the field of health care innovation, Pfizer, the American multinational pharmaceutical company headquartered in New York, has announced a partnership deal with the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi.

    The partnership programme between Pfizer and IIT Delhi, referred to as the innovatio

  • Deliveroo Raises US$100 Mn in Series D Funding Round

    Published On : Nov 24,2015

    A food delivery app, Deliveroo, has closed its 3rd funding round the year 2015, raising a total of US$195 mn in past 12 months. The firm has raised around US$100 mn in the series D round of funding, which was also the third round.

    This round of funding was led by DST Global, headed by Mr. Yuri Milner. Previously, DST Global has also supported Spotify and Airbnb, Twitter, and Greenoaks Capital. Accel, one of the investors of Facebook, w

  • Food Safety and Standards Authority India Paves Way for Commercial Use of Stevia in Foods and Beverages

    Published On : Nov 24,2015

    Nearly four years after the scientific panels studying food additives at the Food Safety and Standards Authority India, the food regulating authority of the country, recommended its usage for the first time, the natural sweetener stevia has received a go-ahead at last from the authority for widespread commercial use.

    In a recent notification from the Food Safety & Standards Authority of India, it has been said that the use of stevia in

  • Study Shows Vitamin C Lowers Fasting Blood Sugar Levels

    Published On : Nov 24,2015

    A recently published study in the Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Science shows that intake of vitamin C helps in bringing down the fasting blood sugar for the type 2 diabetics. The average drop is registered at 21mg/dl. However, this intake does not necessarily have a positive impact on the glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c). The research was conducted with 12 random controlled trials, 26 observational studies, and 38 articles.

    The re

  • Impending Pfizer-Allergan Deal to Help Healthcare M&A Deals Reach Over US$600 bn in 2015

    Published On : Nov 24,2015

    The looming deal by Pfizer Inc, which is also by far touted as one of the most ambitious deals in the healthcare industry to buy Allergan Plc for over US$150 bn will seal a milestone for mergers and acquisitions in the industry. As the deal is finalized, the total value of M&A till 2015 will reach US$600 bn. 

    Forced to remain satisfied with cheap finance until recently, the healthcare industry witnessed a wave of M&A activities since

  • SUV Sales Boom in Chinese Auto Market

    Published On : Nov 23,2015

    The ongoing auto show in the Guangdong province of China is exhibiting increasing demand from Chinese customers for sport-utility-vehicles (SUV), as stated by a media report recently.

    The participants of the Guangzhou Auto show are both domestic and foreign players; the auto show which is one of the biggest auto shows in China has been putting the spotlight on SUVs, as reported by the People’s Daily.

    As stated by the Managing

  • Lamborghini Huracan Zhong Launched at Guangzhou Auto Show in China

    Published On : Nov 23,2015

    The Guangzhou Auto Show in China’s Guangdong province saw the launch of the Lamborghini Huracan Zhong. The Zhong is a limited edition model of Huracan to felicitate ten years of presence of Lamborghini in China. In terms of the nomenclature, Zhong is the short name for ‘Zhogguo’, which is the Chinese name for China. 

    The limited edition cars will only be 50 in number in colors of red, black, or yellow. As stated by spokesperson

  • China to Provide US$10 Bn to Southeast Asian Nation in Infrastructure Loans

    Published On : Nov 23,2015

    China has offered a sum of US$10 bn to Southeast Asian nations in infrastructure loans. Mr. Liu Zhenmin, the vice foreign minister of the People's Republic of China stated while addressing a news conference at the annual East Asia Summit, held in Kuala Lumpur, that along with this, the second largest economy of the world has also planned to provide an aid of 3.6 bn Yuan (around US$560 mn) to underdeveloped ASEAN economies in 2016.

  • 4G Market in China Poised to Witness a Major Slowdown

    Published On : Nov 20,2015

    Telecom equipment manufacturers across the world are preparing for a sharp decline in the market as the wireless infrastructure investment China undergoes a major slowdown.

    Mobile carriers in China have started shifting their resources toward a lucrative subscriber base after a heavy expenditure on 4G technology. The market is likely to experience a sluggish demand till the onset of 5G technology in 2020. Market leader Ericsson and oth

  • 102-year old St Stephen’s College Set to Change its Functioning

    Published On : Nov 20,2015

    St. Stephen’s College announced its plan to make a sea change its operations with the Church of North India. The draft proposed by Valson Thampu, Principal of St Stephen’s College states that the task of student admission and faculty appointment will be given to the supreme council of the college. This obviously means that the governing body will be largely powerless. The handover of the power would mean that the principal will be able to

  • Mental Health in China: Country’s First Listed Psychiatric Hospital on Track

    Published On : Nov 19,2015

    The sole listed psychiatric hospital in China is on its way to dismiss the taboo of mental health. Mental illnesses in the country are still stigmatized.

    Trading is scheduled to begin on Friday and Wenzhou Kangning Hospital, a privately owned institution, aims to raise HK$ 681 million in an initial public offering in Hong Kong. The hospital will do this by putting on sale 17.6 million shares at a price of HK$ 38.70 per share, which is

  • Healthcare Expenditure in America Twice as Much as Other Wealthy Nations

    Published On : Nov 19,2015

    Chances are that if you stay in one the more developed nations in the world, your access to improved health care has increased over the past decade. 

    A report from the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development released this month analyzed health indicators and expenditures across the 34 countries that are a member of the group of mainly wealthy countries in order to study and compare the health care quality in each member n

  • Samsung Speculated to Add Premium Features in Low-end Phones

    Published On : Nov 19,2015

    The fingerprint scanner and Samsung Pay are two of the top features in Samsung’s top phones. It is possible that Samsung Electronics might be introducing these features in their budget smartphones as well.

    Korean newspapers reported that the electronics giant is making plans to include the two premium features in their more affordable phones. According to the report, Samsung is planning to deploy budget phone integrated with fingerpr

  • Tsinghua Unigroup Ltd Intends to be a Pioneer in Chip Manufacturing, will Invest 47 Bn US$

    Published On : Nov 19,2015

    Tsinghua Unigroup Ltd in China is in the endeavor to emerge as the world’s third-biggest chipmaker and has planned to invest an amount of 47 bn US$ in five years’ time for meeting the never-ending chip demands in China. China has been importing chips from other countries rather than taking from any other resource. It solely relies on Qualcomm for the supply of chips that need to be integrated within its in-house made devices. Tsinghua has

  • Russians looking for Better Healthcare Preferring China

    Published On : Nov 18,2015

    Affordable and effective healthcare in China is attracting a flood of Russians for the treatment of a variety of conditions. These days, every other patient in the Northeast Asia Hospital in the Chinese city of Hunchun is a Russian. The small Chinese city has 49 hospitals, much more than the typical average in other Chinese cities of this size, and the city is catering effectively to patients that come from many Lake Baikal, Vladivostok, and m

  • Nissan Launches Color Studio for Verse Note

    Published On : Nov 18,2015

    Nissan announced its plan to allow its customers to color their Versa Note in a way they want. This program is called as the Nissan Color Studio and will be extended to the 2016 Versa Note. The Versa Note Color Studio will let the car owners to pick 13 interior and exterior accent accessories, which are available in six colors. 

    These accessories will be available for all the Versa Note trims and will also be offered for retrofitting

  • Stylish Photographs and Million Followers Help Food Instagrammers Turn their Accounts into Profession

    Published On : Nov 18,2015

    Like an increasing number of Instagram users, Emily Morse, Gillian Presto, and Natalie Landsberg frequently posted photos on Instagram of what they ate. It was only after their shared account @New_Fork_City took off, they found nearly 500,000 followers and soon followed free restaurant meals for reviewing, gigs to curate food for a music festival, as well as an offer to create a special cookie-dough flavor of their own. 

    The three gir

  • Coke to Extend Campaign for Designated Drivers

    Published On : Nov 17,2015

    Coca-Cola Enterprises has planned to extend its Designated Driver campaign 2015. The annual campaign was initiated to reward vehicle owners and motorists for being designated drivers. The campaign is being chalked out to extend across a larger number of brands and spread through a larger number of bars and pubs across the U.K.

    Beginning on the first of December, Coca-Cola will offer those driving to pubs and bars their second soft drin

  • Vehicle Sales Drive India’s Oil Demand in October

    Published On : Nov 17,2015

    The fuel demand in India reached a five month high in October owing to rising demand for vehicles before the festive season. This resulted in an increase in diesel and gasoline consumption. 

    The demand for oil last month went up 17 per cent to reach 15.2 million metric tons from the previous year, the highest it has shot up since May, based on findings revealed by the Indian oil ministry’s Petroleum Planning and Analysis Cell. Use o

  • Concerns over Global Crude Glut pulls Oil Prices towards US$40 a Barrel

    Published On : Nov 17,2015

    Amid concerns regarding the continuing glut of crude and a stronger dollar, US oil prices dropped to almost US$ 40 per barrel on Tuesday. 

    Sweet and light crude to be delivered next month recently dropped 1.8 per cent or 75 cents to reach US$ 40.99 per barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange. The global benchmark Brent went down 1.8 per cent or 82 cents to settle at US$ 43.74 per barrel on ICE Futures Europe.

    Tracking the d

  • Amravati to Go Green with Every Brick

    Published On : Nov 16,2015

    Following the footsteps of Andhra Pradesh, Amravati will also launch a plan to create a record in terms of green energy. In a bid to do so, the state government of Amravati is leaning towards making all its construction energy efficient and based on the green technology.

    Sources at energy department reported that Andhra Pradesh holds the topmost position in the country in terms of implementing the Energy Conservation Building Code (ECB

  • Yuan to be Granted a Reserve Currency Status by IMF

    Published On : Nov 16,2015

    The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has recently decided to grant a reserve currency status on Yuan, the official currency of China. This move is considered as a major milestone in the nation’s economy. Which is likely to accelerate the demand for Chinese assets across the globe.

    Yuan will be added to the basket of elite currencies such as Yen, Euro, Dollar, and Pound, which are also known as a lending instrument of IMF, after the

  • Sports and Academics: Brazilian Legend Ronaldo Planning to Open 3 Soccer Schools in China

    Published On : Nov 16,2015

    Earlier in September 2015, Brazilian football legend Ronaldo announced that he is planning to open 3 soccer schools in China to add football knowledge for the children. As sports are an important part of academics for children, Ronaldo plans to contribute by educating the children with soccer techniques. Ronaldo has planned to open three soccer schools in China in three cities including Beijing, the national capital and Shanghai, the financial