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A comparative analysis of bank lending programs for small and medium size enterprisesin Russia in 2016

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Euroresearch & Consulting

Published Date : Mar 2016

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No. of Pages : 80 Pages

The aim of this report is to provide the fullest practical information on the current lending programs for the small and medium-sized businesses. The report provides information on those banks that have lending programs for the small and medium-sized businesses.

The list of lending programs, by which one can obtain financing, includes foreign banks, Russian banks. All programs presented in this study are actually operating current programs. Analysis and interviews with officials of the banks were carried out for each of the banks included in the review.

In addition, the report gives a considerable amount of information on the condition of the banking system over the last year, which allows to understand current trends in the banking system and provides an opportunity to be on the wavelength with the loan officers when obtaining loans.

The annexes to the report also show complete, detailed and relevant factual information on the characteristics of the banking sector of the RF and the main financial and economic parameters of the Russian economy (See table of contents for detailed information included in the annexes). For more information or if you need assistance in obtaining financing, our staff is always ready to help you. Our experts have extensive experience in fund raising both the banking and private, we specialize in problems of financial modeling, strategic analysis and corporate financing.

Excerpts from the study:

In the 3rd quarter of 2015 (on 01/10/2015), the portfolio of loans to small and medium-sized businesses for the first time since the beginning of 2015 showed an increase of up to x trillion. rub. This corresponds to xx% compared with the data on 01/07/2015. This is due to change in July 2015 the criteria for inclusion of legal entities to small and medium-sized businesses. Without taking into account this classification, the portfolio of loans to small and medium-sized businesses by the end of the 3rd quarter of 2015 could be reduced. That is due to the stabilization of the economic situation and decline in the key rate of the Central Bank in the 1st half.

The volume of Q315 loans to small and medium enterprises amounted to xx trillion. rubles. This is xx% less than the results of the same quarter of last year. At the same rate of reduction has slowed down the issuance. During the Q215 it was minus xx%. Banks of the TOP30 in terms of assets in the Q315 was given xx% more loans to small and medium-sized businesses than in Q215. Compared with last year, the loan portfolio of SME large banks fell by xx%, and the portfolio of other banks increased by xx%.

The greatest reduction of the TOP10 banks showed ""PromSvyazBank"" (xx%). The Bank moved into four lines down to x-th position. Place in the TOP3 ranked bank ""Peresvet"". The most impressive growth rate of the portfolio of the TOP30 showed ""Zenit"" Bank (+xx%).


1.1. Russian economy. Main results of 2015 and forecast for 2016.
1.2. The main results of 2015 and prospects for 2016 for Russian banking sector.

2.1. The main trends and prospects of development of crediting of small and medium-sized businesses in 2015.

3.1. OJSC «Savings Bank of the Russian Federation».
3.2. OJSC  VTB 24.
3.3. OJSC «Peresvet».
3.4. OJSC «MInBank».
3.5. OJSC «Bank «Saint Petersburg».
3.6. OJSC Bank «Vozrojdenie».
3.7. OJSC «PromsvyazBank».
3.8. OJSC «AK Bars» Bank.
3.9. OJSC TransCapital Bank.
3.10. OJSC Banking group «Otkritie ».

4.1 Overdraft lending in banks.
4.2 Line of credit in TOP-10 banks.


List of Table

Table 1. Top 30 banksinterms of loanportfolio, issuedtosmall and medium-sizedbusinesses, onthedateOctober 1, 2015.
Table 2. Comparativetable of shorttermcreditoffers of theleadingbanks of Moscow.
Table 3. Comparativetable of longtermcreditoffers of theleadingbanks of Moscow.
Table 4. Refinancingrate of thecentralbank of the Russian Federation.
Table 5. Operatingcreditinstitutions and theirbranchesas of 31 january 2016.
Table 6. Dynamics of themaximuminterestrate (ondepositsin Russian rubles) of thetoptencreditinstitutionsattractingthelargestamount of householddeposits.
Table 7. Selectedperformanceindicators of creditinstitutionsgroupedbyassets.
Table 8. Deposits of individualsacceptedbycreditinstitutions.
Table 9. Funds of organizationsacceptedby creditinstitutions.
Table 10. Savings (deposit) certificates, bondsissuedbycreditinstitutions and derivatives.
Table 11. Fundsraisedthrough banking bills from legalentities and individuals.
Table 12. Loans, deposits and other fundsextendedto organizations, individuals and creditinstitutionsin 2015.
Table 13. Investmentportfolio of creditinstitutions and derivatives.
Table 14. Statistic of discountedbills.
Table 15. Statistic of creditinstitutions’ claims and liabilitiesonfinancialderivatives.
Table 16. Comparative analysis of creditinstitutions.
Table 17. Comparative analysis of Central bank.
Table 18. Banking  system analysis.
Table 19. Financialsector analysis.

List of Chart

Figure 1. Total assets of bankswilladdonly 2% in 2016.
Figure 2. Lendingtolargebusinessesvirtuallyensuresthegrowth of the banking sectorin 2015
Figure 3. The volume of SME loansportfoliocontinuestodecline.
Figure 4. The growth of arrearsin 2016 yearwillbemoderate.
Figure 5. The rate of reduction of unsecuredlendingportfolio of physicalpersonswillbereducedsignificantlyin 2016.
Figure 6. In 2016 a large business loandynamicscontinuetoslow, butremainpositive.

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